Australia: Labor backs move to sack thousands of electricity workers
27 May 2015
Labor Party leaders have joined business groups to support a regulator’s pricing ruling that will result in the loss of 2,500 power workers’ jobs in New South Wales.
US-China tensions escalate over South China Sea
27 May 2015
The Obama administration is preparing to step up the war of words against China at the annual Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore.
China warns of war with US in South China Sea
26 May 2015
Through its reckless actions, the US has placed the world on the precipice of war between nuclear-armed powers.
Australian budget targets working-class households
26 May 2015
The majority of families will lose between about $2,000 and $6,000 a year by 2018–19.

Australia deeply embedded in US military build-up in Asia
25 May 2015
Despite strenuous official denials, Australia “will probably be hosting some American B1 supersonic bombers after all.”
US prepares new military provocations in South China Sea
23 May 2015
The unprecedented presence of a CNN news team on a US navy surveillance flight this week was aimed at ramping up pressure on China over the South China Sea.
US prepares to challenge China in the South China Sea
21 May 2015
The Australian reports that “momentum is building strongly in Washington” to fly warplanes or send warships within the 12-mile territorial limit surrounding Chinese-held islets.
Australian budget boosts spending on war and surveillance
21 May 2015
While cutting funding for health, education and welfare, the budget increased outlays for overseas military operations, weaponry and war-related intelligence activities.