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Australian state Labor government’s lies about “protest violence” exposed
24 August 2019
Labor’s fabricated “booby trap” claims illustrate how governments concoct fear campaigns to attack basic democratic rights.

Australia: Train workers’ union calls off Melbourne strike
23 August 2019
Confronted by yet another sell-out, workers need to take their fight out of the hands of the RTBU bureaucracy, forming rank and file committees.

Australia joins US naval operation against Iran, foreshadows involvement in South China Sea
23 August 2019
Sixteen years after the Iraq war, US imperialism has plans for even more catastrophic crimes—against both Iran and China.

Australia’s US Studies Centre advocates war-footing against China
22 August 2019
The policies that the pro-US think tank proposes could not be implemented without the suppression of widespread political opposition.

Australian prime minister elevates pro-US militarists to top cabinet, intelligence positions
20 August 2019
Shearer’s role will be to advise Morrison and other ministers on how to publicly promote the US-led preparations for war with China.

Julian Assange’s father warns WikiLeaks’ publisher’s health is “declining rapidly” in Belmarsh Prison
20 August 2019
”The government will willingly sacrifice Julian’s well-being to the demands of the US and the UK.”

As Australian government threatens to jail journalists, media chiefs denounce Julian Assange
19 August 2019
While claiming to champion the “right to know,” media executives condemned the WikiLeaks founder for exposing the crimes of the US spy and military apparatuses.

Australian health workers protest assaults on staff
17 August 2019
The Health Services Union limited the action and channelled workers’ anger into a demand for more security officers, not for increased funding and staffing.

Australian government boosts Special Forces despite war crimes charges
16 August 2019
The move is part of the preparation for war, as well as for the suppression of domestic dissent.

Australia: Pro-US ideologue brands student groups as China’s “useful idiots”
15 August 2019
Clive Hamilton’s comments are a warning that Australia’s involvement in the US drive to war with China will be accompanied by political repression domestically.

From Couch to Curb film launch highlights youth homelessness in Australia
14 August 2019
More than 116,000 people across Australia, or one in every 200, are currently without a home; a quarter of these are young people aged between 12 and 24.

Australia: Mentally-ill man carries out stabbing attacks in Sydney
14 August 2019
The alleged perpetrator was a 20-year-old man from a working-class suburb in Sydney’s west, with a lengthy history of psychological issues.

Establishment figures welcome renewed anti-China hysteria in Australia
13 August 2019
The ruling elite requires Australia’s incorporation into US war preparations to be accompanied by slandering any public opposition as the product of “Chinese interference.”

Australian actor John Jarratt sues Daily Telegraph after jury throws out rape charge
13 August 2019
The jury of five men and seven women took just over 15 minutes to unanimously reject the #MeToo-inspired rape allegation against the veteran actor.

Australia: Mentally-ill man shot dead by police at his home
12 August 2019
“If there was no danger to the public, and if he was contained in his own house and not doing anything, one would have to ask ‘why in the hell is he gone?’”

Following AUSMIN talks, Australian politician compares China to Nazi Germany
10 August 2019
Andrew Hastie falsely compared the purported failure of Australia to respond to the threat posed by China with France’s lack of response to the “German advance in 1940.”

Jennifer Robinson, a leading member of Assange’s legal team, speaks with the WSWS
9 August 2019
“It speaks volumes about Australia’s position in the world that it’s not willing to take a stand against the United States and protect an Australian citizen.”

Australian High Court scraps free speech for workers
9 August 2019
The judges’ support for the sacking of a public servant is part of an assault on free speech under conditions of escalating social, geo-strategic and war tensions.

John Pilger warns: “Do not forget Assange. Or you will lose him”
9 August 2019
The well-known journalist outlined the WikiLeaks founder’s deteriorating health, and the draconian conditions in which he is being held in a British prison.

Australian spy and police chiefs say raids on journalists must continue
8 August 2019
In a blunt intervention, Director-General of National Intelligence Nick Warner used the language of war to defend the targeting of journalists.

Australia: Melbourne rail workers vote for strike action
7 August 2019
While privatisation has provided new and lucrative profit opportunities for corporate operators, it has proven a disaster for rail workers and commuters.

Protests in Australia continue to break official silence on Julian Assange
7 August 2019
The sentiments of ordinary people stand in stark contrast to the refusal of all of the official parties to take any action in defence of the WikiLeaks founder.

US Secretary of State demands greater Australian involvement in war drive against China
6 August 2019
The support for Pompeo’s aggressive remarks in Canberra is a warning that behind its back, the Australian population has been placed on the frontline of a confrontation with China that threatens a c

Assange’s father speaks to the WSWS: “Julian’s resolve is fierce”
5 August 2019
John Shipton condemned the Australian government’s refusal to raise the issue of Assange with the US, or to take any action in his defence, declaring: “Silence is complicity.”

