Australian thunderstorm asthma deaths inquest reveals health system breakdown
20 August 2018
Triple 0 callers were told an ambulance was on the way when it had not been dispatched.
Alcoa workers strike in Western Australia
18 August 2018
The stoppage expresses growing opposition to the corporate giant’s global cost-cutting operation.
Lessons of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation’s sellout: Build rank-and-file committees! Unite the working class against the Labour government!
18 August 2018
The sellout of the nurses’ struggle by the union bureaucracy raises the need for rank-and-file committees and a fight to unite the working class against austerity and for socialism.
Australian police killed mentally ill young woman seconds after arriving at scene
18 August 2018
The Coroner’s Court was told that 42 percent of those shot by police in Australia between 1989 and 2011 were suffering from a mental illness.

Australian government facing defeat over energy policy and company tax cuts
17 August 2018
It is clear from the events of this week that the government’s two signature policies are in tatters.
Australia: Transport union cancels Victorian bus drivers strike
17 August 2018
The TWU’s suppression of the stoppage was the outcome of a sordid back-room conspiracy, involving the union, the companies and the Victorian state Labor government.
Right-wing senator calls for a “White Australia” immigration policy
16 August 2018
Fraser Anning’s diatribe is the logical outcome of the nationalist policies supported by the entire political establishment.
Australian Daily Telegraph lawyers plead “truth defence” in Geoffrey Rush defamation case
16 August 2018
The Murdoch media empire is prepared to spend vast sums to defeat Rush’s defamation suit.