Why have Australia’s parliamentary parties all signed up for war?

The SEP and IYSSE public meetings in Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth will examine why the entire Australian political establishment is collaborating with the Abbott government’s aggressive, imperialist foreign policy, and explain its connection to the breakdown of global capitalism and the ever-widening assault on social and democratic rights.

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Eight children found dead in Cairns, Australia
20 December 2014
A mother has been charged with murder, pointing to tragic circumstances and a worsening social crisis.
Governments, media internationally respond to the Sydney siege
20 December 2014
The Sydney hostage-taking is the latest chapter in the lies and deceit used to boost the “war on terror” and its agenda of war and militarism.
More police raids in Sydney on the pretext of counter-terrorism
19 December 2014
The raids have been used to maintain the drumbeat that Australia is under attack by domestic terrorists inspired by ISIS.
Australian government exploits Sydney siege to advance “war on terror”
19 December 2014
The government’s “review” seeks to divert attention from its own role in manufacturing a national “terrorism” crisis that ended tragically with three deaths.

A bipartisan conspiracy: Australian imperialism and the Middle East war

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the commitment of Australian jet fighters and special forces to indefinite combat operations in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria. The military deployment is a bipartisan conspiracy, carried out against widespread opposition in the working class, to assist US imperialism extend its domination over the entire oil-rich Middle East.

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UN torture report criticises Australia’s refugee policies
19 December 2014
The Abbott government has thumbed its nose at a UN committee report finding that the country’s refugee system could violate the Convention Against Torture.
Australian government announces “review” of Sydney siege
18 December 2014
The hostage crisis is being exploited by the Abbott government to press ahead with its agenda of support for US wars abroad and new anti-democratic measures at home.
Australia: Senate inquiry whitewashes killing at Papua New Guinea refugee camp
17 December 2014
Evidence suggests that the government provoked protests at the detention centre, then violently suppressed them as a means of deterring refugees from trying to reach Australia.
Unanswered questions about the Sydney siege
17 December 2014
The most disturbing question is why the Australian government immediately elevated the incident into a major national crisis.