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Australian industrial tribunal slashes workers’ wages
24 February 2017
Low-paid workers face pay cuts of thousands of dollars a year following the Fair Work Commission’s ruling.

Australian tabloid vilifies Muslim immigrants and welfare recipients
23 February 2017
Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph is witch-hunting Muslim immigrants, claiming that they are “piling on the dole queue.”

Australian governments’ decade-long cultural wrecking operation
22 February 2017
Today, the ruling elites regard genuinely critical and creative voices with suspicion or outright hostility.

Australian state Labor government strengthens draconian anti-association laws
21 February 2017
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is revamping notorious laws that provide sweeping powers to the police and courts under the guise of combatting “bikie gangs.”

The election of Donald Trump, the danger of war and the political tasks facing young people
20 February 2017
As the Australian university year begins, students confront a drastically changed world, where an extreme right-wing administration has come into office in the United States.

Australian stripped of citizenship, setting dangerous precedent
18 February 2017
By targeting Khaled Sharrouf, the government is continuing a pattern of using individuals demonised by the media to set legal precedents that threaten basic democratic rights.

Australian housing among the world’s most unaffordable
17 February 2017
Soaring housing prices are causing widespread financial stress and social hardship, especially for young people.

Australian government faces deep budget crisis
16 February 2017
Over the past decade, it has become increasingly difficult for any government to push through parliament the brutal measures demanded by the corporate elite.

Australian disability workers strike against privatisation
15 February 2017
Union officials sought to divert the widespread anger into impotent appeals to the state Coalition government, while promoting the opposition Labor Party.

Australian government in disarray over vote-swapping deal with One Nation
15 February 2017
The political crisis not only raises the prospect of a split in the federal government but points to the widespread popular disaffection wracking the entire parliamentary establishment.

Australian government uses investment collapse to push Trump-style corporate tax cuts
14 February 2017
Under intense pressure from the financial markets, the Turnbull government is seeking to slash social spending to enable cuts to business taxes.

Australian Paper workers voting on union wage-cutting deal
13 February 2017
The CFMEU is seeking to suppress opposition to the agreement, which cuts wages by 5 percent and creates a new tier of lower-paid workers.

Infrastructure failures exacerbate Australian heatwave conditions
13 February 2017
The February heatwave is among the hottest ever recorded in southeastern Australian cities and towns, where most of the country’s people live.

Australian government reintroduces sweeping welfare cuts
11 February 2017
By resuscitating previously blocked budget cuts, Turnbull’s government is intensifying the assault on welfare entitlements.

Australia to bankroll 2018 APEC summit in Papua New Guinea
10 February 2017
Security and defence analysts claim that if the summit is jeopardised, China will take advantage at the expense of Canberra and Washington.

Australian government welfare staff may strike over pay dispute and “debt recovery”
10 February 2017
The public sector union is seeking to channel workers behind impotent appeals to the government.

Right-wing senator’s defection intensifies rifts in Australian government
9 February 2017
While Bernardi’s split is not, by itself, an immediate threat to the ruling Coalition’s one-seat majority in the lower house, it points to broader processes tearing apart the government.

Pro-Trump Australian senator splits from Coalition government
7 February 2017
In Bernardi’s resignation statement, he highlighted the deepening crisis of the two-party political establishment.

Greens and pseudo-lefts promote Australian nationalism at anti-Trump protests
6 February 2017
While the demonstrators were animated by opposition to the persecution of refugees and the rise of militarism, protest organisers called for an “independent” Australian foreign policy.

Australian coalition government faces defections
6 February 2017
The ruling Liberal-National Coalition is riven with divisions on foreign and domestic policy that have only been intensified by the advent of the Trump administration.

Australian protesters speak on war dangers and Trump immigration ban
6 February 2017
Protesters were animated by opposition to the persecution of refugees, the eruption of militarism and war and the growth of far-right movements around the world.

Australian prime minister’s speech points to growing political crisis
4 February 2017
Donald Trump’s election as US president has sent shockwaves through the parliamentary elite and accelerated the global turn to trade war and war.

Trump browbeats Australian “ally”
4 February 2017
Just two weeks in office, Trump’s aggressive “America First” economic nationalism and militarism are sending political shockwaves around the world.

Trump dresses down Australian prime minister
3 February 2017
Trump’s bullying treatment of Turnbull has thrown the Australian government and the media into turmoil.

Australian Greens put forward nationalist trap for anti-Trump sentiment
3 February 2017
The Greens are cynically invoking Trump’s immigration ban to advocate a more “independent” foreign policy for the Australian ruling elite.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation seeks power in Australian states
2 February 2017
Hanson is cynically exploiting the widespread political disaffection with the establishment parties which are responsible for making deep inroads into the living standards of working people.

