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Australian wage growth continues downward trend
20 November 2017
Real wages in Australia are now only 0.1 percent above where they were more than four years ago and there is no end in sight to the worsening situation.

Australian mining union imposes 25 percent pay cut at Griffin Coal
20 November 2017
The CFMEU struck a sell-out deal which includes sweeping wage reductions and the gutting of conditions, despite significant opposition from workers.

Australia: Liberals strike Queensland election deal with One Nation
18 November 2017
Popular hostility toward the traditional ruling parties, the Coalition and Labor, has reached such heights that both are increasingly unable to form majority governments.

The global processes behind the parliamentary crisis in Australia
17 November 2017
The witch-hunt against “dual citizens” in parliament is part of a calculated attempt to create a war-time political atmosphere.

Australian unions push another sell-out agreement at Western Sydney University
17 November 2017
The NTEU is attempting to impose another retrograde enterprise deal that will assist management to deepen cuts to jobs and conditions.

The Gonski “needs-based” school funding fraud in Australia
16 November 2017
Gonski’s funding formula obliterates any significant distinction between public, Catholic and corporate schools.

After Yes vote for same-sex marriage, Australian government moves to entrench discrimination
16 November 2017
For all the proclamations of a “democratic triumph,” the exercise set a reactionary precedent for plebiscites on fundamental democratic rights.

The Gonski “needs-based” school funding fraud in Australia
15 November 2017
David Gonski is among the most trusted lieutenants of the corporate, financial and political elites.

Trump’s Asia tour leaves region on brink of trade war and military conflict
15 November 2017
President Trump’s bellicose rhetoric, on both North Korea and trade, cannot obscure the fact that his trip marks a new nadir in the strategic position of US imperialism.

Doctor describes “shameful” medical neglect at Australian refugee prison camp
15 November 2017
Asylum seekers detained in Nauru are “wilfully coming to medical harm” at the Australian government’s orders.

Citizenship witch-hunt escalates after Australian government loses majority
13 November 2017
In a McCarthyite process, every member of parliament now has 18 days to prove they are not entitled to dual citizenship.

National Australia Bank to eliminate 6,000 jobs
13 November 2017
The gutting of bank jobs and services has accelerated since the Keating Labor government began the privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank in 1991.

Australian government gives green light for violence against refugees at Manus Island
11 November 2017
The entire Australian political establishment is responsible for the desperate plight of the 600 men in the detention camp.

MP disqualification crisis engulfs Australian government
10 November 2017
A full-scale McCarthyite witch-hunt is underway, with every MP being required to prove their citizenship “purity.”

Australian contract company continues assault on maintenance workers
9 November 2017
The unions are isolating 200 workers confronting UGL’s attempts to tear up existing wages and conditions.

Australia: Queensland Labor backflips on support for Adani mine
8 November 2017
Labor’s long record of support for corporate giants like Adani has opened the door for the reactionary One Nation party to prey upon social devastation and discontent.

Complaints soar against Australian government’s welfare agency
7 November 2017
Millions of welfare recipients were unable to contact Centrelink, the agency that administers their payments, causing enormous frustration and anger.

Families worse off under Australia’s privatised disability scheme
6 November 2017
Participants in the scheme must “buy” services from private operators, with their funds set by care plans imposed by a cost-cutting government agency.

Australia: Thousands protest persecution of refugees on Manus Island
6 November 2017
Rally organisers sought to divert widespread anger over the dire plight of 600 refugees behind impotent appeals to the Coalition government, and support for Labor’s re-election.

Australian government starves refugees on Manus Island
4 November 2017
Contractors hired by the Liberal-National government emptied water tanks before leaving the facility Tuesday, while the Papua New Guinea navy is blocking emergency food deliveries.

More MPs face disqualification after Australian Senate president quits
2 November 2017
Parry’s resignation demonstrates that what has become, in effect, a nationalist purge of parliament, is far from over.

Australian rail union suspends industrial action in Pacific National dispute
2 November 2017
The Rail, Tram and Bus Union called off all industrial action as it moved to broker another sell-out agreement.

Refugees on Manus Island face catastrophe at hands of Australian detention regime
1 November 2017
Asylum seekers have been left without food, water and electricity, and face the prospect of an armed assault by Papua New Guinea police and military personnel.

Early Queensland election points to political instability in Australia
31 October 2017
The snap poll could signal a new stage in the decay of the two-party system that has prevailed in Australia since World War II.

