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Rupert Murdoch accused of insisting on Australian prime minister’s removal
22 September 2018
Behind the façade of elections, the reality is that powerful figures in the corporate ruling class make or break governments.

Rising homelessness among older people in Australia
22 September 2018
After working their entire lives, older workers are not guaranteed even a roof over their head.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
22 September 2018
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Australian government planning to reopen strategic Papua New Guinea naval base
21 September 2018
The return of the Australian and US navies to Manus Island would be a significant preparation for a US-led war against China.

Australia’s financial newspaper warns of another global crash
19 September 2018
The prospect of a financial meltdown is propelling a drive to refashion the political establishment to suppress the anticipated eruption of working-class unrest.

Western Australia: Indigenous boys drown trying to escape police
19 September 2018
The two teenagers were so terrified of being taken into police custody that they tried to escape by swimming across a dangerous river.

Australian government calls royal commission into aged care but numerous reports have already exposed major crisis
17 September 2018
Neglect, mistreatment and shocking conditions are an everyday reality for many now living in residential aged care.

Australian government and Labor Party back prosecution of whistleblower who revealed Timor bugging
15 September 2018
There is a bipartisan attempt to cover up and protect the operations of the Australian intelligence agencies.

Australia: Union calls one-day stoppage at University of Newcastle
14 September 2018
The National Tertiary Education Union’s demands centre on maintaining the “consultative” and “committee” structures through which it has helped management impose restructuring and job cuts.

Australian unions amass wealth as membership plummets
14 September 2018
The transformation of the unions into corporate operations cannot be explained by corruption and it is not unique to Australia.

British nationalist Nigel Farage addresses co-thinkers in Australia
13 September 2018
Farage was sponsored by corporate interests and welcomed by prominent powerbrokers within the governing Liberal Party.

Workers and youth oppose Australian government ban on Chelsea Manning
13 September 2018
“The government wants to shut all dialogue down and uses the ogre of terrorism as a shield to do that.”

Australia: Reject NTEU sellout at Macquarie University! For a unified national struggle against cuts!
13 September 2018
The rush for a vote on the union-negotiated agreement is a warning of its thrust and content.

Poor and unhealthy: Australia’s artists in social free-fall
12 September 2018
Professional performing artists and support crews have a 74-year average life expectancy, ten years less than the general Australian population.

Australia: The pseudo-left Victorian Socialists and its pro-capitalist election manifesto
12 September 2018
What is underway ahead of the November state election is a somewhat desperate effort by the pseudo-left to revive illusions in Labor, the Greens and the trade unions.

Australian university union elections point to seething discontent
11 September 2018
Amid an escalating assault on staff and students, more than a third of the votes rejected the NTEU leadership’s candidate.

Australian parliament resumes for first time after leadership coup
11 September 2018
The Morrison government has flagged its loyalty to the US alliance and a common anti-China agenda.

Hundreds of Australian Aborigines killed in state custody
10 September 2018
Figures published last week by the Guardian reveal that over 400 Aborigines have died whilst in the custody of Australian police and prison officers since 1991.

Australian construction worker dies after being struck by tub of concrete
8 September 2018
The incident, like other industrial deaths, points to the role of the unions in enforcing the dangerous conditions that prevail in the construction sector.

Home loan stress threatening millions of households in Australia
7 September 2018
Nearly one in four households are already “mortgage prisoners”—trapped in debt while house values are falling.

Australia: Factory fire sends toxic smoke over western Melbourne
7 September 2018
Authorities tried to reassure concerned residents, but hundreds of dead fish, eels and birds have been found in nearby waterways.

Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) forum reviews lessons of nursing union sellout
7 September 2018
Participants discussed the need for health workers to rebel against the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, build rank-and-file committees and unite with workers internationally, based on a socialist per

SEP Australia public meeting in Sydney: The key political issues behind the coup against Turnbull
6 September 2018
As international relations and parliamentary forms of rule break down, the ruling elite is terrified of the growing left-wing sentiment among workers and young people.

Nick Beams to lecture at Australian universities on the contemporary significance of Karl Marx
6 September 2018
The lectures will make clear that Marx’s theoretical breakthroughs were inextricably linked to his political work as a revolutionary determined to arm the emerging working class with a program that

Australian unions exploit childcare strike to promote Labor
6 September 2018
The Sydney protest was effectively an election rally for the Labor Party, which has spearheaded the privatisation of childcare.

Unanswered questions surround the suicide of Australian paramedic Tony Jenkins
6 September 2018
On April 9, the 28-year veteran paramedic took his own life within two hours of being called into a meeting with New South Wales Ambulance senior managers.

