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James Cogan, 37, has been a staff writer for the World Socialist Web Site since 1998. Raised in the Victorian city of Bendigo, James enlisted in the Australian Army at the age of 17, serving with the infantry until 1990. Opposed to the Hawke-Keating Labor government and the first US-led war against Iraq, James joined the SLL in 1991. He moved to Sydney in 1994 and was elected branch and then Sydney Area Secretary. Over the past four years James has written extensively on the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. His regular articles documenting the ongoing atrocities of US imperialism and its allies in the Middle East are followed by a growing international audience. In 2004 he represented the SEP in the federal seat of Kingsford Smith, opposing Labor’s Peter Garrett.

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Statements, press releases and PDF downloads

The China resources boom and the gathering clouds of global recession
November 2007

James Cogan on YouTube
Rudd and Howard prepare to back US attack on Iran
[12 November 2007]

A case of déjà vu: Howard insists “no plans” for war with Iran
30 October 2007
(Download PDF)

Liberal and Labor parties responsible for death of Australian soldier in Afghanistan
10 October 2007
(Download PDF)

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