Despite briefing by Julian Assange’s lawyer, Australian politicians still refuse to defend him
3 August 2019
Intensive lobbying in Canberra this week failed to convince any parliamentarian to oppose the Trump administration’s bid to extradite the WikiLeaks founder.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
3 August 2019
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Australian households’ cost of living soars above consumer price index
3 August 2019
A large gap has emerged between the official statistics and the standard of living, thanks to skyrocketing prices for essential goods and services, as opposed to prices for discretionary items.

Slump deepens in Australian residential construction industry
2 August 2019
Multiple faults in new apartment buildings have become a factor in the bursting of a debt-fuelled property bubble that is threatening thousands of jobs.

Australian Labor Party leader: We will keep voting for government’s legislation
1 August 2019
Albanese’s declaration was another blunt signal of Labor’s further sharp shift to the right in the wake of its historic debacle at the May 18 federal election.

Julian Assange’s lawyer briefs Australian parliamentarians on his persecution
1 August 2019
The event reflected concerns within the ruling elite over popular opposition to the Trump administration’s bid to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder.

Early peak in Australia influenza season causes concern
31 July 2019
The severity of deadly flu outbreaks could be minimised with global free access to vaccination, and the development of a universal vaccine.

Australia: Six Queensland mining deaths in 12 months
30 July 2019
The tragedies are a result of the gutting of full-time jobs and the erosion of working conditions, enforced by the trade unions.

Intercept article calls on Democrats to step up attack on Julian Assange
30 July 2019
James Risen peddled the lies of CNN and the intelligence agencies, slanderously suggesting that Assange worked on behalf of Russia and the Trump campaign.

DP World threatens to sack 10 percent of its Australian workforce during industrial action
29 July 2019
The move marks a new offensive by employers to further slash jobs, basic rights and conditions on the waterfront and throughout the working class as a whole.

Australian central bank chief fearful of rising global tensions
27 July 2019
“When businesses are nervous, they don’t want to invest,” Philip Lowe warned a corporate lunch audience.

Australian disability centre closures result in nearly a dozen deaths
26 July 2019
Former residents of a disability centre in Newcastle have died after being transferred to under-funded group homes via the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Australian government demands police-state powers over protests and exclusions of citizens
24 July 2019
The bills would hand governments the most authoritarian powers since the two world wars.

Australian cancer victim sues Bayer-Monsanto
23 July 2019
Michael Ogalirolo claims his potentially lethal cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is due to 18 years of exposure to glyphosate, the active component of the herbicide Roundup.

Australian aged care home closes abruptly, traumatising residents
22 July 2019
Nurses and other Earle Haven staff members watched in horror and shame as patients were left in limbo, with their medications, patient records and equipment quickly removed from the premises.

Gulf between wealthy and poor widening in Australia
19 July 2019
Successive governments, both Liberal-National and Labor, have enriched the corporate elite at the expense of the working class.

Australian aged care inquiry hears damning evidence of abuse
18 July 2019
Testimony by care workers, patients and family members has underscored how the cost-cutting drive for profit jeopardises the health, safety and quality of life of elderly people.

Australian government seeking to prosecute journalists over exposure of war crimes
16 July 2019
The federal police are investigating journalists over the 2017 publication of the “Afghan Files,” which revealed Australian military involvement in extrajudicial killings and other crimes.

Rally in Melbourne demands freedom for Julian Assange
15 July 2019
Amid cold and wet weather, about 130 people rallied with determination to demand Assange’s freedom.

Talisman Sabre: US and Australia prepare for war with China
15 July 2019
The massive military exercise in northern Australia, in preparation for conflict in the Indo-Pacific, has been treated as a non-event by the political and media establishment.

Melbourne rally participants speak in defence of Assange and Manning
15 July 2019
“I don’t believe any government will stand up for Assange. I think that it comes down to normal people standing and fighting.”

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
13 July 2019
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

UK government holds “media freedom” conference while imprisoning Assange
13 July 2019
The “media freedom” conference was held seven miles from Belmarsh Prison, where the world’s most famous persecuted journalist is jailed.

Elderly poor suffering hypothermia in Australia
13 July 2019
The “Cold and Lonely” study points to an often-hidden social crisis—the avoidance or under-consumption of heating by people who must ration their energy use so they can pay their bills.

Prominent Australian academic suggests building nuclear weapons
11 July 2019
The debate over nuclear weapons is another warning of the advanced preparations for war being made in capitals around the world.

Australian police monitoring journalists’ travel and internet data
10 July 2019
New reports demonstrate an escalating effort to criminalise exposures about key military and intelligence operations.

Australia: DP World stevedoring strike against attacks on conditions
10 July 2019
While the stoppage expresses growing militancy among dock workers, the union is seeking to contain any struggle and enforce a sell-out agreement.

