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Australian teachers establish new Facebook “support network” against ongoing victimisation
26 June 2019
Three victimised teachers have launched a new “Bullied Teachers Support Network,” under conditions where nearly 25 percent of NSW high school teachers claim to have been bullied.

Australian filmmaker James Ricketson to speak at SEP rally in defence of Assange
26 June 2019
“We must do all in our power to prevent Assange’s extradition to the US. Signing petitions is not enough. We must make our presence felt in the streets at vigils and demonstrations.”

Australian Labor Party embraces huge tax cuts for richest 5 percent
25 June 2019
Labor has signalled its readiness to accept, directly or indirectly, the government’s plan to slash income taxes for those receiving more than $200,000 a year.

Students and staff to protest imposition of trimesters at Australian university
25 June 2019
The University of New South Wales management has put commercial interests ahead of education.

Australia: NSW government tries to minimise political and economic fallout over unsafe apartments
24 June 2019
Hundreds of Mascot Tower residents still have no idea when the structurally unsafe building will be repaired, so that they can finally return to their homes.

Australian Labor MPs push for huge tax cuts for wealthy
22 June 2019
The wealthiest layers of society would enjoy the biggest tax handouts since the Hawke and Keating Labor governments of 1983 to 1996.

Australian workers and youth support SEP rallies defending Assange
21 June 2019
The hostility of ordinary people to the US attempts to prosecute Assange stands in stark contrast to the complicity of the political and media establishment.

Australian Labor Party leader determined to expel building union official
21 June 2019
Corporate outlets have declared that John Setka’s removal is the first “test” of Anthony Albanese’s leadership in turning Labor further to the right.

Professor Stuart Rees to speak at SEP rally to defend Julian Assange
20 June 2019
“The rally must increase public awareness of the outrageous injustice if Julian is extradited to the US to face a possible 170 years in prison.”

Australia: NSW government unveils thousands of public sector job cuts
20 June 2019
The state budget includes 3,000 retrenchments, a deepening offensive against social services and massive handouts to big business.

John Pilger urges participation in SEP (Australia) rallies to defend Assange
19 June 2019
“In my career, there has never been a more important case. If we lose Julian and Chelsea Manning to the dungeons of a rogue America, once-liberal societies will never be the same again; democracies

Australian whistleblower trials shrouded in secrecy
18 June 2019
The government’s determination to block any public scrutiny of these crucial hearings constitutes wartime-like censorship.

Prominent Australian journalist Mary Kostakidis calls for campaign to free Assange
18 June 2019
“We must not wait till it is too late to recognise the broader significance of the persecution of Julian Assange and fail to defend his human rights.”

Australia: Another Sydney apartment block evacuated over major structural cracks
17 June 2019
The event underlines the escalating crisis in housing and apartment building and the cost-cutting methods used during the past two decades.

Two protesters arrested at Melbourne rally in defence of Assange
17 June 2019
The arrests were aimed at intimidating supporters of WikiLeaks and preventing broader layers from joining the campaign to defend Assange and all democratic rights.

Australian Labor Party leader reinforces pro-business message by denouncing building union official
14 June 2019
The John Setka affair is an initial “test” set by the corporate elite for the Labor and union leaders of their capacity to suppress rising working-class unrest.

Australia’s industrial tribunal maintains poverty-level minimum wage
13 June 2019
The ruling is part of a decades-long assault on workers’ pay and conditions enforced by successive governments and the trade unions.

Australian journalist calls on colleagues to defend Assange
12 June 2019
Andrew Fowler warned: “If Assange is left to swing in the breeze, it will be an open invitation for any journalist, anywhere in the world, to be extradited to the US.”

Australian Labor Party’s hypocrisy on police media raids exposed
12 June 2019
The opposition Labor Party has joined hands with the ruling Coalition to pass legislation handing unprecedented powers to the police and intelligence agencies.

SEP (Australia) calls rallies demanding freedom for Julian Assange
11 June 2019
The protests will demand that the Australian government take immediate action to prevent the WikiLeaks founder's extradition to the US and secure his complete freedom.

Australia: Worst economic slowdown since global financial crisis
11 June 2019
US-China trade war fears are compounding the impact of falling house prices, plunging construction work and declining real wages.

US issues formal request for Assange’s extradition
11 June 2019
The Trump administration is pressing ahead with its attempt to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder over his role in the exposure of US war crimes and diplomatic conspiracies.

Australian workers and youth defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning
10 June 2019
“Assange is a genius and a hero and if it wasn’t for him, people around the world would not know about government war crimes and other illegal things that they have been doing.”

Australia: Telstra to destroy 10,000 contract jobs over two years
10 June 2019
The announcement of new sackings targeting contractors coincided with reports that Telstra has already eliminated many of the 9,500 permanent jobs it is seeking to destroy by 2022.

