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Australia: New “learning precinct” ties public schools to business
18 September 2017
The project has little to do with the quality of education; its priority is the Victorian state government’s relationship with the financial and corporate elites.

Australia launches three-month naval tour, directed against China
18 September 2017
The mission is unmistakably designed to reinforce the aggressive anti-Chinese drive by Washington.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific
16 September 2017
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Water contamination widespread across regional Australia
16 September 2017
In the past five years, more than 100,000 people have been issued with boil-water alerts.

Australia: Socialist Alternative supports nationalist witch-hunt over dual citizenship
15 September 2017
The pseudo-left organisation welcomed the anti-democratic campaign targeting parliamentarians accused of holding an “allegiance to a foreign power.”

More warnings of Australian property market crash
14 September 2017
With signs that the housing market could implode, millions of working people already face a mortgage debt crisis.

Australian television program highlights flammable cladding crisis
14 September 2017
Australian authorities have known of the dangers of the widely-used aluminium composite panel cladding for more than a decade.

Western Australian budget slashes thousands of public sector jobs
13 September 2017
Labor’s budget exposes the fraud of its posturing as an opponent of social inequality and as a party of “working people.”

Australia: Turnbull government expands “cashless welfare card”
12 September 2017
The punitive social welfare system is part of an escalating bi-partisan assault on the most vulnerable sections of society.

More Australian troops to be sent to the Philippines
12 September 2017
Australia’s involvement in the bogus “war against terrorism” in the Philippines is part of its commitment to Washington’s aggressive military build-up and actions in Asia.

Australian High Court sanctions deportations of Sri Lankan refugees
11 September 2017
The ruling is an indictment of the last Greens-backed Australian Labor government.

Australian High Court permits bogus postal vote on marriage equality
8 September 2017
The judges averted an immediate political crisis and gave the go-ahead for an unprecedented plebiscite on an elementary legal and democratic right.

Australian state government and health union shut down pathology strike
7 September 2017
The Health Services Union welcomed the Victorian Labor government’s application for the federal Fair Work Commission to ban the stoppage.

Australian governments knew about the dangers of airforce fire-fighting foam for decades
6 September 2017
The chemicals which are used in fire-fighting foam have been found at dangerous levels in water supplies near Royal Australian Air Force bases.

Australian parliament overshadowed by Korean war crisis and disqualification of MPs
6 September 2017
The parliamentary proceedings pointed to the close connection between the danger of war and the reactionary drive to ensure the undivided loyalty of all members of parliament.

The dual citizenship furore in the Australian parliament: What is at stake for the working class?
6 September 2017
The citizenship crisis is an attempt to suppress anti-war sentiment and class tensions by promoting nationalism and patriotism.

Australia: Socialist Alternative conference seeks new political trap for rising discontent
5 September 2017
The pseudo-left outfit signaled it will deepen its collaboration with Labor and the trade unions amid a crisis of the entire political establishment.

Australia: National Tertiary Education Union attempts to suppress struggle against job cuts at Western Sydney University
4 September 2017
The jobs of around 150 professional staff will be destroyed and all security employees retrenched, while other devastating cuts are being prepared.

Australian government strips asylum seekers of all housing and welfare payments
4 September 2017
The government’s actions have provoked widespread outrage, with thousands of people offering sanctuary to the refugees.

The rise of “edu-business” in Australian public schools
2 September 2017
In 2011, in his characteristically crude and cynical manner, Rupert Murdoch spelled out the agenda that now underlies the provision of so-called “public education” in Australia.

University of Sydney union branch stages protest strike over wages and conditions
2 September 2017
The NTEU is trying to channel workers’ anger as a bargaining chip to seal another regressive enterprise agreement with the management.

Australian government urges universities to tear up staff conditions
1 September 2017
The tertiary education trade unions will use this week’s Fair Work Commission ruling to intensify their work to stifle all resistance by increasingly discontented university workers.

Australian reports show declining incomes and soaring debt
31 August 2017
The ongoing property boom is forcing young people to live at home with their parents for longer, while creating a debt crisis for millions of working people.

Australian government offers to send troops to the Philippines
30 August 2017
Confronting a deepening political crisis at home, Malcolm Turnbull is seeking to don the mantle of a wartime prime minister.

Australian property bubble fuelling mortgage stress
30 August 2017
The divergence between soaring property prices and stagnating wages, along with a massive increase in debt, has sparked fears of a housing market crash.

Flammable cladding: Australian governments continue the political whitewash
26 August 2017
Government officials feign concern while issuing empty promises to try to politically deflect widespread concerns by residents and workers about at-risk buildings.

