Australia’s “foreign influence” register will attack basic democratic rights
20 July 2018
The FITS Act will require registration by all individuals and organisations deemed to collaborate with overseas entities in any political activity.
New Zealand Labour-aligned Daily Blog posts pro-war, anti-China tirade
20 July 2018
The on-line blog hails the government’s military upgrade in preparation to join US-led aggression against China.
Australia’s new espionage laws target whistleblowers and political opponents
19 July 2018
The “anti-interference” legislation goes far beyond spying by foreign agents.
Australian PM promotes racist campaign over “African gangs”
19 July 2018
Malcolm Turnbull’s remarks are part of a broader attempt to whip up nationalism and anti-immigrant xenophobia.

Australia: Another fire at Melbourne recycling plant
18 July 2018
Toxic blazes continue to erupt at Australian recycling plants as companies stockpile tonnes of dangerous waste material.
New Zealand foreign minister: “Great Power competition is back”
17 July 2018
Peters’ speech underscored the strengthening alliance between the Labour-led government and the US in confronting China across the Asia-Pacific.
Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) holds online health workers’ meeting
17 July 2018
The SEG’s forum, which included New Zealand and Australian workers, discussed the political lessons of the July 12 strike by 30,000 nurses, healthcare assistants and midwives.
SEP (Australia) holds Sydney meeting against new “foreign interference” laws
17 July 2018
The Sydney meeting was the first public event held by an Australian political party against the anti-democratic legislation since it was rushed through parliament late last month.