Australian police chief links media raids to US-led “Five Eyes” spy network
8 June 2019
Gaughan’s statement points to the targeting of journalists in order to cover up Washington’s preparations for wars and mass political surveillance.

Australian media workers denounce police raids
8 June 2019
ABC workers spoke of their shock and alarm at the arrival of federal police in their building.

Murder of homeless woman in Melbourne a result of housing and mental health crisis
7 June 2019
The tragedy exposes a deep crisis within Australia’s healthcare system, which leaves scores of young people and workers unable to receive the treatment they often desperately need.

The global war on journalism
6 June 2019
The arrest of Julian Assange has set a precedent for the state persecution of journalists, triggering police raids in Australia and France against reporters documenting government crimes and corruptio

Australian government forces refugees back to face repression in Sri Lanka
5 June 2019
At least 20 more asylum seekers have been detained by the Australian navy and deported to Sri Lanka to face possible torture and imprisonment.

Australian Federal Police raid journalists over exposures of government spying, war crimes
5 June 2019
The raids, targeting a News Corp journalist and the Sydney offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, are part of an expanding assault on democratic rights and press freedom.

SEP Australia meetings on Labor’s election debacle and the defence of Assange
4 June 2019
The leftward movement of workers and youth can find no means of expression within the present political framework. It must be developed into a conscious political movement, based on a socialist perspe

Australian PM’s trip to Solomon Islands highlights intensifying US confrontation with China
4 June 2019
Morrison’s visit, his third to the southwest Pacific this year, was to send a blunt message to Pacific Island states to line up against Beijing.

Sydney Peace Prize recipients demand Australian government defend Assange
3 June 2019
The statement was a powerful indictment of the Australian political and media establishment, which has abandoned the WikiLeaks founder or openly participated in his persecution.

Mental health crisis in Australia’s refugee camps
3 June 2019
So torturous are the conditions confronting the more than 500 asylum seekers still on Manus—some for nearly seven years—that many have inflicted bodily injury to themselves.

Britain and Australia dismiss UN report that Assange has been tortured
3 June 2019
The brazen responses demonstrate the criminality of the US-led vendetta against Assange, which is proceeding in violation of due process and the fundamental tenets of international law.

Australian billionaires celebrate soaring wealth, while wage case leaves millions in poverty
1 June 2019
The annual Rich List, along with the outcome of the latest minimum wage case, underscore the acceleration of social inequality in Australia and around the world.

Australia: Children detained in adult watch houses in Queensland
31 May 2019
Children as young as ten have been held in maximum security facilities, where they have been subjected to horrific abuses.

Amid grave concerns for his health, Assange transferred to Belmarsh Prison medical wing
30 May 2019
The WSWS demands Assange’s immediate release from the maximum security prison and his transfer to a hospital with the best medical care available and with doctors of his choice.

Despite Assange’s ill-health, Swedish court rejects delay to hearing
29 May 2019
The ruling is the latest example of the international legal vendetta being perpetrated against the WikiLeaks founder.

Australian government, Labor opposition silent on espionage charges against Assange
28 May 2019
Labor and the Coalition are signalling their support for the US-led persecution of Assange, for his exposure of war crimes and diplomatic conspiracies.

Australian Labor Party’s new leader signals further pro-business shift
28 May 2019
Albanese has vowed to boost “wealth creation” and pursue bipartisanship with the extreme right-wing Liberal-National government.

Australian youth speak out at climate change rallies
27 May 2019
“There’s not a solution in one country. The whole world has to make a move for climate change.”

Socialist Equality Party wins important support in Australian federal election
25 May 2019
Thousands of workers, students and young people signalled their support for a socialist alternative to war, budget cuts and authoritarianism.

Australia’s right-wing, US-backed prime minister
25 May 2019
Morrison has clawed his way to the top job by pledging fealty to the US military alliance, mobilising the military to repel refugee boats and slashing social welfare entitlements.

Actor Geoffrey Rush awarded record payout in defamation damages
25 May 2019
The Oscar-winning actor was granted a total of nearly $2.9 million, in general and special damages, due to the Murdoch media’s defamatory articles.

“Truth ultimately is all we have:” Julian Assange appeals for public support
25 May 2019
In the first publicly-released comments to supporters since his arrest, Assange detailed his conditions of isolation at Belmarsh prison and called for supporters to mobilise in his defence.

Workers and youth condemn major parliamentary parties
24 May 2019
“I’d like someone in charge who thinks of the 98 percent, rather than the 2 percent of the highest earners in the country.”

Workers and young people warn about the mounting social crisis
23 May 2019
“The most important thing for me is jobs, security and the economy—we need real action on jobs.”

