New Zealand First delays decision on forming a new government
14 October 2017
Three weeks after the election the right-wing, anti-immigrant NZ First still has not decided whether to form a coalition with the National Party or Labour and the Greens.
Populist senator to resign from Australian parliament and contest state election
12 October 2017
Nick Xenophon is seeking to exploit mass hostility to the South Australian Labor government, which has overseen the dismantling of manufacturing in the state.
Australia deploys for war with North Korea and confrontation with China
11 October 2017
A flotilla of six Australian warships is making its way toward the Korean Peninsula and an Australian attack submarine is already in the area exercising with US and Japanese subs.
Australia: Questions emerge over another Aboriginal death in custody
9 October 2017
When Hatfield died, his lawyers were conducting a vigorous defence against robbery charges, to which he pled not guilty in the Armidale District Court.

Australian economy “going into a hole”
7 October 2017
The record run of the Australian economy, 26 years without a recession, has “flattered to deceive,” as major economic problems come to the surface.
Australian governments unveil sweeping new police powers
6 October 2017
The latest measures clearly extend far beyond combatting purported terrorist threats, and severely erode the civil liberties of the entire population.
Australian Greens demand disqualification of all “foreign” MPs
5 October 2017
The Greens insist that the ban should be applied even if parliamentarians unknowingly acquired foreign citizenship entitlements from their grandparents.
SEP Australia verifies “registered party” status once again
5 October 2017
The electoral registration of the SEP is an expression of the base of political support that exists for the internationalist and socialist perspective of the ICFI.