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Patrick O’Connor, 27, was born in Dublin, Ireland, and emigrated to Australia with his family in 1989. He attended school in Perth and graduated from University of Western Australia in 2002 with a BA (hons) degree in history. Patrick began reading the World Socialist Web Site in 2000 and joined the Socialist Equality Party in 2003. In 2004 he authored a series of major articles on the WSWS exposing the official lies and cover-up surrounding the death of Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey, killed in a police chase in Redfern-Waterloo. A staff writer for the World Socialist Web Site since 2006, Patrick has worked as a WSWS correspondent in the UK, the United States and Paris, where he filed reports on the struggle of student youth against the Chirac government’s First Job Contract legislation. Over the past year Patrick has written extensively on the role of Australian imperialism in the South Pacific, opposing the neo-colonial and militarist agenda of the Howard government.

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Statements, press releases and PDF downloads

“Reckless spending must stop”
Labor leader’s campaign launch pledge to corporate Australia
15 November 2007

Patrick O'Connor on YouTube
"Reconciliation": the class issues
Part One of a speech delivered at Erskineville Town Hall
"Reconciliation": the class issues-Part Two
Part Two of a speech delivered at Erskineville Town Hall

SEP’s Patrick O’Connor speaks at Grayndler forum
Socialist Alliance and Greens back Labor
14 November 2007

Government campaign launch
Howard’s desperate appeal to big business
13 November 2007

Rudd and Murdoch: the fashioning of a Blair-style “Labor moderniser”
10 November 2007

Climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading
Part 2: The orientation of Labor and the Greens
8 November 2007

Climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading
Part 1: The Howard government and the Kyoto Protocol
7 November 2007

Canberra weighs up “regime change” in Papua New Guinea
23 October 2007

Australian election debate: Howard and Rudd compete as economic conservatives
22 October 2007
(Download PDF)

Howard’s Aboriginal “reconciliation” pledge a cynical fraud
17 October 2007
(Download PDF)

Anatomy of a political diversion
The Australian Labor Party, the Bali bombings, and the death penalty

13 October 2007

Solomon Islands’ foreign minister condemns Australian occupation at UN General Assembly
11 October 2007

In face of deepening opposition, Howard government implodes
13 September 2007

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