Cancer and Industrial Pollution
An ongoing investigation by the Socialist Equality Party

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Cancer and
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The Wollongong Workers Inquiry
A record of the campaign
and investigation

November 1996
For a workers inquiry into leukaemia crisis:
Resolution of November 24, 1996
SEP public meeting

Leukaemia victim Melissa Cristiano:
Her message to the SEP public meeting

February 1997
The funeral of Melissa Cristiano:
Hundreds pay tribute

The leukaemia victims

March 1997
Cancer hits nine Warrawong neighbours
Health Unit dismisses calls for inquiry

April 1997
BHP, benzene and leukaemia

Why an independent inquiry is essential

Childhood cancers linked to factory pollution
British study exposes BHP's lies

Daughter not counted in
official leukaemia 'cluster'
We're convinced that the cause is environmental'

May 1997
Cyanide gas alarm in coke ovens

An Open Letter to NSW Premier Bob Carr
From Committee for a Workers Inquiry Convenor Peter Stavropoulos

June 1997
No reply from Carr to Open Letter

the biggest source of deadly dioxin

Outraged meeting in Warrawong denounces Labor's gag on smelter challenge

Remarks of Workers News editor Mike Head to the public meeting in Warrawong on June 1, 1997

Wollongong Workers Inquiry:
the terms of reference

July 1997
BHP sinter plant workers not
told of dioxin danger

Health Unit report delayed again

The Workers Inquiry: the political issues

August 1997
Carr backtracks to protect BHP

The DSP and the Wollongong cancer crisis

The Workers Inquiry and David Gilmour

September 1997
Union chief assaults Workers Inquiry convenor

Findings released at news conference: Workers Inquiry commissioners
challenge BHP

Public meeting launches new stage of Workers Inquiry:
Commissioners present plan to answer cancer crisis

October 1997
Pollution link to cancer also found in Newcastle

November 1997
Union chief threatens to sue SEP

Testimony and Reports from the Workers Inquiry

Opening Report to the Workers Inquiry by Mike Head

Testimony of Nick Cristiano

Testimony of Helen Hamiliton

Testimony of Lupco Ilioski

Testimony of Julie Kay

Testimony of Emmon Brunt

Detailed submissions expose air and soil pollution

BHP and the EPA

Dangerous practices covered-up in Area 21

First Avenue residents condemn cancer coverup

The Findings of the Workers Inquiry
into the Wollongong Leukaemia and Cancer Crisis
These findings, the product of months of investigation and released on
September 9, 1997, establish a definitive relationship between an alarming rate of leukaemia and cancer in the city of Wollongong and the actions and operations of heavy industry, particularly the BHP Port Kembla steelmill.

The findings are available for downloading as a 60K Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Download Findings