Australian retail giant to cut jobs, wages
9 July 2019
Woolworths, one of Australia’s two major supermarket chains, last month announced a restructure that endangers thousands of jobs across the country.

SEP (Australia) holds rally in Brisbane to demand freedom for Assange and Manning
8 July 2019
Despite downpours of rain, workers and young people came from far afield to join the event, demonstrating the underlying support for the WikiLeaks founder and the courageous whistleblower.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
6 July 2019
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Australian workers and youth discuss SEP election campaign
6 July 2019
“I’ve seen the Labor Party and the unions working hand-in-glove at the expense of the workers throughout my entire working life.”

SEP meetings review political lessons of Australia’s federal election
6 July 2019
Labor’s defeat in the May 18 elections poses the urgent necessity for an intensification of the fight for socialist and internationalist consciousness among workers and youth.

Australian Labor Party backs government’s tax cuts for the wealthy
6 July 2019
By voting for the massive tax cuts, Labor further repudiated its bogus election rhetoric against “the big end of town” and for a “fair go” for working people.

Australian workers and youth speak out at vigils for Assange’s birthday
5 July 2019
“The things he has done have changed the world. The people who hate him are usually the people who are in power.”

Was the Australian army placed on alert during last year’s political crisis?
5 July 2019
Whether or not the military was actually activated, Australia was on the brink of a constitutional crisis last August.

Video: Watch the Sydney Free Assange rally
4 July 2019
The demonstration is one of a series of rallies organised by the Socialist Equality Party to defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning; the next will be in Brisbane on Saturday followed by Melbourne o

South Australian teachers strike for better wages and conditions
4 July 2019
South Australia teachers have joined their counterparts in New Zealand, other Australian states and around the world, to strike against their current, unsustainable wages and conditions.

Australian central bank cuts cash rate to record low
4 July 2019
The second cut in two months is a sign of fear in ruling circles of the intensifying impact of the global turmoil on the domestic economy.

Australian filmmaker James Ricketson calls on journalist Peter Greste to defend Assange
4 July 2019
Ricketson’s “Open Letter” debunks Greste’s claim that Assange is not a journalist and therefore not deserving of support, and calls on him to defend the WikiLeaks founder, as he did Ricketson

Australian prime minister lines up with Trump at the G20
3 July 2019
Trump made clear that he expected Morrison and the Australian government to back the US in its confrontations on all fronts—in particular against Iran and China.

Australia: Hundreds of students and staff protest against trimesters at UNSW
3 July 2019
“Orientating the uni towards profit rather than education is not a good thing overall for education.”

Australian PM refused to raise persecution of Assange with Trump
2 July 2019
At the G20 summit Morrison fawned over Trump, who is seeking to imprison the WikiLeaks founder for life, or execute him.

Australian media chiefs seek to divert anger over police raids
2 July 2019
There was no mention of the violent arrest of Julian Assange, which opened the floodgates for a broader assault on free speech.

Video: Protesters at SEP (Australia) rally speak out in defence of Assange and Manning
2 July 2019
“I came to support Julian because of all the time he has lost to help the poor people and the oppressed around the world.”

SEP (Australia) holds Sydney rally in defence of Assange and Manning
1 July 2019
“If two million people can come out on the streets of Hong Kong against extradition legislation, then we can surely build such a mass popular movement on a global scale to free Assange and Manning.

Terry Hicks, father of former Guantánamo Bay prisoner David Hicks, demands freedom for Assange and Manning
28 June 2019
“There’s only one word to describe the victimisation and persecution of Assange and Manning, and that word is barbaric.”

Watch the Sydney rally to free Assange live!
28 June 2019
The SEP rally is among the first events to be held since the WSWS International Editorial Board called for the formation of a Global Defence Committee to demand freedom for Assange and Manning.

Join the Sydney rally this Saturday demanding freedom for Julian Assange!
27 June 2019
The demonstration will insist that the Australian government take immediate action to prevent the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the US, where he faces life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Far-right Australian senator disbands party in favour of Coalition government
27 June 2019
Bernardi’s decision underscores the ongoing refashioning of the political establishment in a right-wing populist direction to try to divert seething social discontent.

Australian teachers establish new Facebook “support network” against ongoing victimisation
26 June 2019
Three victimised teachers have launched a new “Bullied Teachers Support Network,” under conditions where nearly 25 percent of NSW high school teachers claim to have been bullied.

Australian filmmaker James Ricketson to speak at SEP rally in defence of Assange
26 June 2019
“We must do all in our power to prevent Assange’s extradition to the US. Signing petitions is not enough. We must make our presence felt in the streets at vigils and demonstrations.”