Recriminations in Australian Greens threaten split
1 February 2017
Sections of the Greens are calling for an anti-establishment posture, in order to prevent the party being bypassed by a developing movement of workers and young people.

Australian state Labor government threatens violence against detained youth
31 January 2017
Adult prison guards will be deployed to two youth detention centres as part of a crackdown on alleged child rioters.

Australian prime minister defends Trump’s anti-immigrant bans
31 January 2017
In the face of global outrage over Trump’s measures, Turnbull undertook to strengthen relations with the new US administration.

Australian college closure highlights sham practices in private education sector
30 January 2017
Profit-making colleges with dubious records have received millions of dollars in public funding under a scheme introduced by the former Labor government.

Human Rights Watch again condemns Australia’s inhuman treatment of refugees
28 January 2017
The HRW report points to the rapidly escalating erosion of basic legal and democratic rights in Australia which continues despite previous such reports.

Industrial court endorses sacking of Australian miners after union betrayal
27 January 2017
The ruling was one of a series of interventions by the Fair Work Commission into industrial disputes that underscore its role as an apparatus of the corporate elite.

Australia: Union hails “cooperation” with Alcoa after government subsidy
26 January 2017
The federal and state handouts will depend on Alcoa and the Australian Workers Union cutting workers’ wages and conditions.

Australian government defies public outcry on welfare debt assault
25 January 2017
Despite leaks of damning information by public sector workers, the Turnbull government is ratchetting up its attack on welfare recipients.

Australia: Parmalat lockout in bid to slash conditions
24 January 2017
The lockout of 65 Parmalat workers is part of a corporate onslaught on the wages and conditions of manufacturing workers nationally.

Australian state government’s “law and order” response to Melbourne car killings
24 January 2017
While unable to connect the Bourke Street incident to the bogus “war on terror,” the Victorian Labor government has used it to prepare far more stringent bail laws.

Anti-Trump demonstrations across Australia
23 January 2017
While the organisers promoted Hillary Clinton and gender politics, many of the attendees voiced concerns about the rise of militarism, the erosion of democratic rights and the growth of the far-right.

Australia: Latrobe Valley residents denounce corporate onslaught
21 January 2017
WSWS reporters spoke to workers about the escalating attacks on jobs and wages, and existing high levels of unemployment and poverty in the region.

Australian state premier’s sudden resignation highlights political instability
21 January 2017
While Mike Baird claimed to be resigning for family reasons, he sent a barbed political message to Prime Minister Turnbull.

Australian government reshuffled again under mounting corporate pressure
20 January 2017
Prime Minister Turnbull’s fourth cabinet reshuffle in 16 months underscores the Liberal-National government’s instability.

Carers cut off services under Australian disability scheme
20 January 2017
Carers of people with a disability are being denied support programs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Australian report highlights collapse of union membership
19 January 2017
The Roy Morgan data shows that membership is lowest among young people and the most impoverished sections of the working class.

Australia: Melbourne homeless speak out against police harassment
18 January 2017
Large contingents of police have used “move on” powers to shift groups of homeless people from busy areas of the city popular with tourists, including Flinders Street station.

Japan and Australia strengthen ties ahead of Trump’s inauguration
17 January 2017
In pursuing aggressive “America First” trade measures, Trump threatens the economic interests not only of China but also of close allies such as Australia and Japan.

Teenager killed on Australian building site
17 January 2017
The tragedy is one of a growing number of fatalities in the construction industry as builders, with union complicity, maximise profits by cutting basic health and safety.

Union seeks to impose wage cuts on Australian Paper workers
17 January 2017
The union and management are invoking the threat of an imminent plant closure to bludgeon workers into accepting the deal.

Report reveals, for the first time, extent of wealth inequality in Australia
16 January 2017
Contrary to the myth of Australia as an egalitarian society, it is among the most unequal industrialised countries in the world.

Former Australian prime minister denounces Trump over China
16 January 2017
Paul Keating stated that a Trump administration threatened to “involve Australia in war with China.”

Australia: Latrobe Valley power workers, residents denounce wage and job cuts
16 January 2017
The latest measures are part of a decades-long assault on energy workers in the Latrobe Valley and nationally with the collaboration of the unions.

“Left” Greens faction formed in Australia amid growing discontent
14 January 2017
The motivation for the faction’s formation is concern over the fall of support for the Greens.

Millions of disabled Australians to be denied national insurance support
14 January 2017
The National Disability Insurance Scheme will deny adequate assistance to many in need, even those with severe mental illnesses.

