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Australia: Union officials desperately trying to prevent NSW rail strike
20 January 2018
The union has held backroom discussions with the government to suppress the stoppage, fearing it could become the focal point of a broader movement of the working class.

Australian power workers vote for industrial action
20 January 2018
The overwhelming vote to strike reflects widespread anger over years of cost cutting, including a de facto wage freeze, enforced by the trade unions.

Students and staff to bear brunt of latest Australian university funding cut
20 January 2018
A two-year freeze on funding for undergraduate enrolments will be followed by pro-business “performance targets” imposed on university funding.

With Indo-Pacific tensions rising, Japan and Australia strengthen military ties
19 January 2018
Turnbull’s visit to Tokyo constitutes another warning that all the major powers in the region are preparing for war.

Australia: NSW state government axes longstanding reading program from public schools
19 January 2018
“Reading Recovery” has been taught for more than 30 years, achieving significant results in improving literacy among disadvantaged students across New South Wales.

Australia: New South Wales rail workers to strike for 24 hours
18 January 2018
The rail union is seeking to prevent the stoppage, which reflects explosive anger among workers over the gutting of wages and conditions.

Australian media promotes fascists amid growing racist hysteria over “African gangs”
16 January 2018
Channel 7 news aired an “exclusive” report on a meeting of fascistic organisations, promoting their vigilantism as “a kind of neighbourhood watch.”

Australia: Continuing chaos on Sydney’s trains
16 January 2018
Amid ongoing delays and service cancellations, it emerged that Sydney Trains cut the number of station staff by more than a quarter between 2013-14 and last financial year.

Australian workers, youth speak out against witch-hunt over “African gangs”
13 January 2018
World Socialist Web Site reporters conducted interviews about the xenophobic “anti-gang” campaign being fuelled by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his government, in tandem with the

Australian government spent $4 billion last year repelling or detaining refugees
12 January 2018
Budget estimates reveal the massive cost of Australia’s anti-asylum measures.

Australia: Sydney’s train system in a shambles
12 January 2018
Thousands of commuters were left stranded this week, with delays and cancellations revealing an infrastructure and public transport crisis.

Prolonged fall in average Australian living standards
11 January 2018
The ever-greater gap between the fortunes of the wealthy and the deteriorating circumstances of working class families is escalating class tensions.

Australian minister lashes out at China over Pacific aid
11 January 2018
Fierravanti-Wells declared that China was “duchessing” politicians in the Pacific, lending funds on unfavourable terms and financing worthless construction projects.

Australia: Port Kembla Coal Terminal locks out workers
10 January 2018
The move is part of a stepped-up offensive against mining, haulage and ports workers.

Australian aged care workers confront worsening conditions
9 January 2018
Decades of government funding cuts, combined with the rise of corporate profit-making operators, have led to severe under-staffing.

South Australian Labor government slashes public sector jobs
8 January 2018
The sackings indicate that the state election this March will be dominated by further austerity commitments from the main parties.

Australian rail union collaborating with Pacific National to impose sell-out agreement
8 January 2018
The RTBU deal further erodes working conditions, real wages and opens the way for increased casualisation.

Australia: Ex-general agitates for stepped-up war preparations
6 January 2018
Creating a militarily “self-reliant” Australia is becoming the pretext for expanding the armed forces, and making a greater contribution to the operations of its American ally.

Australia continues punitive treatment of refugees on Manus Island
5 January 2018
Despite protests and UN condemnations of Australia, the detainees confront worsening conditions.

Australian government promotes racist diversion over so-called “African gangs”
5 January 2018
Turnbull has sent a clear message that his government’s agenda for 2018 will consist of draconian new “law and order” measures, along with nationalist and racist hysteria.

Australian Council of Trade Unions launches cynical campaign against casual employment
4 January 2018
The unions, working with successive Labor and conservative governments, have played the central role in the destruction of full-time jobs.

Australian police handed more military weaponry
30 December 2017
The provision of assault rifles to the New South Wales riot squad is part of an international process of police militarisation to deal with growing social tensions.

Australian dramatic arts workers defend Geoffrey Rush, denounce #MeToo witch-hunt
29 December 2017
“There’s nothing progressive about the #MeToo campaign. Its methods attack long established legal rights.”

Australian car attack highlights mental healthcare crisis
29 December 2017
The political and media establishment has sought to channel the natural humanitarian response toward the victims in a reactionary direction.

Amazon begins operations in Australia
28 December 2017
Amazon is notorious internationally for its appalling treatment of warehouse workers.

Australian retail union reportedly signs another wage-cutting deal with Woolworths
27 December 2017
The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association is acting as an arm of Woolworths management in its drive to slash wages in response to Amazon’s Australian opening.

