Nauru expels another doctor amid growing protests over Australia’s refugee detention centres
20 October 2018
International rights organisations and thousands of doctors have condemned the persecution of refugees.
Police attack striking workers in India and Bangladesh
20 October 2018
Police opened fire on garment workers demanding unpaid wages in Bangladesh, while Indian authorities attacked protesting health workers.
New Zealand opposition in crisis over links to Chinese businessman
20 October 2018
Allegations that the National Party leader failed to disclose a donation have been seized on by the media and NZ First Party to ramp up the nationalist anti-China campaign.
Meetings in Australia and New Zealand to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Fourth International
19 October 2018
The meetings in December will enable workers, youth and professionals opposed to social inequality, authoritarianism and war to discuss the critical political lessons drawn by the Trotskyist movement

Australian government backs far-right “OK to be white” motion in Senate
19 October 2018
The government’s embrace of the slogan, long championed by alt-right and neo-Nazi groups, has a far-reaching significance.
Australia: Horse-racing lobby forces Sydney Opera House to advertise $13 million horse race
18 October 2018
Racing industry, media and government bullying of Opera House management was angrily rejected by tens of thousands of Sydney residents.
Australian housing market slumps toward potential crash
17 October 2018
Many borrowers face becoming “mortgage prisoners,” condemned to paying off loans greater than the value of their homes.
Australia backs Trump as US ramps up anti-China drive
17 October 2018
There is an intense discussion in Australian think tanks and military and intelligence circles over the need to accelerate preparations for regional and global war.