SEP & IYSSE public meetings:
The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

Syriza’s abject surrender to the European Union ranks among the most miserable betrayals of the working class in history. In the July 5 referendum, Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected new austerity measures. Syriza has repudiated this mandate and agreed to impose devastating cuts on behalf of the European banks and wealthy.

The SEP public meetings will provide a unique forum to discuss the crucial political lessons to be drawn from the experiences of the working class in Greece, above all from the role of Syriza, and their relevance to the political tasks facing the working class in Australia and around the world.

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Australian unions promote anti-Chinese nationalism
1 August 2015
Amid growing unemployment, union leaders are staging protests to denounce a Free Trade Agreement with China.
Australia: Two highly-politicised arrests of “foreign fighters”
31 July 2015
Both arrests serve definite political purposes bound up with the fraudulent “war on terrorism.”
Russia vetoes MH17 tribunal push by US allies
30 July 2015
The UN Security Council resolution demanded an international criminal court despite no evidence being produced of Russian involvement in the plane’s downing.
Youth and workers in Australia speak about the Greek crisis
28 July 2015
Workers, students and youth attending SEP meetings [ link to meeting ] in Melbourne and Sydney on Sunday spoke with World Socialist Web Site reporters about developments in Greece, the role of Syriza

Australia: Sydney’s median house price tops $1 million
28 July 2015
The housing bubble, fueled by a frenzy of speculative investment, has led to obscene house prices, well beyond the reach of working people.
Australian Labor Party conference shores up party leader
27 July 2015
The gathering shifted Labor even further to the right amid a rapidly deteriorating economy and escalating US aggression toward China.
Australian Labor leader delivers pitch to big business at party conference
25 July 2015
Bill Shorten’s speech aimed at winning the backing of key sections of the ruling elite by pledging to enforce “tough” pro-business policies, including cuts to public spending.
Bipartisan agreement on austerity at Australian premiers’ summit
24 July 2015
The assembled Labor and Coalition leaders were unanimous about finding ways to enforce deep cuts to social spending and living standards.