Toxic contamination zone expanded around Australia’s Williamtown air force base
27 December 2017
The suddenly re-drawn “red zone” encompasses another 250 households who were previously told that their properties were not affected and no health precautions were necessary.

First “foreign fighter” arrest in Australia
23 December 2017
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton seized upon Betka’s arrest to justify the creation of the government’s “security” super-ministry.

Australian university overturns student union election result
22 December 2017
The University of Wollongong administration’s intervention is part of a broader crackdown on students’ democratic rights across the country.

Mentally ill man drives vehicle into crowd in Melbourne, Australia
22 December 2017
Police initially said they had no evidence of any connection to terrorism but the authorities may still be seeking to link the incident to Islamic-inspired terrorism.

Australian cabinet reshuffle highlights underlying political turmoil
21 December 2017
Three new super-ministries point to an agenda of war preparations, social spending cuts and attacks on working conditions.

SEP meeting attendees speak about the Russian Revolution
20 December 2017
A diverse cross-section of workers, students and young people attended Socialist Equality Party meetings [link] in Sydney and in Wellington, New Zealand, last week, entitled “100 years on: The signi

Australian and New Zealand Trotskyists hold powerful Russian Revolution centenary meetings
20 December 2017
Those in attendance responded with enthusiastic applause to the speakers’ contributions and to the answers to the questions from audience members.

Australian government ends year with more austerity cuts
20 December 2017
The “improvement” to the budget is coming from the ongoing assault on the living standards of the working class.

Australian government returns refugees to Sri Lanka
19 December 2017
Successive Labor and Liberal-National governments have forcibly deported asylum-seekers to Colombo, where they face imprisonment and torture.

Australian by-election underscores ongoing political instability
19 December 2017
The campaign in the Sydney seat of Bennelong was dominated by mutual political mudslinging and the promotion of anti-Chinese xenophobia.

Australia high court ruling imposes greater restrictions on industrial action
16 December 2017
The court decision is another means for banning industrial action and imposing heavy fines and penalties on workers seeking to defend their wages and conditions.

Beijing warns against Australia’s anti-China campaign
15 December 2017
The Chinese regime is fearful that the Australian government’s draconian “foreign interference” legislation could be used as a precedent by the US and its allies.

Construction worker killed in horrific incident at Australian gas project
15 December 2017
The tragic death at the INPEX gas project was not an aberration but the result of increasing company productivity demands ratified by the unions.

Australian union imposes cost-cutting deal on Hunter Valley miners
13 December 2017
Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union agreements with Glencore in New South Wales will allow the international mining giant to further boost its profits.

Australian Labor senator resigns amid anti-China witch-hunt
13 December 2017
Dastyari was denounced as a “double agent” for his dealings with Chinese businessmen in a McCarthyite campaign spearheaded by the establishment media and intelligence agencies.

Australian workers, actors, filmmakers oppose the “trial by media” of Geoffrey Rush
11 December 2017
“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this kind of thing only happens to celebrities.”

Anti-China witch-hunt in Australia escalates
11 December 2017
The campaign is being driven by the Australian intelligence agencies—backed to the hilt by Washington—amid the growing danger of a US war against North Korea and China.

Australian maritime union maintains picket at Victorian port
9 December 2017
The MUA’s real concern is to advance itself as an industrial police force for the company against the workers.

Stephen Sewell denounces media witch-hunt against Geoffrey Rush
9 December 2017
The Australian screen writer, playwright and novelist draws out the dangerous political implications of the trial by media persecution of Geoffrey Rush.

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush fights back, suing Daily Telegraph for defamation
9 December 2017
Many in the industry are deeply opposed to this new McCarthyism and they are starting to speak out.

Australia: Lowest consumer spending since global financial crisis
8 December 2017
Consumption spending is being dragged down by historically low wage growth, rising energy costs and high debt levels.

Underpayment of international students and backpackers commonplace in Australia
7 December 2017
Thousands of young people temporarily working in Australia are paid less than the official minimum wage and a small but significant minority work under slave-like conditions.

China condemns Australian “anti-China hysteria and paranoia”
7 December 2017
The Chinese embassy statement followed the announcement of new legislation expanding treason and espionage laws and outlawing “foreign interference” in Australian politics.

Workers and youth discuss the Russian Revolution at SEP meetings
7 December 2017
“People can’t afford to live in today’s world, and this is something that needs to be changed… fighting for socialism is not a lifestyle, it’s a fight for survival.”

