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2007 Election News & Analysis

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Militarism & war I The Howard government, the Labor Party & the Greens
Social inequality & the undermining of public services I The assault on democratic rights
Workers' rights & conditions
I The environment & climate change
The Northern Territory intervention and "Reconciliation"
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The wrongful detention of Tony Tran: yet another immigration cover-up
21 November 2007

Labor, Liberal and the revival of colonialism in the South Pacific
21 November 2007

The China resources boom and the gathering clouds of global recession
November 2007

The AEU and the Victorian teachers’ wage rise campaign
19 November 2007

Debt crisis deepens, as Howard launches another interest rate scare campaign
17 November 2007

“Terrorist” cases unravel, exposing government-police frame-ups and lies
16 November 2007

“Reckless spending must stop”
Labor leader’s campaign launch pledge to corporate Australia
15 November 2007

Industrial relations and the trade unions under Labor: from Whitlam to Rudd
Part 4

15 November 2007

Industrial relations and the trade unions under Labor: from Whitlam to Rudd
Part 3

14 November 2007

SEP’s Patrick O’Connor speaks at Grayndler forum
Socialist Alliance and Greens back Labor
14 November 2007

Industrial relations and the trade unions under Labor: from Whitlam to Rudd
Part 2

13 November 2007

Government campaign launch
Howard’s desperate appeal to big business
13 November 2007

Rudd and Murdoch: the fashioning of a Blair-style “Labor moderniser”
10 November 2007

SEP demands the dropping of charges against McArthur Express workers
9 November 2007
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Climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading
Part 2: The orientation of Labor and the Greens
8 November 2007

Howard, Rudd hypocrisy on martial law in Pakistan
8 November 2007

Climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading
Part 1: The Howard government and the Kyoto Protocol
7 November 2007

An exchange with the Australian Greens on their complicity in Howard’s anti-terror laws
6 November 2007

Union shuts down Victorian nurses campaign
6 November 2007
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Socialist Equality Party public meetings in Sydney, Perth & Melbourne
On the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution: the prospects for socialism in the twenty-first century

5 November 2007
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The real issues in the controversy over the Tasmanian pulp mill
3 November 2007

Coroner exonerates police over fatal Macquarie Fields car chase
2 November 2007

Howard government caught out lying over Hicks release from Guantánamo
1 November 2007

Terry Hicks, father of Australian Guantánamo prisoner, speaks with the WSWS
1 November 2007

Socialist Equality Party challenges Greg Combet to debate industrial relations
31 October 2007

A case of déjà vu: Howard insists “no plans” for war with Iran
30 October 2007
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New report exposes Labor-Liberal wrecking operation on public hospitals
30 October 2007
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Why both Labor and Liberal will provide billions for tax cuts, but not for social services
29 October 2007
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Nick Beams launches party’s election campaign on YouTube
29 October 2007

The real face of Howard’s Northern Territory intervention: welfare cuts and community closures
27 October 2007
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Socialist Equality Party meetings launch Australian election campaign
26 October 2007

Victorian Labor government uses Howard’s WorkChoices against nurses
25 October 2007

Canberra weighs up “regime change” in Papua New Guinea
24 October 2007

Western Australian resources boom leads to deepening social inequality
23 October 2007
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Australian election debate: Howard and Rudd compete as economic conservatives
22 October 2007
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McArthur Express workers face up to 10 years jail for protesting
20 October 2007

Rudd tries to fudge Labor’s agreement with WorkChoices
19 October 2007
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Howard’s Aboriginal “reconciliation” pledge a cynical fraud
17 October 2007
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Anatomy of a political diversion
The Australian Labor Party, the Bali bombings, and the death penalty

13 October 2007

Australian government resorts to anti-African witch hunt
12 October 2007
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Solomon Islands’ foreign minister condemns Australian occupation at UN General Assembly
11 October 2007

Liberal and Labor parties responsible for death of Australian soldier in Afghanistan
10 October 2007
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25 years of Labor-Liberal “reform” wreaks havoc on public schools
8 October 2007
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New reports reveal impact of Howard’s IR laws
6 October 2007

Miscarriage tragedy highlights deliberate running down of public hospitals
5 October 2007
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Transport union abandons McArthur Express workers
4 October 2007

Riot police attack sacked transport workers
28 September 2007

In face of deepening opposition, Howard government implodes
13 September 2007

SEP Statements

The only genuine alternative for the working class
Vote 1 Socialist Equality Party on November 24
23 November 2007

The SEP and preferences in the 2007 election
7 November 2007

How to fight militarism and war
Report delivered by Nick Beams to an SEP election meeting in Melbourne on October 21.

SEP candidate explains why she joined the party
Report delivered by Tania Baptist to the Socialist Equality Party’s public election launch in Melbourne on October 21.

Australian election: an ominous silence on US war plans against Iran
15 October 2007
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Socialist Equality Party announces federal election candidates
4 October 2007

Socialist Equality Party achieves party registration
26 September 2007

Socialist strategy needed to oppose war and social inequality
7 September 2007

Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines
23 June 2007

Opinion polls provoke bewilderment in lead-up to Australian election
22 June 2007

Militarism and Howard’s “Australian values” campaign
29 September 2006