“Financial toxicity” affects poorer cancer patients in Australia
23 March 2018
High medical payments and reduced income while patients are being treated or recovering from cancer are causing distress and avoidable deaths.
Geoffrey Rush lawsuit strikes blow against anti-democratic #MeToo campaign
22 March 2018
A judge ruled that the Murdoch media could not substantiate the allegations of sexual misconduct it made against acclaimed Australian actor Geoffrey Rush.
Australian by-election in Melbourne heightens Greens’ crisis
20 March 2018
The Greens’ defeat in Batman marks a significant blow to their hopes of enlarging their influence within the parliamentary apparatus.
Interviews with voters at the Batman by-election
20 March 2018
“There should be money for everybody, for health, for the elderly.”

Union prepares another sellout deal at Australia’s Macquarie University
20 March 2018
The secrecy imposed by the NTEU is a warning that Macquarie will be a test case for the union’s capacity to impose intensifying cuts and pro-business measures.
Australian women join legal actions over pelvic implants
20 March 2018
The allegations against the pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson, if proven correct, will reveal a profit-driven disregard for the health and wellbeing of the women.
Liberals take office in South Australia with a minority vote
19 March 2018
The result is part of a wider pattern in recent Australian elections that points to the breakdown of the two-party political set-up, through which the capitalist class has ruled since World War II.
Australia-ASEAN summit held amid US-China tensions
19 March 2018
Australian Prime Minister Turnbull sought to draw more ASEAN members toward the anti-China orientation of the more openly US-aligned states.