US whistleblower Chelsea Manning defies ban to speak in Australia
5 September 2018
“Once you’re immersed in a war zone, you realise that it isn’t statistics anymore. These were human lives and flaws and all of the vulnerabilities that people have.”

“Five Eyes” summit in Australia ramps up internet censorship
5 September 2018
Ministers from the US-led global surveillance network revealed stepped-up measures against Chinese and Russian “foreign interference” and greater control over social media.

Severe drought hits large regions of Australia
5 September 2018
Government indifference has exacerbated the plight of many farmers and rural communities that are reeling under the dry conditions.

Australian media promotes right-wing Steve Bannon and calls for confrontation with China
4 September 2018
The logic of Bannon’s positions is a devastating military conflict.

Australian government rushes to deport Vietnamese refugees
3 September 2018
After a manhunt in a Queensland rainforest, 17 Vietnamese men were rounded up for deportation “at the first available opportunity.”

Australia: Aurizon coal train crews face union sell-out
1 September 2018
The Rail Tram and Bus Union is working to conclude yet another regressive enterprise agreement covering coal haulage crews in the Hunter Valley.

Conflicts inside Liberal Party shed light on lurch to right in Australian government
31 August 2018
In a clear overture to the right faction, Morrison has appointed Tony Abbott to a newly-created position of “special envoy on indigenous affairs.”

Widespread opposition to Australian government ban on Chelsea Manning
31 August 2018
The attempt to prevent Manning visiting Australia followed a high-level meeting of the Five Eyes spying network, which called for a campaign against those who “sow discord.”

Oppose the ban on Chelsea Manning speaking in Australia!
30 August 2018
The SEP demands that Manning be granted her visa and restates its demand for the unconditional freedom of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange.

New Australian government to intensify pro-US militarism and class war
29 August 2018
The policies being rolled out underscore the fact that one of the objectives behind ousting Turnbull was to refashion the Liberal Party into a far more right-wing movement.

Whistleblowers expose Australian government crimes at Nauru refugee camp
29 August 2018
Medical professionals have warned that children suffering severe mental illness are at risk of dying at the Australian-operated detention centre.

Australian state Labor government intervenes to prevent industrial action by Esso workers
28 August 2018
The Victorian government is seeking to push the long-running dispute at ExxonMobil’s offshore operations back into arbitration.

Reports point to growing social inequality in Australia
28 August 2018
As elsewhere globally, the wealth of Australia’s richest has swollen over the past two decades, alongside mounting financial stress for millions of people.

Ex-Australian prime minister to quit, leaving government in minority
28 August 2018
Turnbull’s decision underscores the fragility of the Liberal-National Coalition government, as well as the intensity of the rifts tearing it apart.

New Australian prime minister forms cabinet after endorsement from Washington
27 August 2018
The political turmoil is the outcome of mounting geostrategic tensions between the US and China, and immense popular disaffection with the parliamentary establishment.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
25 August 2018
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Sixth Australian prime minister ousted in 11 years
24 August 2018
A political and ideological schism has opened up in the Liberal Party, driven by the disintegration of the post-war global order.

Australian prime minister faces ouster by extreme-right faction
23 August 2018
Whatever the immediate outcome of this turmoil, the schism tearing apart the ruling Liberal-National Coalition will worsen.

Australia: Footage reveals brutal prison murder of young Aboriginal man
23 August 2018
The killing is the latest in a series of violent attacks perpetrated by prison officers.

Australian government near collapse as Liberal Party lurches to the extreme right
22 August 2018
The Liberal Party, along with sections of the rural-based National Party, is in the process of being refashioned into a Trump-style movement.

Prime minister barely survives leadership challenge in Australia
21 August 2018
The constant factor in the turmoil of official Australian politics has been political tensions arising from ever more volatile international geo-strategic and economic conflicts.

Australian thunderstorm asthma deaths inquest reveals health system breakdown
20 August 2018
Triple 0 callers were told an ambulance was on the way when it had not been dispatched.

Australian police killed mentally ill young woman seconds after arriving at scene
18 August 2018
The Coroner’s Court was told that 42 percent of those shot by police in Australia between 1989 and 2011 were suffering from a mental illness.

Alcoa workers strike in Western Australia
18 August 2018
The stoppage expresses growing opposition to the corporate giant’s global cost-cutting operation.

Australia: Transport union cancels Victorian bus drivers strike
17 August 2018
The TWU’s suppression of the stoppage was the outcome of a sordid back-room conspiracy, involving the union, the companies and the Victorian state Labor government.

