Western Sydney University workers denounce cuts to jobs and conditions
21 October 2017
Academics and other campus workers condemn the worsening conditions for university staff and students.
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
21 October 2017
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.
Australian university union blocks debate at WSU stopwork rally
21 October 2017
Trade union enterprise agreements have been the vehicle for facilitating all the government-employer attacks on university staff and students.
Australia: Glencore steps up provocations against locked-out miners
20 October 2017
The giant company is seeking to force through an enterprise agreement that slashes pay and working conditions.

Political lessons of the Australian car industry closure
20 October 2017
The shutdowns are the end product of a decades-long restructuring of car manufacturing, spearheaded by Labor and the trade unions.
The Australian marriage equality survey: An exercise in political division and diversion
19 October 2017
The aim of both the Coalition government and the Labor Party opposition is to institutionalise the treatment of same sex couples as second-class citizens.
Australian military covered up dangers of toxic fire-fighting foam
19 October 2017
One Katherine resident, affected by the defence department’s poisoning of water supplies commented, “We’re collateral damage… it feels like our lives here really don’t matter.
Australian university unions divide opposition to sell-out deals
18 October 2017
Far from opposing the combined government-university administration offensive, the two trade unions covering university staff are facilitating it.