Inequality in Australia rising at one of world’s fastest rates
3 July 2015
Australia’s mining boom benefited a tiny elite at the top of the income table.
Murdoch’s Australian media put Zaky Mallah “up in lights”
3 July 2015
In 2012, today’s “terrorist” was a propagandist for Syrian “freedom fighters.”
Detention centre staff defy Australian government’s refugee censorship laws
2 July 2015
Medical professionals and former staff in Australia’s refugee detention network have challenged the new “Border Force Act.”
Backlash mounts against government attack on Australian Broadcasting Corporation
1 July 2015
There is growing public disquiet over the government’s hysterical attack on the ABC and endless rhetoric about terrorism.

Budget bipartisanship in Australia: Labor backs more Abbott government cuts
1 July 2015
Labor leader Shorten helped push through a fuel excise increase that will raise $3.6 billion from motorists over the next five years.
Australia: Fire inquest told Bankstown apartment block still unsafe
30 June 2015
The long-delayed inquest into the Euro Terraces apartment fire that killed a student and badly injured another began hearings this month.
The case of Zaky Mallah and the witch-hunt against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
30 June 2015
After being acquitted by a jury on two trumped-up terrorism charges, Mallah was uniquely qualified to ask a question about handing the government power to revoke citizenship by ministerial decree.
Australian pseudo-lefts hail advance of US-backed Islamists in Syria
27 June 2015
Socialist Alternative continues its public support for the US-led regime-change operation against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.