Australia: Tasmanian paramedic protests ambulance ramping
22 May 2019
The high incidence of ramping is product of the wider crisis of the hospital system which has been chronically underfunded by Labor and Liberal governments alike.

Australian Labor Party in crisis after election debacle
22 May 2019
The election result demonstrated a deep-going rupture between the working class and the big business Labor Party.

Right-wing Australian government re-elected as voters turn against Labor
21 May 2019
The election result reflected widespread hostility among workers, students and young people to Labor and the entire political establishment.

Mass support for Assange as workers and youth oppose militarism and war
21 May 2019
Many workers passionately oppose the persecution of Assange and Manning hailing them as “heroes,” “legends” and similar appellations.

The Australian Labor Party’s election debacle and the fight against the far-right
20 May 2019
The election outcome exposes the bankrupt claims by the unions and the pseudo-left that the rise of the extreme right can be opposed by supporting pro-business centre-left parties such as the Australi

Bob Hawke, former Australian Labor prime minister, 1929-2019
18 May 2019
Some of the most hated figures in world politics have come together to praise Hawke and laud his achievements.

Only socialist policies can resolve the Australian public education crisis
18 May 2019
Teachers and parents should treat the sham election promises of Labor, Liberal and the Greens on education with the contempt they deserve.

Millions in Australia “view Assange as a hero who is being attacked for revealing the truth.”
17 May 2019
We are publishing here the speech of Oscar Grenfell, a leading member of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) and national convenor of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, at

Workers and youth discuss Julian Assange, social conditions and war at SEP election meetings
17 May 2019
One worker said: “It is absolutely vital that we have meetings like this in working-class areas. Having this meeting, as a party, is one step ahead towards the goal of achieving equality.”

Strong response to SEP’s socialist program at final election meetings
17 May 2019
There were animated and extended discussions at SEP public meetings in the working-class electorates of Parramatta, Hunter, Calwell and Oxley this week.

Mass unemployment, climate change and a toxic dump in Oxley
17 May 2019
The following is an edited version of the speech delivered by Michael Smith to the Socialist Equality Party election public meeting in the Brisbane electorate of Oxley.

Vote 1 Socialist Equality Party! Take up the fight for socialist internationalism!
17 May 2019
The SEP is campaigning to build a revolutionary, socialist movement of the working class against the entire parliamentary establishment and the capitalist system that it defends.

Labor’s promise on childcare wages—another cynical deception
17 May 2019
Labor leader Bill Shorten’s pledge is designed to prevent a rank-and-file struggle for a genuine improvement in wages and working conditions.

Labor and the unions responsible for social crisis in western Sydney
16 May 2019
Grenfell explained that Labor and the unions have presided over “an onslaught against manufacturing and industrial jobs.”

Australia’s housing crisis to worsen whichever party wins election
16 May 2019
A new housing loan scheme announced by Liberal leader Morrison and endorsed by the Labor Party will do nothing to resolve the acute housing problems facing millions of workers.

Australia’s central bank slashes growth forecasts
15 May 2019
Regardless of whether Labor or the Coalition wins office, the next government will be one of even more severe austerity.

Hunter “Meet the Candidates” Forum exposes major parties
15 May 2019
SEP candidate Max Boddy said that “the elephant in this election campaign is the deafening silence on the persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.”

Factory fire symptomatic of social devastation in Calwell electorate
14 May 2019
“Where factories once employed workers who actually made things, they are now rented and filled with toxic waste, then abandoned.”

A socialist program needed to halt assault on university students and staff
14 May 2019
The Socialist Equality Party is alone in calling for a vast redistribution of wealth to secure the basic social right to free, high-quality public education at all levels.

Australia: Rally to defend Julian Assange held in Broadmeadows, Melbourne
14 May 2019
The event drew a small but determined crowd of SEP members and supporters, local workers, and WikiLeaks’ supporters.

Australia: GetUp’s silence over the persecution of Julian Assange
13 May 2019
The protest group’s reaction to the incarceration of Assange signals its complicity and is a political godsend for Australia’s political elite.

Australian Labor Party’s fraudulent cancer care pledge
13 May 2019
Even if implemented in full, the plan would not significantly reduce the exorbitant costs of cancer therapy and care.

Two former Australian prime ministers tout Labor’s pro-business record
11 May 2019
Hawke and Keating boasted they had created the “modern” deregulated economy, and called for the election of a Labor government to deepen this pro-business agenda.

The Australian election and the fraud of the NDIS
10 May 2019
The National Disability Insurance Scheme was always designed to privatise the disability sector, push people off welfare payments and slash public spending.

Greens offer bogus climate pledges while pleading for another partnership with Labor
9 May 2019
The “plan” of the Greens is not about saving the environment and the planet but handing billions of dollars to supposedly “green” companies.

