Australian spy chief defends new “terror” laws
29 August 2014
While the government’s laws initially target Islamists, a police-state framework is being prepared for far wider purposes.
New facts revealed on 2010 ousting of Australian PM
29 August 2014
Paul Kelly’s book effectively demolishes the political fictions manufactured to justify the coup against Kevin Rudd.
Australian government ready to join US air war in Middle East
28 August 2014
While Abbott and his ministers claim “no decision has been made,” preparations for Australian military involvement are well advanced.
Australian government pushes ahead with university restructuring
28 August 2014
The Abbott government is deepening the pro-market assault on higher education begun by the previous Labor government.

Audit report sets out a corporate blueprint for social counter-revolution

The Australian government’s National Commission of Audit report, released yesterday, lays out the agenda dictated by the financial and corporate elite for the wholesale destruction of the post-World War II social welfare system, and the driving down of the wages to levels below those already imposed in the US and Europe.

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Australian government moves to outsource key social services
27 August 2014
The move will effectively cut the human services department in half, paving the way for the axing of tens of thousands of jobs.
Australia: Clive Palmer advised on the civil way to demonise China
25 August 2014
For all the sound and fury against Palmer, the reality is that the US-led pivot has, from the beginning, been justified by falsely denouncing China as a danger.
Australian government weighs up joining US air war in Iraq
25 August 2014
The Australian reported that options under discussion include dispatching ground forces as well as war planes to participate in the expanding US intervention in Iraq.
Australia: Workers and youth speak on Ferguson, Missouri and police violence
25 August 2014
Those who spoke to the WSWS explained their own experiences with police brutality and linked it to the growth of poverty and social inequality in Australia.