The centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution

The International Committee of the Fourth International is marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution with online lectures on the foundations, trajectory and consequences of the extraordinary events of 1917. The series will begin at 9am, Sunday, March 12 Australian eastern time and continue each fortnight until Sunday, May 7. A second series will begin in September.

The meetings will be streamed live on YouTube.

Watch the video below of WSWS Editorial Board Chairman David North discussing the content of the lecture series and click here to register.

ANZAC Heroes: Promoting war to children
24 March 2017
A New Zealand government-funded children’s book glorifies Australian and New Zealand involvement in World War I and II.
Report documents extent of US-Australia economic ties
23 March 2017
A recent paper argues that any shift by Australia away from its foreign policy alignment with the US could have potentially dire economic consequences.
New Australian union head feigns concern for workers’ rights
22 March 2017
McManus’s elevation is part of the unions’ preparations to try and divert rising working-class anger behind the return of a Labor government in 2019.
Australia: Education Department head calls for police in schools amid anti-Muslim witch-hunt
21 March 2017
The media and government authorities are continuing to use unsubstantiated allegations of “Islamic extremism” in schools to whip-up an atmosphere of right-wing hysteria.

Australia’s energy crisis exposes market failure
21 March 2017
The privatised electricity market—dominated by profiteering power generation, distribution and retailing companies—is creating an economic and social disaster.
Australian Labor’s “self-managing schools,” seven years on
21 March 2017
The devolution agenda is deepening the education gap between advantaged and disadvantaged, working class students, paving the way for US-style for-profit “charter schools.”
Australian Labor Party and unions assist closure of Hazelwood power plant
20 March 2017
The state Labor government’s union-backed worker transfer scheme will not defend a single job.
Former Australian ambassador calls for foreign policy turn toward China
20 March 2017
FitzGerald’s proposals reveal the impotence of the Australian ruling elite in the face of the decline in America’s global dominance.