The political issues posed by the Australian election crisis

The ruling elites, whether in Australia or around the world, cannot return to the stable and predictable parliamentary forms through which they ruled in the past. The systemic breakdown of world economy, ever mounting geopolitical conflicts, the rising danger of war, and, above all, the political radicalisation underway within the working class and youth, preclude that possibility.

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Fifty years since the Aboriginal stockmen’s strike
3 December 2016
While Australia’s political elite hails the 1966 Wave Hill walkout strike, tens of thousands of Aboriginal people continue to live in dire poverty.
Millions of Australians living in recession
3 December 2016
An estimated 6.6 million people—28 percent of the population—are living in areas of outright economic decline.
Australia’s Socialist Alternative agitates for escalation of US intervention in Syria
2 December 2016
Socialist Alternative’s commentary on Syria closely aligns with the most hawkish sections of the US military and intelligence apparatus.
Australia’s ABCC Bill: A far-reaching assault on workers’ rights
2 December 2016
The central purpose of the bill is to outlaw and suppress all strikes, stoppages and work bans by workers throughout the construction, transport and offshore oil and gas industries.

Australia: CIMIC Group’s takeover of UGL foreshadows more job cuts
1 December 2016
The acquisition will intensify years of job destruction and restructuring by the mining and engineering contractor.
Former Murdoch executive axes more jobs at Australian Broadcasting Corporation
30 November 2016
The job losses did not begin with the current Liberal-National government but with chronic underfunding that started with the Hawke-Keating Labor administrations three decades ago.
Chinese fears about Trump and the South China Sea
28 November 2016
A Chinese think tank director warned that “strategic rivalry between China and the US is likely to continue over the South China Sea.”
Australia: Mounting evidence of black lung cover-up
25 November 2016
Thousands of miners could be afflicted by the deadly disease as a result of the erosion of safety standards by the major companies, with government and union complicity.