The centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution

The International Committee of the Fourth International is marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution with online lectures on the foundations, trajectory and consequences of the extraordinary events of 1917. The series will begin at 9am, Sunday, March 12 Australian eastern time and continue each fortnight until Sunday, May 7. A second series will begin in September.

The meetings will be streamed live on YouTube.

Watch the video below of WSWS Editorial Board Chairman David North discussing the content of the lecture series and click here to register.

Stop the drive to world war! For peace, equality and socialism!
22 April 2017
The meetings will outline the socialist and internationalist perspective required to prevent the descent of the global capitalist system into a catastrophic third world war.
More warnings about the Australian housing market
22 April 2017
Credit ratings agencies have said the property market, built on a mountain of debt, is among the most susceptible in the world to an economic shock.
The political issues in the fight to reject the Victorian teachers’ EBA
21 April 2017
The most detrimental, long-term aspect of the workplace agreement is that it includes sweeping commitments by the teachers' union to enforce a “performance-ranking” system.
Australia: After ABC program, Labor calls for investigation into One Nation
21 April 2017
The “Four Corners” program could signal a turn by the media and political establishment against Hanson and her right-wing party.

Turnbull government announces anti-immigrant “Australia first” policies
20 April 2017
The abolition of 457 visas for foreign workers and the tightening of citizenship requirements are aimed at diverting mounting social discontent in a xenophobic direction.
Papua New Guinea soldiers attack refugees in Australian-run prison camp
18 April 2017
At least three asylum seekers were injured by armed soldiers who assaulted the refugee detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.
How the AEU is attempting to push through a sell-out of Victorian teachers
17 April 2017
If the agreement is such a “significant gain” then why is there no framework or democratic process where teachers can discuss, debate, and seek clarification on its contents?
Australian worker challenges union-company wage-cutting deal
15 April 2017
The agreement struck between the SDA and Coles saved the supermarket giant tens of millions of dollars.