Australian government facing defeat over energy policy and company tax cuts
17 August 2018
It is clear from the events of this week that the government’s two signature policies are in tatters.

Right-wing senator calls for a “White Australia” immigration policy
16 August 2018
Fraser Anning’s diatribe is the logical outcome of the nationalist policies supported by the entire political establishment.

Australian Daily Telegraph lawyers plead “truth defence” in Geoffrey Rush defamation case
16 August 2018
The Murdoch media empire is prepared to spend vast sums to defeat Rush’s defamation suit.

Australia: Victorian bus drivers to strike over pay and conditions
15 August 2018
The strike expresses mounting anger among transport workers across the country over the consequences of a privatisation agenda imposed by Labor and Liberal-National governments.

Australia: Socialist Alternative promotes right-wing Labor leader Bill Shorten
14 August 2018
Amid a deepening crisis of the political establishment, the pseudo-left organisations are seeking to channel growing discontent back behind Labor and the unions.

Australian prime minister delivers an anxious speech on relations with China
13 August 2018
There is evident alarm that the Trump administration’s protectionism could have flow-on effects for Australian exporters and throw into doubt Washington’s global reliability.

Inquest shows Australian governments directly responsible for refugee’s death
10 August 2018
Coroner rules Hamid Khazaei’s death was a “preventable” outcome of “the policy of offshore processing.”

Australian hospital staff have to raise money for patients’ basic needs
9 August 2018
Footscray Hospital is one of three acute and sub-acute hospitals managed servicing a major working-class region of the Victorian state capital.

Australia: Telstra seeks to slash wages after announcing massive job cuts
8 August 2018
The communications company is pushing a new enterprise agreement containing wage rises well below rapidly rising inflation.

Australia: Youth protest racist “African gangs” campaign
4 August 2018
African-Australian youth rally to denounce divisive hysteria whipped up by the political and media establishment.

SEP (Australia) holds public meetings opposing “foreign interference” laws
4 August 2018
The meetings were the only events to warn of the anti-democratic implications of the legislation, and place it in the context of the preparations for war with China.

Australia: Nine-Fairfax Media merger threatens jobs
3 August 2018
The deal marks a new stage in a protracted restructuring of corporate media organisations, dictated by the financial elite.

Business leaders look to Labor Party after by-elections shake Australian government
3 August 2018
Confronted by growing social and political unrest, corporate executives are preparing to pursue their interests via a Labor government.

Australian government promises changes to My Health Records following widespread opposition
2 August 2018
The “opt out” health database faces mounting public concern over official and corporate surveillance.

Julian Assange’s lawyer: Australian government has a “duty” to protect him
2 August 2018
Jennifer Robinson said the WikiLeaks editor wants to exercise his right to return to Australia, provided he is protected from extradition to the US.

Australian governments illegally sailed refugee boats to distant reef
1 August 2018
Successive governments flouted the law to declare asylum seekers “offshore arrivals.”

Geoffrey Rush’s lawyers argue newspaper’s allegations “motivated to harm” the actor
1 August 2018
Rush’s amended submission documents ongoing detrimental reportage by Murdoch publications.

Australian government pursues prosecution of East Timor espionage whistleblower and lawyer
31 July 2018
The prosecution of Collaery and Witness K is bound up with the wider drive toward a US-led military confrontation of China, which the Australian ruling elite is committed to supporting.

Australian by-elections underscore deepening alienation from political establishment
30 July 2018
Despite large swings against the government, the opposition Labor Party’s vote barely rose from its historic lows.

Australia: Report reveals “Harvest Trail” exploitation of overseas workers
30 July 2018
The exploitative practices are the outcome of the gutting of permanent jobs by employers and successive governments, assisted by the trade unions.

Australian Labor Party plans another pro-business, higher education restructure
28 July 2018
A decade after its “education revolution,” Labor prepares an even deeper market-driven “review” of universities and technical colleges.

Esso Australia steps up offensive against offshore workers
28 July 2018
The ExxonMobil subsidiary is tearing up jobs, wages and working conditions in its Bass Strait gas operations.

Australian by-elections threaten to deepen political instability
27 July 2018
The five simultaneous elections are part of a mounting crisis of the official parliamentary establishment.

US and Australian ministers agree to intensify military integration against China
26 July 2018
The joint AUSMIN statement reaffirmed a “steadfast and enduring” alliance dating back to World War I.

Australian government boosts pro-US institutes on eve of ministerial talks in California
25 July 2018
Having just enacted draconian “foreign interference” bills, the government has now handed millions of dollars to think-tanks devoted to pro-US propaganda.

