Further blow to US as Australia signs up to China-backed bank
30 March 2015
Intense geo-political tensions continue over the planned Asian investment bank.
Labor plays anti-Chinese race card in NSW election
27 March 2015
Labor and trade union leaders are trying to incite fears that China could take over Australia’s most sensitive electricity networks.
Against war, austerity and repression. For a socialist solution to the capitalist crisis
27 March 2015
The working class can only overcome the crisis produced by the failure of the capitalist profit system by taking up the fight for a socialist and internationalist perspective.
Australian property bubble could be heading for a bust
26 March 2015
Australian household debt has reached a record high, fuelled by low interest rates.

A bipartisan conspiracy: Australian imperialism and the Middle East war

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the commitment of Australian jet fighters and special forces to indefinite combat operations in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria. The military deployment is a bipartisan conspiracy, carried out against widespread opposition in the working class, to assist US imperialism extend its domination over the entire oil-rich Middle East.

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Australian trade unions spearhead slashing of wage penalty rates
26 March 2015
The agreement sends a wider signal: the unions and the Labor Party are ready to enforce an all-out assault on wages and working conditions.
Revealing candidates forum in NSW election
26 March 2015
Apart from SEP National Secretary James Cogan, all the election candidates sought to confine the debate to so-called local issues and promote illusions in the parliamentary system.
Malcolm Fraser (1930–2015): A political assessment
25 March 2015
Fraser’s name is indelibly etched in history for his role in the ousting of the Whitlam government in the 1975 Canberra Coup.
NSW election: Greens strike vote-swapping deal with Labor
25 March 2015
The pact is a clear signal of the party’s hopes of returning Labor to office, in partnership with the Greens.