Turnbull government defends reported killing of Australian children in Syria
25 August 2017
If proven, it would be the first known case of the government facilitating the targeted assassination of Australian citizens since the “war on terrorism” was launched.

Australian history curator Laila Ellmoos discusses 1917: The Great Strike with the WSWS
25 August 2017
“It was a complex strike, but the volume and power of these numbers was extraordinary.”

Pine Gap base automatically involves Australia in US wars
24 August 2017
Secret documents show the facility’s role has increasingly shifted from spying to providing “real-time” data for military operations.

Australian High Court sanctions illegal detention of refugees in Papua New Guinea
24 August 2017
The judges rejected a challenge to incarceration on Manus Island despite the PNG Supreme Court last year ruling it was an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty.

1917: The Great Strike—an engrossing exhibition about mass walkouts in wartime Australia
24 August 2017
The exhibition is a useful antidote to the government’s glorification of Australian involvement in World War I and shows that the home-front was dominated by intense class battles.

Australia’s 1967 referendum, fifty years on
23 August 2017
In 1967 millions of Australians voted to change the constitution, in the hope that it would bring an end to the nearly two centuries of brutal oppression of the country’s Aboriginal population.

Papua New Guinea government deploys troops to quell opposition
22 August 2017
The government is expanding the military and police presence in the Highlands region to crackdown on opposition to an election that was dominated by accusations of fraud.

Young doctor suicides point to deteriorating conditions in Australia’s health system
22 August 2017
The ostensible concern of governments for the well-being of health professionals is belied by funding cuts that have stretched public hospitals to breaking point.

Australia’s refugee detention regime claims its fifth victim on Manus Island
19 August 2017
Hamid Shamshiripour’s story is one of immense psychological suffering, as well as abuse at the hands of guards, overseen by the Australian government.

Right-wing Australian senator stages anti-Muslim “stunt” in federal parliament
19 August 2017
Labor and Liberal-National MPs, who incessantly promote xenophobic nationalism, feigned moral outrage over Pauline Hanson entering parliament wearing a burka.

Another Australian cabinet minister faces disqualification
18 August 2017
A furore over dual citizenship of members of parliament is now throwing into doubt the survival of the Liberal-National Coalition government.

Australia: New laws force an end to Sydney tent city protest
17 August 2017
Police have been given specific powers to arrest homeless people in Sydney, Australia’s largest and least affordable city.

Australian Greens leaders air recriminations on TV
17 August 2017
The “Four Corners” episode indicates that the conflicts within the Greens, driven by the party’s declining support, may be heading toward a split.

Australian deputy prime minister facing disqualification as dual citizen
15 August 2017
The loss of the deputy prime minister’s vote would leave the Liberal-National government without a majority in the House of Representatives.

Australia: Life expectancy gap between rich and poor almost 20 years
14 August 2017
The staggering differences in health quality and life expectancy are a direct effect of widening social inequality.

Australian government commits to a US-led war on North Korea
12 August 2017
If the US triggers a war against North Korea, Australia will be involved immediately in a conflagration that could rapidly draw in China, a major nuclear power.

Australian government orders sham postal “survey” on same-sex marriage
11 August 2017
A fraud on every level, the non-binding postal vote has nothing to do with the long-overdue recognition of the basic legal and democratic rights of all couples.

Opioid-related deaths soaring in Australia
11 August 2017
New research points to a rapidly growing number of fatalities, far outstripping heroin overdose deaths.

An anti-democratic witch-hunt in Australia over dual citizenship
10 August 2017
Question marks are being placed over the basic democratic rights of millions of people who were born overseas or had a parent born overseas.

Australian government threatens police violence to remove Manus Island refugees
9 August 2017
Asylum seekers detained in Papua New Guinea are being physically forced to move to an insecure temporary transit centre.

Australian government staves off crisis over marriage equality
8 August 2017
The divisions over same-sex marriage are bound up with deeper rifts wracking the fragile government and the entire parliamentary establishment.

Charges against Australian “terror” suspects only raise new questions
5 August 2017
The laying of charges came as the government was increasingly under pressure to justify the police anti-terror raids and the subsequent turmoil created in Australian airports.

Australian unions, pseudo-left sign up to Labor’s re-election campaign
5 August 2017
Underlying the unions campaign is fear in ruling circles that widespread disaffection over social inequality threatens the stability of the parliamentary set-up.

Leaked transcripts provide ugly picture of Trump and Australian prime minister
4 August 2017
The phone calls displayed Trump’s thuggishness and readiness to bully other countries, including supposed allies, in line with his “America First” agenda.

