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Australian government to establish a “security” super-ministry
20 July 2017
Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement represents another major step toward creating a police-state apparatus.

Australian governments continue to cover-up unsafe buildings
20 July 2017
Five weeks after the Grenfell Tower fire, only a handful of flammable-clad buildings have been identified and nothing has been done to prevent a potential disaster.

Two Greens senators in Australia resign over dual citizenship
19 July 2017
The sudden departure of the two deputy leaders of the Greens underscores the deepening crisis of the party and the entire parliamentary set-up.

Australian government seeks new military call-out powers
19 July 2017
The changes will mean that heavily-armed troops can be mobilised to suppress social and political unrest.

Local residents speak out over toxic recycling plant
17 July 2017
Coolaroo and Dallas residents in Melbourne’s northern suburbs spoke to World Socialist Web Site reporters, denouncing government and environmental protection authorities over their response

Australia: Hundreds evacuated after toxic blaze at Melbourne recycling plant
17 July 2017
The SKM fire is a product of the systematic gutting of environmental health and safety regulations, as well as town planning and construction guidelines.

Australian government shuts off power to refugees imprisoned on Manus Island
17 July 2017
Parts of the camp have been demolished and the Internet facility was taken away, leaving mobile phones as the only connection for detainees to the outside world.

Australian unions isolate miners facing attacks on pay and conditions
15 July 2017
The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union has restricted the Glencore workers to token stoppages.

Australian cricket pay dispute escalates
15 July 2017
Cricketing administrators are seeking to boost their control over billions of dollars of broadcasting and online streaming revenue.

Australian prime minister’s London speech highlights political turmoil
14 July 2017
Malcolm Turnbull’s July 10 address was an obvious bid to rebuke his predecessor Tony Abbott, underscoring the rifts tearing apart the Liberal Party.

Leaked reports expose Australian war crimes in Afghanistan
13 July 2017
The atrocities, only partly revealed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, underscore the inherently criminal character of the US-led Afghanistan war.

Australian building experts discuss the Grenfell Tower fire
12 July 2017
“Fire safety is more important than the façade of a building,” building inspector says.

Australia: Unanswered questions over police killing of Melbourne teenager
12 July 2017
Australia’s intelligence agency ASIO appears to have been in communication with Numan Haider before police shot him.

Australian government summarily deports more Sri Lankan refugees
11 July 2017
Six asylum seekers were captured by the Australian Navy and forcibly deported to face possible torture and imprisonment.

More Australian workers killed in preventable workplace incidents
11 July 2017
The number of industry-related fatalities this year is on track to match or exceed the grim toll in 2016 when 178 workers were killed.

Australia: Lacrosse apartment residents speak out over Grenfell Tower disaster
10 July 2017
Almost three years after Melbourne’s Lacrosse apartment block caught fire, the building’s flammable cladding remains in place.

High Court challenge imperils Australian government
10 July 2017
A disqualification of Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie, a National Party MP, could reduce the government to minority status.

Rifts widen in the Australian Greens
8 July 2017
Underlying the divisions is the fact that the Greens have evolved over the past two decades into the party of “green” business.

Australian Labor and union leaders seek to head off workers’ discontent
7 July 2017
Speeches at last week’s ACTU 90th anniversary dinner signal desperate efforts to promote the return of another pro-business Labor government.

Studies reveal stark health divide in Australia
6 July 2017
People in working class areas die younger and have almost double the rates of poor health compared to residents of wealthier suburbs.

Australian government lines up behind US threats to North Korea and China
6 July 2017
Canberra’s statement closely echoed Washington’s assertions that North Korea now constitutes a threat to the entire world.

The Grenfell Tower disaster: A crime against the working class
5 July 2017
Homes, schools, hospitals and other public buildings must be made safe. The criminals in high places must be brought to justice.

US Studies Centre touts significance of US-Australian investment ties
4 July 2017
The Sydney University think-tank launched a new project amid intense pressure by Washington on Canberra not to turn away from the US alliance.

Australian workers and youth speak out on Grenfell Tower tragedy
3 July 2017
Those who spoke to the WSWS drew parallels between the London fire and the undermining of building regulations in Australia.

Australian Education Union pushes through pro-market workplace agreement in Victoria
1 July 2017
Endorsement of the agreement opens the way for an acceleration of the destructive pro-market agenda that has created a systemic crisis in public education.

Australian unions help impose cuts to federal pay and conditions
1 July 2017
The unions’ aim was to wear down workers’ resistance and retain their own position at the negotiating table.