Industrial court endorses massive pay cuts at Australian power station
13 January 2017
The industrial tribunal’s ruling clears the way for pay cuts of 30–65 percent, a precedent that will be used against other workers.

Pensions cut for 330,000 Australian retirees
13 January 2017
The cuts are the thin edge of the wedge of a far-reaching assault on the democratic right to a secure retirement.

Record climate warming recorded in Australia for 2016
12 January 2017
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology detailed several record-breaking temperature anomalies caused by global climate change.

Australian government agrees to negotiate East Timor maritime border
11 January 2017
The announcement represents a significant tactical shift by Australian imperialism.

Trump and China fears overshadow fragile Australian economy
11 January 2017
Conflict between the US, led by the protectionist Trump, and China, Australian capitalism’s largest export market, could have catastrophic consequences for an already contracting economy.

“Kindy boot camp” enrolments proliferating in Australia
10 January 2017
Increasing numbers of parents are feeling pressured to organise tutoring for their young children in “kindy boot camps” where they undergo structured learning and constant testing.

Australian government intensifies welfare “debt” crackdown
9 January 2017
The government is dispatching thousands of “debt notices” demanding that current and former welfare recipients repay hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars.

Indonesian military suspends “cooperation” with Australia
6 January 2017
The incident sheds light on the deep concerns in the Indonesian military over the prospect of the country becoming embroiled in a confrontation between China and the US.

Job losses continue in Australia amid stalling economic growth
6 January 2017
Mounting levels of unemployment and underemployment underscore the fraud of the government’s claim that its policies would deliver “jobs and growth.”

Disability services privatised and targeted for more cuts in Australia’s public schools
5 January 2017
An already under-funded scheme for providing disability services to public school children in the state of Victoria is to be targeted for further cuts.

Australian state Labor government announces unprecedented police buildup
4 January 2017
An additional 3,100 police officers will be recruited, expanding the size of the force by 20 percent.

Australia’s “border protection” regime claims another victim
3 January 2017
Faysal Ishak Ahmed, a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Sudan, died after suffering a seizure and collapsing in an Australian-controlled detention centre.

Soaring prison populations highlight social crisis in Australia
31 December 2016
There has been virtually no media coverage of the spiralling trend, because it raises serious questions about the rising level of social inequality.

Arms maker Lockheed Martin opens University of Melbourne research centre
30 December 2016
In recent years, Melbourne has been transformed into a regional hub for US and Australian military research and development.

Great Barrier Reef suffering worst-ever coral bleaching
30 December 2016
Global warming has caused the worst destruction of corals ever recorded on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Australia: Political instability deepens as Liberal Party faces potential split
29 December 2016
Returning from a three-month stint in the US, where he fraternised with Trump supporters, right-wing Liberal backbencher Cory Bernardi is testing the waters for a new far-right party.

Australia: Video reveals agonising death of Aboriginal woman in custody
29 December 2016
Although racism undoubtedly plays a role in the cruel treatment of indigenous people by the police, Dhu’s death points to the high rate of deaths for all prisoners.

Australia: Sacked brewery workers return after union “productivity” deal
24 December 2016
The unions have repeatedly boasted of their role in boosting productivity and profitability at the CUB plant.

Australian government exploits “Christmas terror plot”
24 December 2016
Although the circumstances of the police raids remain unclear, the political establishment and media are using the events to foment an atmosphere of crisis.

Pauline Hanson launches bids to join Australia’s political establishment
23 December 2016
Hanson’s political program is directed at supporting big business, while blaming immigrants, foreigners, welfare recipients and “the Chinese” for social devastation.

Trump’s election fuels foreign policy debate in Australia
22 December 2016
The disputes centre on the basic dilemma facing the ruling class: how to balance between China, Australia’s largest export market, and the US, its longstanding strategic partner.

Professor Marmot’s lectures in Australia chart extent of health inequality
21 December 2016
The lectures establish the connection between social inequality, the living and working conditions of the poor, and the deterioration in their health outcomes.

Global agencies demand deeper budget cuts in Australia
20 December 2016
An air of unreality hung over the government’s budget update because of the worldwide uncertainty in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as US president.

Australian politician jailed in bid to restore “confidence” in political establishment
19 December 2016
While the media commentary surrounding Eddie Obeid’s jailing has focused narrowly on “corruption,” the public disaffection and political instability go far deeper.

Australia: Testimony details abuse in youth detention centres
17 December 2016
Royal commission evidence, including testimony by Dylan Voller, who was repeatedly assaulted, shows that youth detention abuses were the result of government policy.

