Australian establishment endorses Trump’s fascistic UN speech
21 September 2017
The Turnbull government is stepping forward to serve as an international mouthpiece for Washington.
Australia: Two Ipswich meatworks to close, destroying hundreds of jobs
21 September 2017
The state Labor government and the meatworkers' union are working to ensure there is no organised opposition to the devastating closures.
University of Sydney union conceals political issues in one-day strike
21 September 2017
Just days after the 24-hour stoppage, the NTEU struck a retrograde deal with management that will help it impose the government’s cuts.
Australian government’s “media reform” boosts conglomerates
20 September 2017
The new legislation removes any, even nominal, impediment to the further concentration of media ownership within a handful of powerful corporations.

Oppose the NTEU sellout at University of Sydney! For a unified struggle of all university workers across Australia!
20 September 2017
The union is organising retrograde agreements across the university sector.
No to war and social inequality! For world socialism!
19 September 2017
Both major parties, Labour and National, support deeper austerity, attacks on immigrants and democratic rights, and preparations for war.
Australia: New “learning precinct” ties public schools to business
18 September 2017
The project has little to do with the quality of education; its priority is the Victorian state government’s relationship with the financial and corporate elites.
Australia launches three-month naval tour, directed against China
18 September 2017
The mission is unmistakably designed to reinforce the aggressive anti-Chinese drive by Washington.