Australian health care costs among the worst internationally
26 April 2018
Deepening cuts to public health funding mean patients confront higher out of pocket charges from doctors, clinics and hospitals.
Australian government imposes harsh financial burdens on immigrant families
25 April 2018
New migrants now have to pay more than double to bring family members to Australia.
Australian and Chinese navy ships reportedly face off in the South China Sea
24 April 2018
International media outlets gave the incident prominent coverage, depicting it as a “Chinese challenge” to Australian warships.
Australian unions impose sweeping job and pay cuts via “interest-based bargaining”
24 April 2018
The IBB process is a new stage in the decades-long transformation of the unions into corporatist entities.

Australian workers and youth denounce persecution of Julian Assange
23 April 2018
The sentiments of ordinary people stand in stark contrast to the actions of the official parliamentary parties, which are all complicit in the attacks on WikiLeaks and Assange.
Australian banking revelations fuel political crisis
23 April 2018
Public outrage has mounted as damning evidence emerges from hearings conducted by a royal commission into financial services.
British Commonwealth summit sees line up against China and Russia
23 April 2018
The CHOGM gathering saw a concerted drive to transform the 53-member grouping, long regarded as an imperial relic, into a confrontational vehicle.
Geoffrey Rush defamation case: Australian judge dismisses newspaper’s latest defence
23 April 2018
Friday’s ruling is another legal setback for the Murdoch-owned Daily Telegraph and the #MeToo campaign’s contempt for democratic principles.