Australia: Socialist Equality Party holds successful meetings on Russian Revolution
7 December 2017
SEP National Secretary James Cogan told the Melbourne meeting that the Russian Revolution was the most progressive social and political event of the 20th century

Australian government foreshadows draconian anti-foreign interference laws
6 December 2017
The new laws are aimed at criminalising anti-war opposition as Australia integrates into the US military build-up in Asia and its drive to war against North Korea and China.

Australian foreign policy White Paper underscores danger of war
5 December 2017
The document reflects the rising anxieties in ruling circles over the breakdown of the post-World War II order and the emergence of “a more competitive and contested world.”

Anti-China witch-hunt against Australian senator reveals extensive US-backed surveillance
5 December 2017
Extensive intelligence leaks are feeding a far-reaching media and political campaign, under pressure from Washington, to suppress alleged Chinese influence in Australia.

Acclaimed Australian actor Geoffrey Rush becomes the latest witch-hunt victim
2 December 2017
The Murdoch media is circulating unsubstantiated allegations, made by an unidentified individual, in an attempt to destroy Rush’s career.

Intelligence agency involved in latest Australian “terror” scare
2 December 2017
ASIO’s involvement raises questions about the long record of the police and intelligence agencies seeking to recruit and manipulate vulnerable young men.

Australian banking inquiry backflip intensifies political crisis
1 December 2017
The royal commission is an attempt to divert back into official channels widespread public hostility toward the rapacious operations of the banks and finance houses.

Behind the anti-China witch-hunt against Australian senator
30 November 2017
The denunciations of Sam Dastyari are aimed at intimidating all anti-war opposition as the US intensifies its war drive against North Korea and China.

Queensland election shocks intensify breakup of Australian political establishment
29 November 2017
The results indicate an acceleration in the fragmentation of support for the two-party setup that held together the official political framework for decades.

Australian government supports brutal assault on Manus Island refugees
27 November 2017
Turnbull’s government openly backed the violent eviction from the Australian-controlled detention camp, as part of its message to asylum seekers globally.

Queensland voters voice disgust and discuss socialism
27 November 2017
At voting stations in working class Inala, people spoke about the conditions they face and their distrust in the political system.

Queensland election: Another blow to Australia’s two-party system
27 November 2017
More than 30 years of attacks on working class jobs, living conditions and basic services, have led to deep political disaffection.

Downward pressure on Australian wages becoming the “new normal”
25 November 2017
Continued slow growth in wages has been a “distinguishing feature” of the Australian economy in the past few years, according to the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Australia: Union negotiates cost-cutting deal at Streets ice-cream
25 November 2017
Streets workers must reject the latest union-company deal which opens the way for increased productivity and even higher profits for the giant Unilever-owned corporation.

Australian government oversees police attacks on Manus Island refugees
24 November 2017
One of the asylum-seekers reported that yesterday’s violent incursion by Papua New Guinea state forces was directed by a representative of the Australian Federal Police.

Queensland election highlights political crisis across Australia
24 November 2017
The seething hostility to the two “major” parties is the product of decades of mounting attacks on the jobs, living standards and basic services of the working class.

Australian Greens use dual citizenship witch-hunt to cement right-wing credentials
23 November 2017
The Greens have been the chief proponents of a nationalist campaign in recent months demanding that parliamentarians hold “undivided allegiance” to the Australian state.

Besieged Australian government postpones parliament
22 November 2017
The present turmoil is another milestone in the breakdown of the two-party system that has prevailed since World War II.

Australian wage growth continues downward trend
20 November 2017
Real wages in Australia are now only 0.1 percent above where they were more than four years ago and there is no end in sight to the worsening situation.

Australian mining union imposes 25 percent pay cut at Griffin Coal
20 November 2017
The CFMEU struck a sell-out deal which includes sweeping wage reductions and the gutting of conditions, despite significant opposition from workers.

Australia: Liberals strike Queensland election deal with One Nation
18 November 2017
Popular hostility toward the traditional ruling parties, the Coalition and Labor, has reached such heights that both are increasingly unable to form majority governments.

Australian unions push another sell-out agreement at Western Sydney University
17 November 2017
The NTEU is attempting to impose another retrograde enterprise deal that will assist management to deepen cuts to jobs and conditions.

The global processes behind the parliamentary crisis in Australia
17 November 2017
The witch-hunt against “dual citizens” in parliament is part of a calculated attempt to create a war-time political atmosphere.

The Gonski “needs-based” school funding fraud in Australia
16 November 2017
Gonski’s funding formula obliterates any significant distinction between public, Catholic and corporate schools.