Australian government ministers make last-minute apology in terrorism contempt case
1 July 2017
If the ministers had not retracted their comments, they could have been prosecuted for contempt of court, endangering the Turnbull government’s survival.

Infighting re-erupts in Australian government
30 June 2017
The factional warfare is a symptom of a deeper political crisis, which has seen governments, both Liberal-National and Labor, fall in rapid succession since 2007.

Australian state government and unions collaborate in teacher’s dismissal under “TIP”
29 June 2017
The New South Wales Teachers Federation and the state government are using the Teacher Improvement Program (TIP) procedure to victimise highly-experienced teachers and replace them with lower-paid you

Factional conflict wracks Australian Greens
29 June 2017
While the majority faction seeks to demonstrate its parliamentary “relevance,” another faction fears that the entire political establishment—including the Greens—could be by-passed by an erupt

Major crisis in Australian public school infrastructure
28 June 2017
The Grattan Institute projects that 400 to 750 new public schools will need to be built over the next decade, to cater for approximately 650,000 additional students.

Australian university staff face cuts to pay, jobs and basic rights
28 June 2017
Government funding cuts are accelerating the pro-business restructuring of higher education that began three decades ago.

Australian construction union’s bogus campaign against industrial laws
27 June 2017
The CFMEU’s chief aim is to maintain its own privileged seat at the negotiating table and divert mounting anger among construction workers into electoral support for the Labor Party.

Flammable cladding rife in Australian construction industry
27 June 2017
The dangers of aluminium composite panels were known to building authorities and relevant government ministers long before the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Australian government’s $70 million court settlement covers up crimes against refugees
26 June 2017
A lawsuit by Manus Island detainees was halted to prevent a detailed exposure of the abuses inflicted by successive governments.

Ex-CIA chief calls for “firm” Australian action against China
26 June 2017
David Petraeus’ appearance at the Liberal Party dinner was the latest intervention into Australian politics by visiting senior figures within the US military-intelligence complex.

Australia sends spy planes to join US military intervention in the Philippines
24 June 2017
Although the initial deployment consists of just two aircraft, they will form part of an intensive operation by US Special Forces.

Australian parliament’s late-night “Gonski” sitting highlights political instability
23 June 2017
After weeks of backroom deal-making, the Senate finally rubberstamped the regressive school-funding bill.

Australian intelligence agency demands sweeping powers to suppress Chinese “interference”
22 June 2017
ASIO asserts that political opposition to Australian and US policy toward China could be the result of “foreign influence.”

Australia: Telstra announces 1,400 job cuts
21 June 2017
The sackings are the latest in a series of pro-market restructures that have destroyed up to 6,000 jobs since 2013.

Australian miners strike against Glencore cost-cutting
20 June 2017
Some 1,400 coal miners took industrial action against the transnational mining and resources conglomerate’s attempts to slash working conditions.

Labour’s share of Australian GDP falls to record low
17 June 2017
The new figures underscore the consequences of the intensified assault on the social position of workers, amid a deepening economic crisis.

Energy policy impasse highlights Australian political disarray
16 June 2017
This week’s events in Canberra are symbolic of the wider paralysis engulfing the Coalition government.

Australian prime minister ridicules Trump as a buffoon and Russian stooge
16 June 2017
Malcolm Turnbull wanted his resentment of, and contempt for, the American president made public.

Australian government demands “patriotic” citizenship tests
15 June 2017
The government has seized upon the latest alleged terrorist attacks to justify measures to deny citizenship on a range of discriminatory grounds.

Australian media widens campaign against Chinese “influence”
14 June 2017
A witch-hunt against alleged Chinese interference in the country is assuming ever-more anti-democratic and sinister dimensions.

Australian state Labor government agrees to subsidise giant coal mine
13 June 2017
After weeks of posturing, the Queensland cabinet provided a lucrative royalties handout to Adani.

Australian state Labor government steps up punitive measures against youth
12 June 2017
The Victorian government is attacking the rights of young people as part of a broader “law and order” campaign.

Police “terror” raids in Australia mask unanswered questions about hostage incident
10 June 2017
As with nearly every terrorist-linked attack internationally, including in Manchester and London, the perpetrator was well known to the police and intelligence agencies.

Australia: Aurizon announces Queensland rail closures
10 June 2017
Up to 300 jobs are set to be eliminated, following hundreds of sackings over the past two years.

Former US director of national intelligence campaigns against Trump in Australia
9 June 2017
No journalist asked James Clapper the obvious question: why should any credibility be given to any claim he makes?

