Australia: Union officials desperately trying to prevent NSW rail strike
20 January 2018
The union has held backroom discussions with the government to suppress the stoppage, fearing it could become the focal point of a broader movement of the working class.
Australian power workers vote for industrial action
20 January 2018
The overwhelming vote to strike reflects widespread anger over years of cost cutting, including a de facto wage freeze, enforced by the trade unions.
Students and staff to bear brunt of latest Australian university funding cut
20 January 2018
A two-year freeze on funding for undergraduate enrolments will be followed by pro-business “performance targets” imposed on university funding.
With Indo-Pacific tensions rising, Japan and Australia strengthen military ties
19 January 2018
Turnbull’s visit to Tokyo constitutes another warning that all the major powers in the region are preparing for war.

Australia: NSW state government axes longstanding reading program from public schools
19 January 2018
“Reading Recovery” has been taught for more than 30 years, achieving significant results in improving literacy among disadvantaged students across New South Wales.
Australia: New South Wales rail workers to strike for 24 hours
18 January 2018
The rail union is seeking to prevent the stoppage, which reflects explosive anger among workers over the gutting of wages and conditions.
Australian media promotes fascists amid growing racist hysteria over “African gangs”
16 January 2018
Channel 7 news aired an “exclusive” report on a meeting of fascistic organisations, promoting their vigilantism as “a kind of neighbourhood watch.”
Australia: Continuing chaos on Sydney’s trains
16 January 2018
Amid ongoing delays and service cancellations, it emerged that Sydney Trains cut the number of station staff by more than a quarter between 2013-14 and last financial year.