Australian Labor Party embraces huge tax cuts for richest 5 percent
25 June 2019
Labor has signalled its readiness to accept, directly or indirectly, the government’s plan to slash income taxes for those receiving more than $200,000 a year.

Students and staff to protest imposition of trimesters at Australian university
25 June 2019
The University of New South Wales management has put commercial interests ahead of education.

Australia: NSW government tries to minimise political and economic fallout over unsafe apartments
24 June 2019
Hundreds of Mascot Tower residents still have no idea when the structurally unsafe building will be repaired, so that they can finally return to their homes.

Australian Labor MPs push for huge tax cuts for wealthy
22 June 2019
The wealthiest layers of society would enjoy the biggest tax handouts since the Hawke and Keating Labor governments of 1983 to 1996.

Australian workers and youth support SEP rallies defending Assange
21 June 2019
The hostility of ordinary people to the US attempts to prosecute Assange stands in stark contrast to the complicity of the political and media establishment.

Australian Labor Party leader determined to expel building union official
21 June 2019
Corporate outlets have declared that John Setka’s removal is the first “test” of Anthony Albanese’s leadership in turning Labor further to the right.

Professor Stuart Rees to speak at SEP rally to defend Julian Assange
20 June 2019
“The rally must increase public awareness of the outrageous injustice if Julian is extradited to the US to face a possible 170 years in prison.”

Australia: NSW government unveils thousands of public sector job cuts
20 June 2019
The state budget includes 3,000 retrenchments, a deepening offensive against social services and massive handouts to big business.

John Pilger urges participation in SEP (Australia) rallies to defend Assange
19 June 2019
“In my career, there has never been a more important case. If we lose Julian and Chelsea Manning to the dungeons of a rogue America, once-liberal societies will never be the same again; democracies

Australian whistleblower trials shrouded in secrecy
18 June 2019
The government’s determination to block any public scrutiny of these crucial hearings constitutes wartime-like censorship.

Prominent Australian journalist Mary Kostakidis calls for campaign to free Assange
18 June 2019
“We must not wait till it is too late to recognise the broader significance of the persecution of Julian Assange and fail to defend his human rights.”

Australia: Another Sydney apartment block evacuated over major structural cracks
17 June 2019
The event underlines the escalating crisis in housing and apartment building and the cost-cutting methods used during the past two decades.

Two protesters arrested at Melbourne rally in defence of Assange
17 June 2019
The arrests were aimed at intimidating supporters of WikiLeaks and preventing broader layers from joining the campaign to defend Assange and all democratic rights.

Australian Labor Party leader reinforces pro-business message by denouncing building union official
14 June 2019
The John Setka affair is an initial “test” set by the corporate elite for the Labor and union leaders of their capacity to suppress rising working-class unrest.

Australia’s industrial tribunal maintains poverty-level minimum wage
13 June 2019
The ruling is part of a decades-long assault on workers’ pay and conditions enforced by successive governments and the trade unions.

Australian journalist calls on colleagues to defend Assange
12 June 2019
Andrew Fowler warned: “If Assange is left to swing in the breeze, it will be an open invitation for any journalist, anywhere in the world, to be extradited to the US.”

Australian Labor Party’s hypocrisy on police media raids exposed
12 June 2019
The opposition Labor Party has joined hands with the ruling Coalition to pass legislation handing unprecedented powers to the police and intelligence agencies.

SEP (Australia) calls rallies demanding freedom for Julian Assange
11 June 2019
The protests will demand that the Australian government take immediate action to prevent the WikiLeaks founder's extradition to the US and secure his complete freedom.

Australia: Worst economic slowdown since global financial crisis
11 June 2019
US-China trade war fears are compounding the impact of falling house prices, plunging construction work and declining real wages.

US issues formal request for Assange’s extradition
11 June 2019
The Trump administration is pressing ahead with its attempt to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder over his role in the exposure of US war crimes and diplomatic conspiracies.

Australian workers and youth defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning
10 June 2019
“Assange is a genius and a hero and if it wasn’t for him, people around the world would not know about government war crimes and other illegal things that they have been doing.”

Australia: Telstra to destroy 10,000 contract jobs over two years
10 June 2019
The announcement of new sackings targeting contractors coincided with reports that Telstra has already eliminated many of the 9,500 permanent jobs it is seeking to destroy by 2022.

Australian media workers denounce police raids
8 June 2019
ABC workers spoke of their shock and alarm at the arrival of federal police in their building.

Australian police chief links media raids to US-led “Five Eyes” spy network
8 June 2019
Gaughan’s statement points to the targeting of journalists in order to cover up Washington’s preparations for wars and mass political surveillance.

Murder of homeless woman in Melbourne a result of housing and mental health crisis
7 June 2019
The tragedy exposes a deep crisis within Australia’s healthcare system, which leaves scores of young people and workers unable to receive the treatment they often desperately need.