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Download the SEP How-To-Vote cards

Below are links to how you can download PDF versions of the How-To-Vote cards for the Socialist Equality Party candidates for the Senate in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and for the lower house electorates of Wills in Melbourne and Grayndler and Blaxland in Sydney.

The SEP Senate group in New South Wales, consisting of SEP national secretary James Cogan and John Davis, is Group “W” above the line.

Download the SEP How-To-Vote for the Senate in NSW.

The SEP Senate group in Victoria, Chris Sinnema and Peter Byrne, is Group “K” above the line.

Download the SEP How-To-Vote for the Senate in Victoria.

The SEP Senate group in Queensland, Mike Head and Erin Cooke, is Group “Z” above the line.

Download the SEP How-To-Vote for the Senate in Queensland.

The SEP candidates for the lower house are Gabriela Zabala in Blaxland; Oscar Grenfell in Grayndler and Will Fulgenzi in Wills.

If are live in one of the lower house electorates where the SEP is standing, click on the link to download the SEP How-To-Vote card:

Blaxland * Grayndler * Wills

Click here to read the SEP Election Statement

Vote Socialist Equality Party on July 2
1 July 2016
The SEP is the only party that fights for the socialist reorganisation of society, in Australia and internationally, to end war and meet the social rights of the working class.
Australian workers and students voice concerns on Brexit
1 July 2016
Many of those interviewed expressed opposition to the whipping up of nationalism and xenophobia.
The Australian election and the assault on refugees
1 July 2016
Workers and youth must defend the basic rights of asylum seekers as an essential part of the struggle to unify the working class internationally.
The Australian Labor Party and the “Gonski” school funding fraud
30 June 2016
While Labor’s planned education funding is a hoax, its plans for regressive new measures against public school teachers are immediate and real.

Australian artists and industry professionals oppose funding cuts
30 June 2016
Consecutive Labor and Coalition governments have slashed millions of dollars in funding to a range of artistic disciplines and cultural institutions.
The international significance of the Australian election
30 June 2016
The political volatility and instability of Australian politics is another symptom of the deepening crisis of global capitalism, sharply expressed in the British vote to leave the European Union.
The Greens’ Adam Bandt promotes a ruling coalition with Labor
30 June 2016
The Greens MP has reassured the ruling elite of the Greens’ commitment to a “stable” and “responsible” parliament.
Socialist Alliance: A pseudo-left ally of the Greens
29 June 2016
Socialist Alliance is not only falsely promoting the Greens as a progressive alternative to Labor and the Liberals, but is considering liquidating itself into this capitalist party.