SEP & IYSSE public meetings:
The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

Syriza’s abject surrender to the European Union ranks among the most miserable betrayals of the working class in history. In the July 5 referendum, Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected new austerity measures. Syriza has repudiated this mandate and agreed to impose devastating cuts on behalf of the European banks and wealthy.

The SEP public meetings will provide a unique forum to discuss the crucial political lessons to be drawn from the experiences of the working class in Greece, above all from the role of Syriza, and their relevance to the political tasks facing the working class in Australia and around the world.

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India reaches into the South Pacific to counter China
27 August 2015
The summit was part of Indian efforts to build defence and strategic ties in the Asia-Pacific, designed to counter Chinese influence.
Australian “reform summit” highlights economic and political fragility
27 August 2015
The purpose of the “extraordinary gathering” was to use the “urgency” of the global slump to drive through a new wave of attacks on jobs and living standards.
Australia: BlueScope Steel demands mass job cuts under threat of plant closure
26 August 2015
The Australian Workers Union has immediately signalled that it will help impose BlueScope Steel’s job-cutting measures.
“Reform summit” to discuss stepped up class war in Australia
26 August 2015
Underlying the declarations of “urgency” is the rapid deterioration of Australia’s economic position.

Australian by-election becomes test of Abbott’s leadership
25 August 2015
Soaring unemployment in Western Australia underscores Australian capitalism’s sharp economic reversal, placing intense corporate pressure on Abbott.
Australia called on to join illegal US military operations in Syria
22 August 2015
Australia has a long history of participating in Washington’s criminal wars in the Middle East.
Dispute over coal mine highlights Australian political turmoil
21 August 2015
The Abbott government’s frenzied response to the Adani case reflects the intensifying pressure from the corporate elite for the dismantling of all barriers to increased profits.
Australian transport union calls off Melbourne train and tram strike
20 August 2015
The state Labor government reacted with undisguised hostility to the prospect of the first public transport strike in Melbourne since 1997.