Contradictions mount in latest Australian terrorism scare
3 August 2017
The release of one of the detained men without charge raises further questions about lurid claims of a supposed “aeroplane plot.”

Australia: Official figures continue to cloak jobs crisis
1 August 2017
The official employment report for June shows there is little to celebrate for the tens of thousands of people engaged in a daily search for work.

Government, media stoke fear following latest terrorist allegations in Australia
1 August 2017
If the men being held for interrogation are ultimately charged with conspiracy or other terrorist-related offences, it will be virtually impossible for them to receive a fair trial.

SEP meeting attendees speak on the Grenfell Tower tragedy
1 August 2017
Workers and young people spoke out about the parallels between the fire in London and unsafe building practices in Australia.

Meetings in Australia and New Zealand discuss international significance of Grenfell Tower disaster
1 August 2017
Speakers outlined the parallels between the fire in London, and the gutting of building safety regulations in Australia by successive Labor and Liberal-National governments.

Australian government implements far-reaching restructure of intelligence agencies
31 July 2017
The state apparatus is being prepared to repress political disaffection over deepening social inequality, austerity and the drive to war.

Terrorist plot allegedly prevented in Australia
31 July 2017
It is necessary for people to keep a grip on their critical faculties and their adherence to the fundamental democratic principle: innocent until proven guilty.

Australian police kill mentally-ill man at Sydney’s main train station
29 July 2017
Police shot a suicidal individual four times in the head and chest, even though he was holding only a pair of scissors.

Conflicts in Australian Greens driven by decline in support
28 July 2017
The integration of the Greens into the official political establishment is dispelling illusions that the party is any alternative to Labor and the Liberal-Nationals.

Murdoch media widens citizenship witch-hunt in Australian parliament
28 July 2017
The “MP fiasco” is intensifying the political instability produced by the growing collapse of popular support for the major parties.

Australian inquiry into dangerous building products: An exercise in political damage control
27 July 2017
Safety and building engineers condemn deregulation, privatisation of building inspection and government cost-cutting.

Bipartisan push in Australia for four-year parliaments
27 July 2017
This is a bid to shore up the political establishment and strengthen its capacity to impose deeply unpopular policies.

The Australian Education Union’s 2017 campaign of misinformation and censorship
26 July 2017
Union officials concealed that the EBA contains the adoption of measures proposed in the “Bracks Review,” which escalate the pro-market agenda now underpinning public education.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian dwellings unoccupied as housing crisis deepens
24 July 2017
The 2016 census found that just 31 percent of the population owned a home outright, a 10 percent decline over the past 25 years.

Disqualification threats hang over Australian MPs
22 July 2017
A witch hunt has been launched to identify every member of parliament who was born overseas or might have dual citizenship.

Australia: Anger grows over fire at Melbourne recycling plant
22 July 2017
Firefighting services have been called to the plant nine times in the last five years—four times this year, three times in 2015 and once in both 2012 and 2013.

Australian governments continue to cover-up unsafe buildings
20 July 2017
Five weeks after the Grenfell Tower fire, only a handful of flammable-clad buildings have been identified and nothing has been done to prevent a potential disaster.

Australian government to establish a “security” super-ministry
20 July 2017
Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement represents another major step toward creating a police-state apparatus.

Two Greens senators in Australia resign over dual citizenship
19 July 2017
The sudden departure of the two deputy leaders of the Greens underscores the deepening crisis of the party and the entire parliamentary set-up.

Australian government seeks new military call-out powers
19 July 2017
The changes will mean that heavily-armed troops can be mobilised to suppress social and political unrest.

Australia: Hundreds evacuated after toxic blaze at Melbourne recycling plant
17 July 2017
The SKM fire is a product of the systematic gutting of environmental health and safety regulations, as well as town planning and construction guidelines.

Australian government shuts off power to refugees imprisoned on Manus Island
17 July 2017
Parts of the camp have been demolished and the Internet facility was taken away, leaving mobile phones as the only connection for detainees to the outside world.

Local residents speak out over toxic recycling plant
17 July 2017
Coolaroo and Dallas residents in Melbourne’s northern suburbs spoke to World Socialist Web Site reporters, denouncing government and environmental protection authorities over their response

Australian unions isolate miners facing attacks on pay and conditions
15 July 2017
The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union has restricted the Glencore workers to token stoppages.

Australian cricket pay dispute escalates
15 July 2017
Cricketing administrators are seeking to boost their control over billions of dollars of broadcasting and online streaming revenue.

