Australian government to deport Tamil refugee despite torture warnings
22 February 2018
Thangalingam is a victim of anti-refugee and geo-strategic policies pursued by successive Australian governments.
Australia’s “Barnaby Joyce crisis”: What is not being discussed
21 February 2018
The turmoil surrounding the deputy prime minister is a symptom of more fundamental frictions engulfing the government and the parliamentary establishment.
Tonga faces deepening crisis after Cyclone Gita
21 February 2018
Thousands of people remain homeless and the small Pacific island nation could take years to recover.
Australia: The 2014 union sell-out of NSW rail workers
20 February 2018
The last enterprise agreement imposed by the rail union created the conditions for mass sackings and continuous pro-business restructuring.

Australia: Union enforces another massive pay cut at Griffin Coal
20 February 2018
The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union isolated a protracted strike of maintenance workers before striking a sell-out enterprise agreement.
SEP holds online meeting on the New South Wales rail dispute
19 February 2018
The meeting created the conditions for public transport and other workers in Australia and New Zealand to grapple with the political issues raised by the fight to defend jobs, wages and conditions.
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
17 February 2018
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.
General strike in French Polynesia against undermining of pensions
17 February 2018
Thousands of people took part in the strike and rallied in Tahiti against the government’s attack on pensions.