The international unity of the working class

The program of the Socialist Equality Party, the Australian section of the International Committee of the Fourth International, is grounded on the common interests of the international working class. Its goal is to unite the struggles of workers in every country.

The political independence of the working class

The fight for the independent interests of the working class cannot be conducted through the old, national-based organisations—the Labor Party and trade unions. After more than 100 years of bitter experience, the working class must draw the necessary lessons and make a conscious political break with the Labor Party and its nationalist program.

Against militarism and war

All Australian military and police personnel and other foreign forces must be immediately withdrawn from Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, and the countries of the South Pacific, and the necessary resources allocated to construct decent housing and social infrastructure—including schools and hospitals—for the local populations.

Defend democratic rights

All workers must have the right to organise and to full legal protection from unfair dismissal. All laws against strikes and pickets must be repealed. All discrimination based on nationality, ethnic background, religion, gender or sexual preference must be outlawed.

Expropriate the banks and corporations

None of these measures can be implemented without a fundamental reorganisation of the Australian and world economy in the interests of the majority.

For social equality

Instead of the poverty-level minimum wage, and below poverty-level pension and welfare payments, a decent annual living wage, covering all needs, must be guaranteed to everyone as a basic right. This must be paid not only to all workers, but to all those who, due to disability, old age, illness or care responsibilities, are unable to work.