Socialism and the Fight Against War
Build an International Movement of the Working Class and Youth Against Imperialism!

Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International 
18 February 2016

The International Committee of the Fourth International calls for the widest discussion of the analysis presented in this statement. We call on the tens of thousands of readers of the World Socialist Web Site to study it and to fight for its widest circulation. We urge that the principles presented in this statement serve as the foundation of the building of a new international anti-war movement.

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PNG court declares Australian refugee detention camp illegal
28 April 2016
Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court ruling exposes the unlawful character of the Australian policy of incarcerating asylum seekers on remote islands.
Anzac Day celebrations in Australia aimed at suppressing anti-war sentiment
28 April 2016
This year’s Anzac events gave centre stage to military veterans from Australia’s more recent neo-colonial interventions in Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Australia awards $50 billion submarine contract to France
28 April 2016
The contract also serves the US and Australian aim of drawing France more closely into the strategic planning for war with China.
Sacked Australian reporter continues to challenge Anzac myths
28 April 2016
Former SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre posted a series of tweets on Monday opposing the promotion of militarism and war.

Australia: Another dubious “Anzac Day terror plot”
27 April 2016
Unsubstantiated claims of ISIS-inspired plots are being utilised to justify attacks on democratic rights and drum up pro-war jingoism.
Successful IYSSE meetings in Australia and New Zealand against the drive to war
27 April 2016
Students participated in lively discussions on the principles outlined in the ICFI’s historic statement, “Socialism and the Fight Against War.”
Increasing suicide rate in Australia highlights social crisis
26 April 2016
Steep increases in the numbers of people taking their own lives point to deteriorating economic and social conditions.
Panama Papers implicate Pacific Island states
23 April 2016
Impoverished countries such as Samoa, Niue and Nauru have been transformed into lucrative tax havens for corporations and wealthy individuals.