100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today

The Socialist Equality Party in Australia and Socialist Equality Group in New Zealand will hold a series of public meetings in November and December to mark the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. The meetings are part of the world-wide commemorations of the historic events of 100 years ago by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), the world Trotskyist movement and publisher of the World Socialist Web Site.

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Australian workers, actors, filmmakers oppose the “trial by media” of Geoffrey Rush
11 December 2017
“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this kind of thing only happens to celebrities.”
Anti-China witch-hunt in Australia escalates
11 December 2017
The campaign is being driven by the Australian intelligence agencies—backed to the hilt by Washington—amid the growing danger of a US war against North Korea and China.
Australian actor Geoffrey Rush fights back, suing Daily Telegraph for defamation
9 December 2017
Many in the industry are deeply opposed to this new McCarthyism and they are starting to speak out.
Australian maritime union maintains picket at Victorian port
9 December 2017
The MUA’s real concern is to advance itself as an industrial police force for the company against the workers.

Stephen Sewell denounces media witch-hunt against Geoffrey Rush
9 December 2017
The Australian screen writer, playwright and novelist draws out the dangerous political implications of the trial by media persecution of Geoffrey Rush.
Australia: Lowest consumer spending since global financial crisis
8 December 2017
Consumption spending is being dragged down by historically low wage growth, rising energy costs and high debt levels.
Workers and youth discuss the Russian Revolution at SEP meetings
7 December 2017
“People can’t afford to live in today’s world, and this is something that needs to be changed… fighting for socialism is not a lifestyle, it’s a fight for survival.”
Underpayment of international students and backpackers commonplace in Australia
7 December 2017
Thousands of young people temporarily working in Australia are paid less than the official minimum wage and a small but significant minority work under slave-like conditions.