Suicides highlight harsh conditions in Australia’s mining industry
2 September 2014
Nine Pilbara “Fly In Fly Out” workers have committed suicide in the past 12 months, despite an earlier federal parliamentary inquiry.
Oppose the new imperialist war in Iraq!
2 September 2014
The Australian political establishment as a whole has committed to a new US-led intervention that threatens to trigger a broader regional and global conflict.
Australia: Tasmanian budget cuts public sector jobs, wages
2 September 2014
Tasmania already has the worst poverty and unemployment levels of any Australian state.
Australian military aircraft to supply arms to Iraqi Kurds
1 September 2014
As in 2003, Canberra is committing military forces to an open-ended war in Iraq behind the backs of the Australian population and on the basis of lies.

Audit report sets out a corporate blueprint for social counter-revolution

The Australian government’s National Commission of Audit report, released yesterday, lays out the agenda dictated by the financial and corporate elite for the wholesale destruction of the post-World War II social welfare system, and the driving down of the wages to levels below those already imposed in the US and Europe.

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Protesting workers and youth denounce Australian budget
1 September 2014
Australian budget protests: A political balance sheet
30 August 2014
Protest organisers have channelled public opposition into the dead-end of parliamentary manoeuvre, promoting the illusion that Labor and the Greens would block the budget measures.
New facts revealed on 2010 ousting of Australian PM
29 August 2014
Paul Kelly’s book effectively demolishes the political fictions manufactured to justify the coup against Kevin Rudd.
Australian spy chief defends new “terror” laws
29 August 2014
While the government’s laws initially target Islamists, a police-state framework is being prepared for far wider purposes.