Another Australian cabinet minister faces disqualification
18 August 2017
A furore over dual citizenship of members of parliament is now throwing into doubt the survival of the Liberal-National Coalition government.
Australia: New laws force an end to Sydney tent city protest
17 August 2017
Police have been given specific powers to arrest homeless people in Sydney, Australia’s largest and least affordable city.
Australian Greens leaders air recriminations on TV
17 August 2017
The “Four Corners” episode indicates that the conflicts within the Greens, driven by the party’s declining support, may be heading toward a split.
New Zealand government would “consider” joining US war against North Korea
15 August 2017
For the government and opposition parties alike, the threat of war has been the great unmentionable in their campaigns for the September 23 election.

Australian deputy prime minister facing disqualification as dual citizen
15 August 2017
The loss of the deputy prime minister’s vote would leave the Liberal-National government without a majority in the House of Representatives.
Australia: Life expectancy gap between rich and poor almost 20 years
14 August 2017
The staggering differences in health quality and life expectancy are a direct effect of widening social inequality.
Australian government orders sham postal “survey” on same-sex marriage
11 August 2017
A fraud on every level, the non-binding postal vote has nothing to do with the long-overdue recognition of the basic legal and democratic rights of all couples.
Opioid-related deaths soaring in Australia
11 August 2017
New research points to a rapidly growing number of fatalities, far outstripping heroin overdose deaths.