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james-120The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is standing candidates in the July 2 federal election to win support for a socialist, anti-capitalist and anti-war program. SEP national secretary James Cogan heads the party’s Senate team for New South Wales and is joined on the ticket by John Davis. Chris Sinnema and Peter Byrne are standing for the Senate in Victoria; and Mike Head and Erin Cooke for the Senate in Queensland. Will Fulgenzi will stand for the SEP in the House of Representatives’ seat of Wills in Melbourne. In Sydney, Oscar Grenfell will stand for the inner-west suburban seat of Grayndler and Gabriela Zabala for the south-western working class electorate of Blaxland.

The SEP’s campaign is directed to the ever growing number of workers and young people who want a genuine alternative to the Labor and Liberal-National Coalition dominated political system, which serves only the major banks, corporations and the rich. The Greens, along with other third parties and self-styled independents, are part of the same official establishment. They represent no alternative because they all defend capitalism—the ultimate cause of war, exploitation and social inequality.

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Australian dairy farmers protest over milk price cuts
28 May 2016
Socialist Equality Party Senate candidate for Victoria Chris Sinnema attended the protest, discussing the party’s socialist program with farmers and their families.
Australian media vendetta against worker who questioned tax breaks for wealthy
28 May 2016
The savage media treatment of Duncan Storrar is a reflection of the ruling elite’s determination to prevent any challenge to the status quo.
Terrorist arrests injected into Australian election
28 May 2016
Many questions are raised about the timing of each arrest, suggesting definite political calculations.
Why is there “no money” for basic social needs?
27 May 2016
All around the world, governments are seeking to dismantle welfare entitlements, minimum wages, retirement pensions, and access to education and healthcare.

University of Papua New Guinea closed down over student protests
27 May 2016
Police were called in to suppress month-long protests by students over Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s refusal to step down from office.
Public meetings on the Australian election
26 May 2016
The candidates will explain the socialist and internationalist program for which the SEP is fighting in opposition to Labor, the Liberals, the Greens and every other capitalist party.
Australian election: Military spending is war preparation, not “industry policy”
26 May 2016
The greatest expenditure on hardware for the Australian military since World War II is being cynically portrayed as a public works program.
Swedish court refuses to drop arrest warrant for Julian Assange
26 May 2016
The Stockholm Court rejected the conclusion of a United Nations working group that Assange has been arbitrarily detained in violation of international human rights conventions.