Vote No to the AEU-Labor government sell-out deal in Victoria!
9 June 2017
The chronic underfunding, under-resourcing and under-staffing of public schools is driving many parents to send their children to private schools.

Australian economy barely avoids contraction
8 June 2017
Without spending by deeply-indebted households, the country would officially be in recession.

Australian government exploits hostage-taking to escalate “war on terror”
7 June 2017
The evidence points to a deeply troubled young man with a long history of drug addiction, being preyed upon by both Islamic fundamentalists and the police-intelligence agencies.

Australian establishment falls into line with anti-China allegations
7 June 2017
Fears about growing anti-war sentiment motivate efforts to develop suspicion and hostility towards China.

Preventable deaths quadruple in Australian nursing homes over ten years
7 June 2017
The leader of the study said the data revealed a “systems problem” across the aged-care sector.

Australian authorities label Melbourne hostage incident a “terrorist” attack
6 June 2017
Before any of the facts were known, newspapers featured front-page stories depicting the incident as an Islamic State assault.

US, Australian officials warn China over North Korea, South China Sea
6 June 2017
The comments were directed not only at China but also Asian nations such as the Philippines that have tilted toward Beijing in a bid to boost economic relations.

Australian media renews campaign against Chinese “power and influence”
6 June 2017
As tensions rise between China on the one hand, and the US and its allies on the other, the Australian establishment is launching, once again, an anti-Chinese campaign.

“Catastrophic failure” of regulators led to black lung among Australian miners
5 June 2017
Queensland authorities failed to look for, or properly identify, coal miners’ pneumoconiosis for more than 30 years.

Socialist Equality Party forum discusses agenda behind Australian Education Union sell-out deal
5 June 2017
A clear relationship exists between the anti-democratic, bureaucratic tactics employed by the AEU to obtain a majority “yes” vote and the regressive, pro-market content of its 2017 agreement.

Australian city council locks out electricians for imposing work bans
3 June 2017
The Brisbane City Council’s aggressive action underscores the determination of governments and employers across the country to dismantle workers’ conditions.

Shangri La Dialogue: US Defence Secretary, Australian PM threaten North Korea, China
3 June 2017
The premier Asian strategic conference is taking place as the US threatens war against North Korea and continues its relentless military build-up.

Melbourne airport incident raises questions about Australian “terrorism” scare campaigns
2 June 2017
The police transformed an episode involving a mentally-ill young man into another major terrorist operation.

Reports expose Australian government coverup of armed attack on Manus Island detainees
2 June 2017
The Good Friday assault highlighted the dangers facing the more than 800 male asylum seekers held on the remote island.

Australian timber mill slated to close
1 June 2017
The closure, in the state of Victoria, is part of a restructuring by Carter Holt Harvey and other producers across the timber industry.

More warnings of a housing-led crash in Australia
1 June 2017
Any sharp downturn in the debt-fuelled property market would have far-reaching economic and political consequences.

Senator John McCain visits Australia to reinforce US alliance
31 May 2017
McCain issued appeals and warnings to the Australian ruling class not to deviate from its strategic alignment with the US.

Australia’s billionaires celebrate a “wealth boom”
29 May 2017
During 2016, the total wealth of the Rich 200 List mushroomed from $197.3 billion to $233.1 billion—a rise of about 18 percent—while average real wages fell.

One thousand staff stood-down after private college collapses in Australia
27 May 2017
The closure of Careers Australia, which had been accused of dubious enrolment practices, was apparently triggered by the withdrawal of substantial government funds.

Australian inquest into Sydney siege whitewashes unanswered questions
25 May 2017
The coroner’s report admits that a mentally-disturbed individual took the hostages, and that he had been under close surveillance by police and intelligence agencies for a long time.

S&P downgrades small banks amid warnings of Australian housing slowdown
24 May 2017
The international credit ratings agency said its decision, which affects 23 financial institutions, was based on the likelihood of a sharp “correction” of the property market bubble.

Australian government demonises “fake refugees”
24 May 2017
Thousands of asylum seekers face forced removal to their countries of origin if they do not complete complex visa applications by October 1.

Australian building workers hit by construction company collapse
23 May 2017
The Brisbane shut-down is another indicator of the danger of a wider collapse in the residential construction boom, threatening tens of thousands of jobs.

Australia: Teachers explain why the AEU-government deal should be rejected
22 May 2017
“The union has become the policeman to enforce agreements that sell our conditions down the drain.”

The political issues in the fight against the AEU-Labor government EBA
20 May 2017
The forum on May 28 will present a detailed critique of the Australian Education Union’s sell-out deal with the Andrews Labor government, and clarify why teachers and ES staff should reject it.

