International lecture series extends to Australia and New Zealand
Imperialism and the World Wars of the Twentieth Century: Historical lessons and present dangers

The Socialist Equality Party in Australia is proud to announce that the lecture series currently being delivered across the United States by David North, chairman of the World Socialist Web Site and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party in the US, will be extended to Australia and New Zealand in December. North will present the lecture “Imperialism and the World Wars of the Twentieth Century: Historical Lessons and Present Dangers” in Sydney on December 10, Melbourne on December 12, and in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, on December 14.

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Australian data retention bill means mass surveillance
31 October 2014
The “metadata” bill, which orders the storage of vast amounts of phone and on-line information, is directed against the entire population.
Poverty and inequality worsening in Australia
23 October 2014
Nearly 14 percent of the Australian population is living in poverty, according to a report by the Australian Council of Social Service.
Teaching war: Australian government targets primary school students
22 October 2014
Australian authorities are distributing patriotic war propaganda among school children as part of the official World War I centenary commemorations.
Australia: Opposition Labor Party rubberstamps “Foreign Fighters Bill”
21 October 2014
The second of the Abbott government’s three “terrorism” bills is set to pass through parliament before the end of the month.

A bipartisan conspiracy: Australian imperialism and the Middle East war

The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the commitment of Australian jet fighters and special forces to indefinite combat operations in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria. The military deployment is a bipartisan conspiracy, carried out against widespread opposition in the working class, to assist US imperialism extend its domination over the entire oil-rich Middle East.

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SEP meetings oppose Australian involvement in US war in the Middle East
21 October 2014
The SEP held five public meetings to oppose the US-led military intervention in Iraq and Syria and the recent anti-terror raids in Australian cities.
Workers and youth discuss the war in Syria and Iraq
21 October 2014
Australian imperialism: Political attack dog for US war drive
20 October 2014
Australian Prime Minister Abbott’s declaration that he intended to “shirtfront” Russian President Putin at the forthcoming G20 summit is another expression of rising geo-political tensions.
Australian government refuses to send teams to fight Ebola
18 October 2014
While the Abbott government rushed to dispatch military forces to the Middle East, it has rejected calls to help fight the worsening health crisis in Africa.