Australia: Possible Woolworths strikes spark warnings of a broader wages movement
31 October 2017
As many as 2,000 workers at four major warehouses are set to take industrial action over wages and conditions in the next two months.

High Court disqualifies five MPs, demanding “single-minded loyalty” to Australia
28 October 2017
The entire political establishment has immediately lined up behind the anti-democratic and deeply reactionary ruling.

100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today
28 October 2017
The Russian Revolution stands as irrefutable proof that the working class—providing it is guided by a genuine Marxist perspective and leadership—can overthrow the outmoded social relations of capi

Australian troops sent to the Philippines despite end of Marawi siege
27 October 2017
Another far-reaching military commitment has been made without any parliamentary debate, let alone any approval by the Australian population.

Australian statistics show collapse in manufacturing, mounting jobs crisis
27 October 2017
Part-time and precarious employment accounts for an ever-greater proportion of the workforce.

Free, high quality public education is a social right! Join the Committee For Public Education!
27 October 2017
Australia has one of the most unequal and privatised school systems in the world.

Latrobe Valley residents: “The government is failing very badly”
26 October 2017
”People are often embarrassed that they need help.”

Australia: Social devastation looms over Latrobe Valley
26 October 2017
Today’s widespread poverty, unemployment and social problems are the result of decades of job destruction imposed by successive governments, assisted by the trade unions.

Australian government orders police raids on union offices
26 October 2017
Australia increasingly resembles a police state, with well-publicized raids carried out in pursuit of unstated political aims.

Australian flu epidemic inundates public health services
25 October 2017
Emergency room visits reached record levels at the peak of the winter season in many major hospitals.

Australian spy agency promotes anti-China witch-hunt
24 October 2017
ASIO’s allegation that “foreign powers” are seeking to influence “public opinion” will be used to crackdown on opposition to US plans for war with China.

Australian government tries to force refugees from one prison camp to another
24 October 2017
“We explained over and over again that we would rather stay in the Manus prison without hope than face violence in Lorengau,” a refugee explained.

Australian Senate formally denounces commemorations of the Russian Revolution
23 October 2017
A resolution introduced by right-wing Senator Cory Bernardi underscores the fear in ruling circles of the shift to the left among wide layers of the world’s population, especially young people.

Australian university union blocks debate at WSU stopwork rally
21 October 2017
Trade union enterprise agreements have been the vehicle for facilitating all the government-employer attacks on university staff and students.

Western Sydney University workers denounce cuts to jobs and conditions
21 October 2017
Academics and other campus workers condemn the worsening conditions for university staff and students.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
21 October 2017
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Political lessons of the Australian car industry closure
20 October 2017
The shutdowns are the end product of a decades-long restructuring of car manufacturing, spearheaded by Labor and the trade unions.

Australian military covered up dangers of toxic fire-fighting foam
19 October 2017
One Katherine resident, affected by the defence department’s poisoning of water supplies commented, “We’re collateral damage… it feels like our lives here really don’t matter.

The Australian marriage equality survey: An exercise in political division and diversion
19 October 2017
The aim of both the Coalition government and the Labor Party opposition is to institutionalise the treatment of same sex couples as second-class citizens.

Australian university unions divide opposition to sell-out deals
18 October 2017
Far from opposing the combined government-university administration offensive, the two trade unions covering university staff are facilitating it.

Australian bank hearing reveals growing danger of interest-only housing loans
17 October 2017
According to economics professor Richard Holden, the Australian housing market is “spookily similar” to the US before the sub-prime crisis.

Australia: Ipswich workers condemn hundreds of job losses
17 October 2017
“We vote the governments in to look after the people, but they are looking after the multinationals.”

Populist senator to resign from Australian parliament and contest state election
12 October 2017
Nick Xenophon is seeking to exploit mass hostility to the South Australian Labor government, which has overseen the dismantling of manufacturing in the state.

Australia deploys for war with North Korea and confrontation with China
11 October 2017
A flotilla of six Australian warships is making its way toward the Korean Peninsula and an Australian attack submarine is already in the area exercising with US and Japanese subs.

Australia: Questions emerge over another Aboriginal death in custody
9 October 2017
When Hatfield died, his lawyers were conducting a vigorous defence against robbery charges, to which he pled not guilty in the Armidale District Court.

Australian economy “going into a hole”
7 October 2017
The record run of the Australian economy, 26 years without a recession, has “flattered to deceive,” as major economic problems come to the surface.

