The political issues posed by the Australian election crisis

The ruling elites, whether in Australia or around the world, cannot return to the stable and predictable parliamentary forms through which they ruled in the past. The systemic breakdown of world economy, ever mounting geopolitical conflicts, the rising danger of war, and, above all, the political radicalisation underway within the working class and youth, preclude that possibility.

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Australian government reshuffled again under mounting corporate pressure
20 January 2017
Prime Minister Turnbull’s fourth cabinet reshuffle in 16 months underscores the Liberal-National government’s instability.
Carers cut off services under Australian disability scheme
20 January 2017
Carers of people with a disability are being denied support programs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Australian report highlights collapse of union membership
19 January 2017
The Roy Morgan data shows that membership is lowest among young people and the most impoverished sections of the working class.
Australia: Melbourne homeless speak out against police harassment
18 January 2017
Large contingents of police have used “move on” powers to shift groups of homeless people from busy areas of the city popular with tourists, including Flinders Street station.

Japan and Australia strengthen ties ahead of Trump’s inauguration
17 January 2017
In pursuing aggressive “America First” trade measures, Trump threatens the economic interests not only of China but also of close allies such as Australia and Japan.
Teenager killed on Australian building site
17 January 2017
The tragedy is one of a growing number of fatalities in the construction industry as builders, with union complicity, maximise profits by cutting basic health and safety.
Union seeks to impose wage cuts on Australian Paper workers
17 January 2017
The union and management are invoking the threat of an imminent plant closure to bludgeon workers into accepting the deal.
Report reveals, for the first time, extent of wealth inequality in Australia
16 January 2017
Contrary to the myth of Australia as an egalitarian society, it is among the most unequal industrialised countries in the world.