Australian budget fallout deepens political crisis
20 May 2017
The conclusion is being drawn in corporate boardrooms that Turnbull has failed, generating fractures throughout the parliamentary order.

Student protests in Australia promote Labor and the Greens
20 May 2017
The poorly attended demonstrations reflected alienation from the NUS and its support for the major parliamentary parties.

Australia: Contract teacher voices opposition to the AEU-government agreement
20 May 2017
“I feel as though we’re teaching to a test, and not spending enough time on building our relationship with our students, and building on their strengths.”

Falling wages fuel social crisis in Australia
19 May 2017
Real wages have been declining for four years, driven by the destruction of full-time jobs and the forcing of workers into part-time employment.

Sydney bus drivers strike against privatisation
19 May 2017
The transport union has appealed to the government for “consultation,” underscoring its willingness to collaborate with privatisation.

Australian teachers support campaign against AEU-government deal
18 May 2017
Teachers who attended recent delegates meetings on the new enterprise agreement voiced support for a “No” vote.

Teachers criticise anti-democratic character of AEU delegates’ meetings
17 May 2017
“I think people voted without understanding the nitty-gritty of the agreement.”

A socialist perspective to fight the government assault on education and the drive to war
17 May 2017
The National Union of Students called protests today to confine the growing anger of students to impotent protest appeals to the Labor Party, the Greens and the populist “cross-bench” parties in t

Australian Education Union pushes through industrial agreement at delegates’ meetings
16 May 2017
SEP members and supporters who work in public education are campaigning for a “No” vote among rank-and-file teachers and ES staff.

Australia: Tribunal to hear challenge to union-company wage-cutting deal
16 May 2017
The unions and the major corporations are fearful that the case against the deal threatens the entire pro-business framework of enterprise bargaining.

Australian Labor’s budget reply and the fear of political unrest
13 May 2017
Shorten’s reply to the budget was a populist attempt to revive illusions that Labor is the “lesser evil.”

Australian budget: Drug-testing intensifies war on welfare
12 May 2017
The measures are aimed at humiliating, vilifying and punishing the jobless, and stripping them of basic legal and democratic rights.

The political issues facing Fairfax workers
11 May 2017
The end of the week-long strike and the commitment of the media union to resume back-room negotiations for the destruction of jobs, poses major political issues before Fairfax workers.

Australian budget set to heighten social and political antagonisms
10 May 2017
On every front, the budget seeks to deepen the decades-long assault on the living standards and social rights of the working class.

Australian media union shuts down week-long Fairfax journalists’ strike
10 May 2017
The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, having done everything to contain and weaken the strike, made clear that it will do nothing to oppose the axing of 125 jobs at Fairfax.

Australian rail union responds to Pacific National lockout by resuming talks
9 May 2017
The union will use the negotiating period to try and dissipate anger among freight drivers to the proposed cuts to their wages and conditions.

Trump and Australian PM Turnbull stage mutual embrace in New York
6 May 2017
A ceremonial dinner to highlight the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea against Japan became a platform for vows to “fight together” in Asia and the Middle East.

Australia: Fairfax journalists strike, but union appeals to corporate investors
6 May 2017
The sackings, which follow almost a decade of cost-cutting, will eviscerate Fairfax Media newspapers and lead to further job destruction.

Australian Fairfax journalists strike for a week over job destruction
4 May 2017
By launching the longest strike by editorial staff in recent history, the Fairfax workers are taking a stand against the ongoing demolition of jobs by the financial elite.

Australia: Victorian teachers speak out against agreement after union delegate meeting
4 May 2017
Teachers raised concerns about the impact of growing workloads and the promotion of standardised testing in public schools.

Australia: Anzac Day and the official silence about anti-war opposition in WWI
4 May 2017
Contrary to government claims, Australia in 1917 was sharply divided along class lines and its involvement in World War I deeply unpopular.

Socialist Alternative joins pro-war witch-hunt of Australian academic
3 May 2017
The pseudo-left organisation endorsed the media attacks on Tim Anderson for rejecting the claims about chemical weapons used to justify Washington’s bombing of Syria.

Teachers oppose Australian Education Union sell-out deal at Victorian delegates meeting
3 May 2017
The Melbourne meeting revealed mounting hostility among teachers to the union’s bureaucratic methods and to the agreement itself.

Australian budget to slash welfare and education
2 May 2017
Cuts target the working class, as the government plans billions more for the military and handouts to big business.