The political issues posed by the Australian election crisis

The ruling elites, whether in Australia or around the world, cannot return to the stable and predictable parliamentary forms through which they ruled in the past. The systemic breakdown of world economy, ever mounting geopolitical conflicts, the rising danger of war, and, above all, the political radicalisation underway within the working class and youth, preclude that possibility.

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Australian industrial tribunal slashes workers’ wages
24 February 2017
Low-paid workers face pay cuts of thousands of dollars a year following the Fair Work Commission’s ruling.
US officials accuse China of building missile bases in South China Sea
23 February 2017
Media reports have declared the latest claims to be “an early test of US President Donald Trump.”
Australian tabloid vilifies Muslim immigrants and welfare recipients
23 February 2017
Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph is witch-hunting Muslim immigrants, claiming that they are “piling on the dole queue.”
Australian governments’ decade-long cultural wrecking operation
22 February 2017
Today, the ruling elites regard genuinely critical and creative voices with suspicion or outright hostility.

Australian state Labor government strengthens draconian anti-association laws
21 February 2017
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is revamping notorious laws that provide sweeping powers to the police and courts under the guise of combatting “bikie gangs.”
The election of Donald Trump, the danger of war and the political tasks facing young people
20 February 2017
As the Australian university year begins, students confront a drastically changed world, where an extreme right-wing administration has come into office in the United States.
Australian stripped of citizenship, setting dangerous precedent
18 February 2017
By targeting Khaled Sharrouf, the government is continuing a pattern of using individuals demonised by the media to set legal precedents that threaten basic democratic rights.
Australian housing among the world’s most unaffordable
17 February 2017
Soaring housing prices are causing widespread financial stress and social hardship, especially for young people.