The political issues posed by the Australian election crisis

The ruling elites, whether in Australia or around the world, cannot return to the stable and predictable parliamentary forms through which they ruled in the past. The systemic breakdown of world economy, ever mounting geopolitical conflicts, the rising danger of war, and, above all, the political radicalisation underway within the working class and youth, preclude that possibility.

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Ruling party wiped out in Australia’s Northern Territory election
30 August 2016
The result is a barometer of broader trends wracking Australia’s political establishment, driven by disaffection and economic slump.
Australia: Arrium steelworkers reject 10 percent pay cut
29 August 2016
From the outset, the union had no intention of waging any struggle to mobilise workers to oppose the cost cutting and fight the threat of closure.
Papua New Guinean landowners end blockade of major gas project
25 August 2016
Protesting traditional landowners, claiming millions of dollars in unpaid royalties, disrupted vital LNG supplies.
French shipbuilder DCNS hit by massive data leak on Scorpene submarine
25 August 2016
The leak has raised concerns about whether DCNS’ multi-billion dollar plans to build submarines for Australia could also be compromised.

Mining giant’s record loss highlights Australian economy’s reversal
24 August 2016
BHP Billiton’s plight underscores the depth of the world slump and the particular vulnerability of Australian capitalism.
Hanoi scales back Australian attempt to commemorate Vietnam War battle
24 August 2016
The actions of the Vietnamese authorities were greeted with arrogant indignation by the Australian government.
Mounting calls for Australian universities to slash enrolments
23 August 2016
The corporate elite is calling for universities to be subordinated ever-more directly to the immediate profit needs of big business.
Australian government seizes on NAPLAN test scores to justify budget cuts
22 August 2016
The NAPLAN scores are being used to prepare the ground for new austerity measures for public schools and attacks on teachers’ conditions.