Corporate tax-dodging in Australia costs billions
16 December 2016
More than a third of the largest companies operating in Australia paid no tax in 2014-15 and multinational tax evasion cost an estimated $4.8 billion.

An exposure of high-stakes testing in Australia’s public schools
15 December 2016
Probing more deeply the causes of her daughter’s crippling anxiety during the last two years of school, Clark found a general consensus that “education is broken.”

Australia: Intense discussions about Trump victory at SEP meetings
13 December 2016
The strong response to the SEP meetings demonstrates a significant politicisation among new layers of workers and youth.

Australian government threatens to jail “overpaid” welfare recipients
13 December 2016
Under the banner of “welfare fraud,” the government is seeking another pretext for gutting the entire welfare system.

Workers and youth in Australia speak about US election and SEP program
13 December 2016
Those attending the SEP meetings voiced their concerns about Trump’s extreme-right political agenda and the social and political issues confronting workers in the US and internationally.

Australia: NSW Teachers Federation pushes through new agreement in anti-democratic meetings
9 December 2016
Socialist Equality Party supporters challenged the union’s refusal to circulate the deal before forcing teachers to vote on it.

Economic contraction intensifies pressure on Australian government
9 December 2016
The worst downturn since 2008 is part of a longer-term decline in Australia’s commodity export-dependent economy.

Inquest evidence shows Australian government was responsible for asylum seeker’s death
8 December 2016
The medical evidence makes clear that Hamid Kehazaei died as a direct consequence of the refugee detention regime imposed by successive Australian governments.

Australia: Industrial tribunal backs the sacking of striking German Creek miners
8 December 2016
A Fair Work Commission ruling, allowing Anglo American to dismiss workers involved in “protected” strike action, sets a dangerous precedent.

Australia: Thunderstorm-related deaths expose impact of health cuts
7 December 2016
Melbourne, a city of more than three million people, ran out of ambulances as thousands of people suffered potentially fatal thunderstorm-related asthma.

Australia: NSW Teachers Federation holds stop work meetings across the state
7 December 2016
The SEP calls all NSW public school teachers to demand that the full 2017–2019 Salaries and Conditions agreement be circulated well in advance of any vote.

Australia: Fair Work Commission backs mass sackings at Essential Energy
6 December 2016
The Electrical Trades Union handed the dispute over to the industrial tribunal and is wholly responsible for the outcome.

Australia: NSW Teachers Federation calls meetings to ram through government deal
5 December 2016
The union has called stop-work meetings on December 8, for 50,000 public school teachers to vote on an agreement that they have neither read nor discussed.

Australia: State Labor government moves to ban Esso strike
5 December 2016
The unions are working with the government and the industrial tribunal to prevent a stoppage by their members.

Fifty years since the Aboriginal stockmen’s strike
3 December 2016
While Australia’s political elite hails the 1966 Wave Hill walkout strike, tens of thousands of Aboriginal people continue to live in dire poverty.

Millions of Australians living in recession
3 December 2016
An estimated 6.6 million people—28 percent of the population—are living in areas of outright economic decline.

Australia’s ABCC Bill: A far-reaching assault on workers’ rights
2 December 2016
The central purpose of the bill is to outlaw and suppress all strikes, stoppages and work bans by workers throughout the construction, transport and offshore oil and gas industries.

Australia’s Socialist Alternative agitates for escalation of US intervention in Syria
2 December 2016
Socialist Alternative’s commentary on Syria closely aligns with the most hawkish sections of the US military and intelligence apparatus.

Australia: CIMIC Group’s takeover of UGL foreshadows more job cuts
1 December 2016
The acquisition will intensify years of job destruction and restructuring by the mining and engineering contractor.

Former Murdoch executive axes more jobs at Australian Broadcasting Corporation
30 November 2016
The job losses did not begin with the current Liberal-National government but with chronic underfunding that started with the Hawke-Keating Labor administrations three decades ago.

Australia: Mounting evidence of black lung cover-up
25 November 2016
Thousands of miners could be afflicted by the deadly disease as a result of the erosion of safety standards by the major companies, with government and union complicity.

Anxiety in Australian elite over Trump’s policies
25 November 2016
“America first” protectionism could lead to trade wars that would crash the global economy, with disastrous consequences for Australian capitalism.

Australian state government imprisons teenagers in adult jail
24 November 2016
The repressive response to a so-called riot in the Melbourne juvenile prison is the latest example of the brutality being inflicted on teenage prisoners in Australia.

Australia: IYSSE establishes student club at the University of Melbourne
24 November 2016
In 2017, the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, the IYSSE will wage a fight for Trotskyism in opposition to the pseudo-left politics that have dominated on campus.