Australian Defence Department seeks expanded powers over research
24 July 2018
Universities would be placed under wartime-style scrutiny, prohibited from undertaking research with countries regarded as US enemies, especially China.

IYSSE blocked from leafleting at Australia’s Macquarie University
24 July 2018
The attack on democratic rights points to administration fears that years of cuts have produced seething discontent among students and staff.

Australia: Tamil refugee deported, separated from his wife and baby daughter
23 July 2018
The treatment of Gnaneswaran and his family is akin to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy by which children have been ripped away from their parents.

Whistleblowers Australia denounces new “foreign interference” laws
21 July 2018
“Society is literally screaming out for more openness and accountability in all sectors.”

Australia’s peak union body lays out campaign to elect yet another big business Labor government
21 July 2018
The ACTU is seeking to corral their dwindling memberships behind Labor and shore up the unions’ position as an industrial police force.

Australia’s “foreign influence” register will attack basic democratic rights
20 July 2018
The FITS Act will require registration by all individuals and organisations deemed to collaborate with overseas entities in any political activity.

Australia’s new espionage laws target whistleblowers and political opponents
19 July 2018
The “anti-interference” legislation goes far beyond spying by foreign agents.

Australian PM promotes racist campaign over “African gangs”
19 July 2018
Malcolm Turnbull’s remarks are part of a broader attempt to whip up nationalism and anti-immigrant xenophobia.

Australia: Another fire at Melbourne recycling plant
18 July 2018
Toxic blazes continue to erupt at Australian recycling plants as companies stockpile tonnes of dangerous waste material.

Australian government prepares “foreign interference” prosecutions
17 July 2018
Australia’s political establishment, under mounting pressure from Washington to take a more aggressive stand against China, is already selecting targets to test the new laws.

SEP (Australia) holds Sydney meeting against new “foreign interference” laws
17 July 2018
The Sydney meeting was the first public event held by an Australian political party against the anti-democratic legislation since it was rushed through parliament late last month.

Australian royal commission reveals predatory bank lending to small businesses
16 July 2018
Testimony made clear that the banks routinely provided dubious loans that they knew small business owners and franchisees would have little chance of servicing.

British and Ecuadorian authorities in talks to evict Julian Assange from London embassy
16 July 2018
Media reports point to the ongoing conspiracy, involving the British, US and Ecuadorian governments, to terminate Assange’s political asylum in violation of international law.

Australia’s new secrecy laws block exposure of government crimes
14 July 2018
The government is seeking to prevent access to critical information that the public has the right to know.

Australia: Victorian bus drivers strike over wages and conditions
13 July 2018
The Transport Workers Union has previously solicited donations from the bus company that it fraudulently claims to be leading a struggle against.

Australia: Inquest into Dreamworld tragedy reveals health and safety violations
13 July 2018
A few months before the fatal October 2016 accident, company officials ordered staff to stop spending money on repairs and maintenance.

Australian lawyers association warns foreign interference laws violate rights to free speech
13 July 2018
“This type of regulation of civil society is a prominent feature of repressive regimes. It is not a feature of open democracies.”

Australia’s new “foreign interference” laws: A threat to anti-war dissent
12 July 2018
The unprecedented laws were demanded by Washington as a model for legislation to demonise and suppress opposition to war, particularly against China.

Nauru government bans ABC journalists ahead of Pacific summit
11 July 2018
Backed by the Australian government, Nauru’s president, Baron Waqa, has established a virtual dictatorship.

Ultra-nationalist US demagogue Stephen Bannon hails Australia’s new foreign interference laws
11 July 2018
The legislation is particularly admired by America’s far right, the Trump administration and the US military-intelligence establishment.

Amnesty International denounces Australia’s “foreign interference” laws
10 July 2018
“The core message from Amnesty International on these laws is that we will not be changing the way we operate.”

Australian unions’ bogus campaign over sacking of Longford maintenance workers
10 July 2018
The unions now claim to be leading a “struggle” in defence of the workers, having enforced the destruction of their jobs 12 months ago.

Australia’s foreign interference laws threaten whistleblowers and media freedom
9 July 2018
In 2010, Assange and WikiLeaks had committed no crime for informing millions about US war crimes. Today, under the new legislation, such courageous actions could attract a penalty of decades in jail.

Paramedic’s suicide points to crisis in Australian ambulance services
9 July 2018
Tony Jenkins, 54, took his own life following a meeting with senior management in the New South Wales Ambulance Service.