Australian prime minister’s London speech highlights political turmoil
14 July 2017
Malcolm Turnbull’s July 10 address was an obvious bid to rebuke his predecessor Tony Abbott, underscoring the rifts tearing apart the Liberal Party.

Leaked reports expose Australian war crimes in Afghanistan
13 July 2017
The atrocities, only partly revealed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, underscore the inherently criminal character of the US-led Afghanistan war.

Australia: Unanswered questions over police killing of Melbourne teenager
12 July 2017
Australia’s intelligence agency ASIO appears to have been in communication with Numan Haider before police shot him.

Australian building experts discuss the Grenfell Tower fire
12 July 2017
“Fire safety is more important than the façade of a building,” building inspector says.

Australian government summarily deports more Sri Lankan refugees
11 July 2017
Six asylum seekers were captured by the Australian Navy and forcibly deported to face possible torture and imprisonment.

More Australian workers killed in preventable workplace incidents
11 July 2017
The number of industry-related fatalities this year is on track to match or exceed the grim toll in 2016 when 178 workers were killed.

Australia: Lacrosse apartment residents speak out over Grenfell Tower disaster
10 July 2017
Almost three years after Melbourne’s Lacrosse apartment block caught fire, the building’s flammable cladding remains in place.

High Court challenge imperils Australian government
10 July 2017
A disqualification of Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie, a National Party MP, could reduce the government to minority status.

Rifts widen in the Australian Greens
8 July 2017
Underlying the divisions is the fact that the Greens have evolved over the past two decades into the party of “green” business.

Australian Labor and union leaders seek to head off workers’ discontent
7 July 2017
Speeches at last week’s ACTU 90th anniversary dinner signal desperate efforts to promote the return of another pro-business Labor government.

Australian government lines up behind US threats to North Korea and China
6 July 2017
Canberra’s statement closely echoed Washington’s assertions that North Korea now constitutes a threat to the entire world.

Studies reveal stark health divide in Australia
6 July 2017
People in working class areas die younger and have almost double the rates of poor health compared to residents of wealthier suburbs.

The Grenfell Tower disaster: A crime against the working class
5 July 2017
Homes, schools, hospitals and other public buildings must be made safe. The criminals in high places must be brought to justice.

US Studies Centre touts significance of US-Australian investment ties
4 July 2017
The Sydney University think-tank launched a new project amid intense pressure by Washington on Canberra not to turn away from the US alliance.

Australian workers and youth speak out on Grenfell Tower tragedy
3 July 2017
Those who spoke to the WSWS drew parallels between the London fire and the undermining of building regulations in Australia.

Australian unions help impose cuts to federal pay and conditions
1 July 2017
The unions’ aim was to wear down workers’ resistance and retain their own position at the negotiating table.

Australian government ministers make last-minute apology in terrorism contempt case
1 July 2017
If the ministers had not retracted their comments, they could have been prosecuted for contempt of court, endangering the Turnbull government’s survival.

Australian Education Union pushes through pro-market workplace agreement in Victoria
1 July 2017
Endorsement of the agreement opens the way for an acceleration of the destructive pro-market agenda that has created a systemic crisis in public education.

Infighting re-erupts in Australian government
30 June 2017
The factional warfare is a symptom of a deeper political crisis, which has seen governments, both Liberal-National and Labor, fall in rapid succession since 2007.

Australian state government and unions collaborate in teacher’s dismissal under “TIP”
29 June 2017
The New South Wales Teachers Federation and the state government are using the Teacher Improvement Program (TIP) procedure to victimise highly-experienced teachers and replace them with lower-paid you

Factional conflict wracks Australian Greens
29 June 2017
While the majority faction seeks to demonstrate its parliamentary “relevance,” another faction fears that the entire political establishment—including the Greens—could be by-passed by an erupt

Australian university staff face cuts to pay, jobs and basic rights
28 June 2017
Government funding cuts are accelerating the pro-business restructuring of higher education that began three decades ago.

Major crisis in Australian public school infrastructure
28 June 2017
The Grattan Institute projects that 400 to 750 new public schools will need to be built over the next decade, to cater for approximately 650,000 additional students.

Flammable cladding rife in Australian construction industry
27 June 2017
The dangers of aluminium composite panels were known to building authorities and relevant government ministers long before the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Australian construction union’s bogus campaign against industrial laws
27 June 2017
The CFMEU’s chief aim is to maintain its own privileged seat at the negotiating table and divert mounting anger among construction workers into electoral support for the Labor Party.