Why have Australia’s parliamentary parties all signed up for war?

The SEP and IYSSE public meetings in Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth will examine why the entire Australian political establishment is collaborating with the Abbott government’s aggressive, imperialist foreign policy, and explain its connection to the breakdown of global capitalism and the ever-widening assault on social and democratic rights.

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Australian mining services workers reject 25 percent pay cut
22 November 2014
Hastings Deering’s ultimatum points to an intensification of the assault against jobs and conditions in the mining industry.
Australian government outlines major cuts to public broadcasters
21 November 2014
The spending cuts go hand-in-hand with disciplining the ABC to ensure that it functions more closely as a propaganda arm of government.
Australia’s housing bubble fuels a social disaster
20 November 2014
Working class households are increasingly priced out of buying a home, while thousands of properties lie vacant.
Australian government embraces security pact with India
20 November 2014
The manoeuvres surrounding the Indian prime minister’s visit were likened to the “Great Game” of imperialist rivalry in Asia before World War I.

A bipartisan conspiracy: Australian imperialism and the Middle East war

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the commitment of Australian jet fighters and special forces to indefinite combat operations in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria. The military deployment is a bipartisan conspiracy, carried out against widespread opposition in the working class, to assist US imperialism extend its domination over the entire oil-rich Middle East.

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G-20 summit intensifies threat of war against Russia
18 November 2014
The danger that the NATO powers’ military threats against Russia could erupt into open warfare is growing by the day.
Chinese president seeks to use trade to counter US “pivot”
18 November 2014
Xi’s speech in the Australian parliament yesterday was a carefully-crafted response to President Obama's bellicose reaffirmation of the “pivot” last Saturday.
Australian “Direct Action” climate plan to reward corporate polluters
18 November 2014
The scheme is even more of a travesty than the previous Labor government’s carbon tax regime, which also sought to boost business profits.
G20 summit held under police-state conditions
17 November 2014
The gulf between the leaders of world capitalism and the vast majority of the population was on graphic display during last weekend’s G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia’s third biggest city.