After Yes vote for same-sex marriage, Australian government moves to entrench discrimination
16 November 2017
For all the proclamations of a “democratic triumph,” the exercise set a reactionary precedent for plebiscites on fundamental democratic rights.

The Gonski “needs-based” school funding fraud in Australia
15 November 2017
David Gonski is among the most trusted lieutenants of the corporate, financial and political elites.

Doctor describes “shameful” medical neglect at Australian refugee prison camp
15 November 2017
Asylum seekers detained in Nauru are “wilfully coming to medical harm” at the Australian government’s orders.

Trump’s Asia tour leaves region on brink of trade war and military conflict
15 November 2017
President Trump’s bellicose rhetoric, on both North Korea and trade, cannot obscure the fact that his trip marks a new nadir in the strategic position of US imperialism.

Citizenship witch-hunt escalates after Australian government loses majority
13 November 2017
In a McCarthyite process, every member of parliament now has 18 days to prove they are not entitled to dual citizenship.

National Australia Bank to eliminate 6,000 jobs
13 November 2017
The gutting of bank jobs and services has accelerated since the Keating Labor government began the privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank in 1991.

Australian government gives green light for violence against refugees at Manus Island
11 November 2017
The entire Australian political establishment is responsible for the desperate plight of the 600 men in the detention camp.

MP disqualification crisis engulfs Australian government
10 November 2017
A full-scale McCarthyite witch-hunt is underway, with every MP being required to prove their citizenship “purity.”

Australian contract company continues assault on maintenance workers
9 November 2017
The unions are isolating 200 workers confronting UGL’s attempts to tear up existing wages and conditions.

Australia: Queensland Labor backflips on support for Adani mine
8 November 2017
Labor’s long record of support for corporate giants like Adani has opened the door for the reactionary One Nation party to prey upon social devastation and discontent.

Complaints soar against Australian government’s welfare agency
7 November 2017
Millions of welfare recipients were unable to contact Centrelink, the agency that administers their payments, causing enormous frustration and anger.

Australia: Thousands protest persecution of refugees on Manus Island
6 November 2017
Rally organisers sought to divert widespread anger over the dire plight of 600 refugees behind impotent appeals to the Coalition government, and support for Labor’s re-election.

Families worse off under Australia’s privatised disability scheme
6 November 2017
Participants in the scheme must “buy” services from private operators, with their funds set by care plans imposed by a cost-cutting government agency.

Australian government starves refugees on Manus Island
4 November 2017
Contractors hired by the Liberal-National government emptied water tanks before leaving the facility Tuesday, while the Papua New Guinea navy is blocking emergency food deliveries.

Australian rail union suspends industrial action in Pacific National dispute
2 November 2017
The Rail, Tram and Bus Union called off all industrial action as it moved to broker another sell-out agreement.

More MPs face disqualification after Australian Senate president quits
2 November 2017
Parry’s resignation demonstrates that what has become, in effect, a nationalist purge of parliament, is far from over.

Refugees on Manus Island face catastrophe at hands of Australian detention regime
1 November 2017
Asylum seekers have been left without food, water and electricity, and face the prospect of an armed assault by Papua New Guinea police and military personnel.

Australia: Possible Woolworths strikes spark warnings of a broader wages movement
31 October 2017
As many as 2,000 workers at four major warehouses are set to take industrial action over wages and conditions in the next two months.

Early Queensland election points to political instability in Australia
31 October 2017
The snap poll could signal a new stage in the decay of the two-party system that has prevailed in Australia since World War II.

High Court disqualifies five MPs, demanding “single-minded loyalty” to Australia
28 October 2017
The entire political establishment has immediately lined up behind the anti-democratic and deeply reactionary ruling.

100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today
28 October 2017
The Russian Revolution stands as irrefutable proof that the working class—providing it is guided by a genuine Marxist perspective and leadership—can overthrow the outmoded social relations of capi

Australian troops sent to the Philippines despite end of Marawi siege
27 October 2017
Another far-reaching military commitment has been made without any parliamentary debate, let alone any approval by the Australian population.

Australian statistics show collapse in manufacturing, mounting jobs crisis
27 October 2017
Part-time and precarious employment accounts for an ever-greater proportion of the workforce.

Free, high quality public education is a social right! Join the Committee For Public Education!
27 October 2017
Australia has one of the most unequal and privatised school systems in the world.

Australian government orders police raids on union offices
26 October 2017
Australia increasingly resembles a police state, with well-publicized raids carried out in pursuit of unstated political aims.

Australia: Social devastation looms over Latrobe Valley
26 October 2017
Today’s widespread poverty, unemployment and social problems are the result of decades of job destruction imposed by successive governments, assisted by the trade unions.