Cancer and Industrial Pollution
An ongoing investigation by the Socialist Equality Party

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The Wollongong Workers Inquiry
A record of the campaign and investigation conducted by the Socialist Equality Party and the Committee for a Workers Inquiry from November 1996 through to the January 1998.

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News from the
World Socialist Web Site

Hundreds of residents register for class action against lead smelter pollution in Australia
[2 March 2000]

Alcoa Australia admits cancer dangers
[15 January 2000]

Australian steel company leaves deadly toxic legacy
[15 November 1999]

Workers and residents in Western Australia suffer health problems from Alcoa's alumina plant
[1 November 1999]

US study establishes link between dioxin and cancer
[1 June 1999]

Wollongong steelworks pumps out dangerous dioxins
Report confirms Workers Inquiry findings
[10 February 1999]

Labor seeks to block pollution documents
[31 July 1998]

Test case in Australia
Wollongong resident fights for release of pollution documents
[22 July 1998]

Industry link to
leukaemia and cancer confirmed

Workers Inquiry answers government challenge
[7 April 1998]


The Findings of the Workers Inquiry
into the Wollongong Leukaemia and Cancer Crisis
These findings, the product of months of investigation and released on
September 9, 1997, establish a definitive relationship between an alarming rate of leukaemia and cancer in the city of Wollongong and the actions and operations of heavy industry, particularly the BHP Port Kembla steelmill.

The findings are available for downloading as a 60K Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Download Findings