Australian governments unveil sweeping new police powers
6 October 2017
The latest measures clearly extend far beyond combatting purported terrorist threats, and severely erode the civil liberties of the entire population.

Toyota ends car production in Australia
5 October 2017
Having imposed waves of sackings and cuts to conditions, the trade unions are enforcing the “orderly closure” of the Australian car industry.

SEP Australia verifies “registered party” status once again
5 October 2017
The electoral registration of the SEP is an expression of the base of political support that exists for the internationalist and socialist perspective of the ICFI.

Australian Greens demand disqualification of all “foreign” MPs
5 October 2017
The Greens insist that the ban should be applied even if parliamentarians unknowingly acquired foreign citizenship entitlements from their grandparents.

Tamil refugee dies in Australian detention on Manus Island
4 October 2017
Rajeev Rajendran is the sixth refugee who has died on Manus Island, and the second in just two months.

Australia: Ipswich workers denounce elimination of hundreds of jobs
4 October 2017
The Queensland Labor government and the trade union are enforcing the closures, insisting that workers can find jobs elsewhere, despite the city’s high jobless rate.

Australian job figures cloak reality
2 October 2017
High levels of unemployment, under-employment and casualisation are putting downward pressure on wages.

Australian university union pushes sellout deals across the country
30 September 2017
The National Tertiary Education Union used a national briefing to block debate and insist that members accept new enterprise agreements that further undermine jobs and conditions.

NTEU betrays staff at University of Sydney
30 September 2017
Despite considerable anger and bewilderment among the 450 staff members at a union branch meeting on September 21, the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) pushed through an initial vote for a maj

Few refugees leave Australian detention camps under US “swap” deal
29 September 2017
About 50 heavily-vetted detainees out of more than 2,000 are being transferred to unknown US locations.

Australian Labor leaders endorse Trump’s war drive against North Korea
28 September 2017
Labor leader Shorten in effect gave a pledge that a Labor government would continue Australia’s unconditional support for Washington in any war with North Korea.

Australia: Senate committee calls for flammable cladding ban
28 September 2017
The report obscures the fact that responsibility for compromising building safety rests with governments, Labor and Coalition, which have undermined the regulatory system over the past 20 years.

Australian government plans anti-democratic laws on pretext of Chinese “sub-espionage”
26 September 2017
The proposed legislation is aimed at criminalising opposition to the US-Australian plans for war against China.

Australian media targets universities in new anti-China campaign
23 September 2017
The corporate press is reviving hysterical accusations of “Chinese influence” in Australia, this time targeting university research projects and international students.

University of Sydney union conceals political issues in one-day strike
21 September 2017
Just days after the 24-hour stoppage, the NTEU struck a retrograde deal with management that will help it impose the government’s cuts.

Australian establishment endorses Trump’s fascistic UN speech
21 September 2017
The Turnbull government is stepping forward to serve as an international mouthpiece for Washington.

Australia: Two Ipswich meatworks to close, destroying hundreds of jobs
21 September 2017
The state Labor government and the meatworkers' union are working to ensure there is no organised opposition to the devastating closures.

Australian government’s “media reform” boosts conglomerates
20 September 2017
The new legislation removes any, even nominal, impediment to the further concentration of media ownership within a handful of powerful corporations.

Oppose the NTEU sellout at University of Sydney! For a unified struggle of all university workers across Australia!
20 September 2017
The union is organising retrograde agreements across the university sector.

Australia: New “learning precinct” ties public schools to business
18 September 2017
The project has little to do with the quality of education; its priority is the Victorian state government’s relationship with the financial and corporate elites.

Australia launches three-month naval tour, directed against China
18 September 2017
The mission is unmistakably designed to reinforce the aggressive anti-Chinese drive by Washington.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
16 September 2017
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Water contamination widespread across regional Australia
16 September 2017
In the past five years, more than 100,000 people have been issued with boil-water alerts.

Australia: Socialist Alternative supports nationalist witch-hunt over dual citizenship
15 September 2017
The pseudo-left organisation welcomed the anti-democratic campaign targeting parliamentarians accused of holding an “allegiance to a foreign power.”

More warnings of Australian property market crash
14 September 2017
With signs that the housing market could implode, millions of working people already face a mortgage debt crisis.

Australian television program highlights flammable cladding crisis
14 September 2017
Australian authorities have known of the dangers of the widely-used aluminium composite panel cladding for more than a decade.

Western Australian budget slashes thousands of public sector jobs
13 September 2017
Labor’s budget exposes the fraud of its posturing as an opponent of social inequality and as a party of “working people.”

