Free Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning!

Today, March 28, marks one full year since WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was cut off from the internet and his ability to communicate with the outside world. Assange remains confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he was granted political asylum in 2012. There he is subject to constant and invasive surveillance…

March 29 will mark three weeks since Chelsea Manning, who in 2010 provided WikiLeaks with documents exposing US war crimes, was jailed for contempt of court by a federal judge. Manning’s alleged “crime” is refusing to testify in a secret grand jury hearing against Assange. She is being held in solitary confinement, isolated 22 hours a day.

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Socialist Equality Party wins important support in Australian federal election
25 May 2019
Thousands of workers, students and young people signalled their support for a socialist alternative to war, budget cuts and authoritarianism.
Actor Geoffrey Rush awarded record payout in defamation damages
25 May 2019
The Oscar-winning actor was granted a total of nearly $2.9 million, in general and special damages, due to the Murdoch media’s defamatory articles.
“Truth ultimately is all we have:” Julian Assange appeals for public support
25 May 2019
In the first publicly-released comments to supporters since his arrest, Assange detailed his conditions of isolation at Belmarsh prison and called for supporters to mobilise in his defence.
Workers and youth condemn major parliamentary parties
24 May 2019
“I’d like someone in charge who thinks of the 98 percent, rather than the 2 percent of the highest earners in the country.”

Eighty Years of the Fourth International: The Lessons of History and the Struggle for Socialism Today

On October 7, David North, International Editorial Board chairman of the World Socialist Web Site, delivered the following lecture to a well-attended public meeting in Colombo, organised by the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka). The meeting, the second of two held in Sri Lanka, was called to celebrate the 80thanniversary of the Fourth International and the 50th anniversary of the SEP in Sri Lanka. Click here to read the lecture

Workers and young people warn about the mounting social crisis
23 May 2019
“The most important thing for me is jobs, security and the economy—we need real action on jobs.”
Australia: Tasmanian paramedic protests ambulance ramping
22 May 2019
The high incidence of ramping is product of the wider crisis of the hospital system which has been chronically underfunded by Labor and Liberal governments alike.
Australian Labor Party in crisis after election debacle
22 May 2019
The election result demonstrated a deep-going rupture between the working class and the big business Labor Party.
Right-wing Australian government re-elected as voters turn against Labor
21 May 2019
The election result reflected widespread hostility among workers, students and young people to Labor and the entire political establishment.