Another fatal police shooting in Australia
4 March 2015
Police shootings now occur with sickening regularity mostly in response to low-level incidents that could be resolved by non-lethal means.
Big business in Australia lays out its agenda
4 March 2015
Behind the political crisis of the Abbott government is a deepening offensive being prepared by the corporate and financial elites against the working class
NSW election: The fraud of Labor’s opposition to privatisation and austerity
3 March 2015
Labor leader Foley tried to cover up the record of state and federal Labor governments, in attacking the living standards of workers and youth.
SEP candidates in NSW election campaign against war and austerity
3 March 2015
Bankstown and Wyong workers and youth speak out against worsening living conditions and the danger of war.

A bipartisan conspiracy: Australian imperialism and the Middle East war

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the commitment of Australian jet fighters and special forces to indefinite combat operations in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria. The military deployment is a bipartisan conspiracy, carried out against widespread opposition in the working class, to assist US imperialism extend its domination over the entire oil-rich Middle East.

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Bipartisan support for anti-democratic data retention bill in Australia
3 March 2015
A parliamentary report gives the green light for police-state powers of mass surveillance to be handed to the government and its spy and police services.
Vote Socialist Equality Party in the New South Wales election
2 March 2015
Our campaign is aimed at building the SEP as the new revolutionary leadership of the working class and advancing a socialist and internationalist program.
Nick Beams retires as Socialist Equality Party (Australia) national secretary
27 February 2015
Nick Beams, a founding member and long-time leader of the Australian section of the International Committee of the Fourth International, announced last Sunday he was stepping down as national secretar
Australia: Aurizon workers confront deep assault on conditions
25 February 2015
Amid plummeting coal prices, the rail freight company is seeking to dismantle long-standing working conditions and protections for its Queensland workforce.