How to fight the COVID-19 pandemic: A program of action for the working class

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global disaster. In just three months, it has spread across the planet. The scale and impact of the pandemic have been intensified by the indifference and criminal negligence of capitalist governments, which have wasted precious time.

An enormous amount of time has been lost, but the impact and extent of the pandemic depends on urgent responses that can be taken now. These measures must be centered on two absolutely critical priorities: First, to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible, and second, given that it has already acquired global dimensions, to provide emergency care for all who are ill and emergency assistance to all who are affected.

The essential principle that must guide the response to the crisis is that the needs of working people must take absolute and unconditional priority over all considerations of corporate profit and private wealth. It is not a matter of what the ruling class claims it can afford, but what masses of people need.

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Nissan confirms job cuts as strike against Spanish plant closures continues
5 June 2020
Thousands of Nissan workers, their families and sympathisers are striking, protesting and blocking roads to protest the automaker’s decision to shut down its Barcelona plant.
NTEU helps Australian universities escalate job and wage cuts
5 June 2020
University managements are exploiting the union’s stifling of university workers’ outrage and opposition.
Hundreds of jobs axed as News Corp Australia shuts regional and suburban newspapers
5 June 2020
The Murdoch-owned company, like other media conglomerates, has seized on the COVID-19 crisis to drastically restructure operations and drive up profits.
Australia: NSW government pushes public sector wage freeze
5 June 2020
The government is now asking the Industrial Relations Commission to deny nurses, teachers, paramedics, and other essential workers a promised 2.5 percent wage increase.

Australian inquest says “grossly deficient” safety caused death of Anglo American mine worker
4 June 2020
The coronial inquest into the Grasstree Mine workers’ death in 2014 is a damning indictment of Anglo American safety standards.
Anger over US police assault on Australian journalists in Washington DC
4 June 2020
Had the attack occurred in a country such as China or Iran, the muted response from the Australian political establishment would undoubtedly have been very different.
Australian schools affected by new coronavirus clusters
3 June 2020
The cases have exposed state and federal government claims, both Labor and Liberal, that teachers, staff and children are safe to return to school.
Australian bushfire inquiry examines the terrible impact of smoke inhalation
2 June 2020
The number of deaths caused by smoke was more than ten times the number killed directly by the bushfires.