The political issues posed by the Australian election crisis

The ruling elites, whether in Australia or around the world, cannot return to the stable and predictable parliamentary forms through which they ruled in the past. The systemic breakdown of world economy, ever mounting geopolitical conflicts, the rising danger of war, and, above all, the political radicalisation underway within the working class and youth, preclude that possibility.

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Ex-Australian Labor minister calls for deregulation of university fees
29 September 2016
Dawkins appealed for Labor and the Coalition government to develop a bipartisan policy to further slash education spending and deny access to working class youth.
Papua New Guinea: Air Niugini sacks pilots over protest action
28 September 2016
Responsibility for the dismissal of the pilots rests with the trade unions, which claimed that individual protests would pressure the government to make concessions.
Anti-China witch-hunt targets former Australian foreign minister
28 September 2016
The attack on Carr, an establishment figure with strong ties in Washington, is a sign that nothing less than full support for the US war drive against China will be tolerated.
International court dismisses Australian challenge over Timor Sea border dispute
28 September 2016
The judgement marks another exposure of Canberra’s contempt for international law and its rank hypocrisy over the resolution of maritime disputes.

Australian government claims refugee policy “best in the world”
26 September 2016
At the UN summit, Prime Minister Turnbull urged countries to adopt Australia’s “border protection” regime.
New Australian “anti-terror” laws overturn basic legal rights
23 September 2016
The political establishment is moving, as a matter of high priority, to bolster the repressive police-intelligence apparatus.
More than a million Australians live in poor housing
21 September 2016
Many families live in precarious conditions and their children are more likely to have long-term health issues.
Australian government launches far-reaching assault on welfare
21 September 2016
The government is trying to put new window dressing on measures designed to coerce some of the poorest layers of the working class into low paid jobs.