More Australian troops to be sent to the Philippines
12 September 2017
Australia’s involvement in the bogus “war against terrorism” in the Philippines is part of its commitment to Washington’s aggressive military build-up and actions in Asia.

Australia: Turnbull government expands “cashless welfare card”
12 September 2017
The punitive social welfare system is part of an escalating bi-partisan assault on the most vulnerable sections of society.

Australian High Court sanctions deportations of Sri Lankan refugees
11 September 2017
The ruling is an indictment of the last Greens-backed Australian Labor government.

Australian High Court permits bogus postal vote on marriage equality
8 September 2017
The judges averted an immediate political crisis and gave the go-ahead for an unprecedented plebiscite on an elementary legal and democratic right.

Australian state government and health union shut down pathology strike
7 September 2017
The Health Services Union welcomed the Victorian Labor government’s application for the federal Fair Work Commission to ban the stoppage.

Australian parliament overshadowed by Korean war crisis and disqualification of MPs
6 September 2017
The parliamentary proceedings pointed to the close connection between the danger of war and the reactionary drive to ensure the undivided loyalty of all members of parliament.

The dual citizenship furore in the Australian parliament: What is at stake for the working class?
6 September 2017
The citizenship crisis is an attempt to suppress anti-war sentiment and class tensions by promoting nationalism and patriotism.

Australian governments knew about the dangers of airforce fire-fighting foam for decades
6 September 2017
The chemicals which are used in fire-fighting foam have been found at dangerous levels in water supplies near Royal Australian Air Force bases.

Australia: Socialist Alternative conference seeks new political trap for rising discontent
5 September 2017
The pseudo-left outfit signaled it will deepen its collaboration with Labor and the trade unions amid a crisis of the entire political establishment.

Australian government strips asylum seekers of all housing and welfare payments
4 September 2017
The government’s actions have provoked widespread outrage, with thousands of people offering sanctuary to the refugees.

Australia: National Tertiary Education Union attempts to suppress struggle against job cuts at Western Sydney University
4 September 2017
The jobs of around 150 professional staff will be destroyed and all security employees retrenched, while other devastating cuts are being prepared.

The rise of “edu-business” in Australian public schools
2 September 2017
In 2011, in his characteristically crude and cynical manner, Rupert Murdoch spelled out the agenda that now underlies the provision of so-called “public education” in Australia.

University of Sydney union branch stages protest strike over wages and conditions
2 September 2017
The NTEU is trying to channel workers’ anger as a bargaining chip to seal another regressive enterprise agreement with the management.

Australian government urges universities to tear up staff conditions
1 September 2017
The tertiary education trade unions will use this week’s Fair Work Commission ruling to intensify their work to stifle all resistance by increasingly discontented university workers.

Australian reports show declining incomes and soaring debt
31 August 2017
The ongoing property boom is forcing young people to live at home with their parents for longer, while creating a debt crisis for millions of working people.

Australian government offers to send troops to the Philippines
30 August 2017
Confronting a deepening political crisis at home, Malcolm Turnbull is seeking to don the mantle of a wartime prime minister.

Australian property bubble fuelling mortgage stress
30 August 2017
The divergence between soaring property prices and stagnating wages, along with a massive increase in debt, has sparked fears of a housing market crash.

Flammable cladding: Australian governments continue the political whitewash
26 August 2017
Government officials feign concern while issuing empty promises to try to politically deflect widespread concerns by residents and workers about at-risk buildings.

Turnbull government defends reported killing of Australian children in Syria
25 August 2017
If proven, it would be the first known case of the government facilitating the targeted assassination of Australian citizens since the “war on terrorism” was launched.

Australian history curator Laila Ellmoos discusses 1917: The Great Strike with the WSWS
25 August 2017
“It was a complex strike, but the volume and power of these numbers was extraordinary.”

Pine Gap base automatically involves Australia in US wars
24 August 2017
Secret documents show the facility’s role has increasingly shifted from spying to providing “real-time” data for military operations.

Australian High Court sanctions illegal detention of refugees in Papua New Guinea
24 August 2017
The judges rejected a challenge to incarceration on Manus Island despite the PNG Supreme Court last year ruling it was an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty.

1917: The Great Strike—an engrossing exhibition about mass walkouts in wartime Australia
24 August 2017
The exhibition is a useful antidote to the government’s glorification of Australian involvement in World War I and shows that the home-front was dominated by intense class battles.