Why and How the GPU Murdered Leon Trotsky
Online interviews with David North

David North, the chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site, has been a major figure in the international Trotskyist movement for forty years. He played a central role in the Security and the Fourth International investigation in the assassination of Leon Trotsky 75 years ago on August 20, 1940. In these international on-line interviews on Sunday, October 4 and October 10, WSWS correspondent Andrea Peters will speak with North about the significance of Trotsky’s assassination, the origins and development of the International Committee’s investigation, and its key findings.

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Australia: Ausgrid plans far-reaching restructure ahead of privatisation
3 October 2015
Power distribution business Ausgrid intends to close depots, phase out apprenticeships, sell off training facilities and outsource call centres.
Australian PM’s summit displays union-business “consensus”
2 October 2015
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s meeting discussed how to “sell” and impose far-reaching attacks on jobs and social conditions.
New Zealand Maori leaders embrace charter schools
1 October 2015
The push for charter schools exposes the right-wing trajectory of the Maori elite and the fraud of “self-determination.”
Australia: Union imposes job cuts at UGL, defying workers’ votes
30 September 2015
Workers accuse the AMWU of paving the way for the next round of redundancies.

Australian PM calls summit with union and business leaders
29 September 2015
The summit is aimed at developing a “consensus” for the sweeping attacks on social and working conditions being demanded by corporate and financial elites.
Australia: Union shuts down industrial action by public transport workers
29 September 2015
Workers are being deliberately kept in the dark over deals being struck by the unions and management behind closed doors.
Agonising suicide in Australian refugee detention centre
28 September 2015
All the circumstances surrounding Ali Jaffari’s death point to the impact of the harsh measures being taken by Australian governments to repel asylum seekers.
New Zealand suspends aid to Nauru
28 September 2015
Amid growing protests against the Nauru government, New Zealand’s bullying is aimed at bolstering its own neo-colonial interests.