Video: Workers at SEP rally in Parramatta denounce persecution of Julian Assange
9 May 2019
The Socialist Equality Party won strong support from workers and youth at its rally demanding the immediate release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and US whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Uber and Lyft drivers conduct international strike
9 May 2019
Thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers in the US and several other countries struck and protested Wednesday in advance of Uber’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange Friday.

Australian fascist group tried to recruit Christchurch terrorist
8 May 2019
The latest revelation further discredits claims by the Australian and New Zealand governments and police that Tarrant was a lone gunman whose attack could not have been prevented.

SEP candidates address election meetings in Australia to defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning
8 May 2019
The SEP, which is running eight candidates in Australia’s federal election, held public meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Former Australian PM denounces anti-China witch-hunt of intelligence agencies
8 May 2019
Paul Keating’s outburst highlights the degree to which Australia and its military and security agencies have been integrated into the US war drive against China.

Labor leader makes phony populist pitch at Australian election launch
7 May 2019
Labor is absurdly claiming that paltry funding on health and a miniscule increase in tax collected from multinational corporations, will resolve the deepening social crisis.

Vote Socialist Equality Party! No to War and Austerity! For Socialism and Internationalism!
7 May 2019
The Socialist Equality Party has placed at the very centre of its election campaign the demand that the Australia government immediately repatriate publisher and journalist, Julian Assange and courage

The persecution of Assange and Manning is an attack on the working class
7 May 2019
We are publishing here the text of the speech to the 2019 Online International May Day Rally delivered by Oscar Grenfell.

Video: At Sydney rally Assange’s father demands Australian government secure son’s release
7 May 2019
Two days after Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in jail, protesters rallied in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Assange’s father tells demonstrators Australian government must secure son’s release
6 May 2019
Friday’s protest in Sydney was held two days after Assange was sentenced in a British court to 50 weeks’ jail on bogus bail charges.

Australian youth speak out against climate change
6 May 2019
The climate strikes are part of a growing politicisation of young people in Australia and internationally.

The Labor Party tries to “save capitalism”
3 May 2019
The ruling elite is terrified that the emerging support for socialism can become a conscious turn toward revolutionary Marxism.

Austrian government ties welfare payments to German language skills
3 May 2019
The targets of the cuts are mainly foreigners and those with large families.

To halt climate change, capitalism must be abolished
2 May 2019
The attempts to channel the climate strike movement in Australia and internationally behind the political establishment must be resisted.

Victorian Socialists’ fake-left election campaign
2 May 2019
The Australian pseudo-left groups are seeking to channel the left-wing shift among workers and young people behind the parliamentary set-up.

Liberal and Labor compete in stoking anti-refugee scare-mongering
1 May 2019
The SEP unequivocally defends right of asylum seekers, immigrant workers and their families to live, study and work in Australia, or anywhere in the world, as full citizens.

Workers should reject Australian unions’ “Change the rules” campaign
30 April 2019
The unions are seeking to channel mounting anger in the working class behind the election of yet another big business Labor government.

Participants in SEP (Australia) rally demand freedom for Assange and Manning
30 April 2019
Attendees passionately defended the WikiLeaks publisher for exposing the war crimes, anti-democratic conspiracies and mass surveillance conducted by the US and its allies.

On Australian TV, Julian Assange’s father calls for son’s freedom
29 April 2019
John Shipton warned that his son’s persecution was “to demonstrate that publishers and whistleblowers will be destroyed.”

SEP (Australia) candidates demand freedom for Assange and Manning at Sydney rally
29 April 2019
The protest, in Sydney’s western suburbs, underscored the working-class opposition to Canberra’s role in the persecution of Assange and Manning.

Anzac Day 2019: Conditioning the Australian population for war
27 April 2019
The media and political establishment has erected a wall of silence around Australia’s involvement in the US-led preparations for war against China and Russia.

Economic reversal exposes Australian election myths
27 April 2019
Inflation was zero during the March quarter, indicating a rapidly stalling economy that will intensify the corporate offensive against the working class.

Australian mining magnate renews his fraudulent populist pitch
26 April 2019
While feigning sympathy for working people, billionaire Clive Palmer is bankrolling an election blitz by his so-called United Australia Party.

Australian construction workers facing massive fines for striking
26 April 2019
The Australian Building and Construction Commission has launched legal action against workers involved in a short work-stoppage last year.

UN official visits Julian Assange, investigating Ecuador’s illegal surveillance
26 April 2019
Confronted by worldwide protests and petitions, the British government felt compelled to grant the UN access to the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder.

Australian rugby player Israel Folau challenges sacking over social media posts
25 April 2019
The moves to sack Folau over his social media posts are an attack on the player’s basic rights and on freedom of speech.

Pennsylvania woman killed in factory meat grinder
25 April 2019
Jill Greninger, 35, was working alone when the accident took place.